A Speech on “USA Citizens Should Complete One Year of Community Service.”

Community service is an unpaid job performed by one person or a group of some persons for the benefit and progress of the community or society. Community service is a little distinct from the work of volunteering, as it is not always done or performed on a voluntary basis by a person. Personal benefits may be thought about, but it may be performed for various other reasons, such as,   requirements of the citizens, a substitution of criminal justice sanctions, essential needs of a school or class, and various other requisites for receipt of some certain benefits.

Volunteering is a very important part of preparing students to take any serious responsibility for the betterment of our society and country. While performing the good work of community service, children can get the opportunity to see by themselves that how much their work can have an impact on their country. Community service gives the students a special chance to explore their academic interests through the real experience.

In many cases the students can benefit greatly—both by academically and mentally—and become able to make the community and also the world a better place. 

While completing community service projects, the students can develop various skills that really help them in their future days. Those abilities can be-Leadership ability, problem solving power, collaborating with others, and also time management.

Volunteering or community work is an essential part in preparing the students to handle responsibilities like a mature person. While performing various community services, children can get the chance to see on their own just how much their work can have an impact on the world.

 Community service can gives the students an opportunity to explore their academic interests through a real world experiences. If a child is intrigued when he or she knows about the recycling process in school, they can pick up many wastes from local areas and take them to a local recycling factory or house to see the impact with their own eyes, thus making them an efficient person.

We’ve found that when students can and also try to connect what they’re learning in their schools about various things that actually matters in the real life. Furthermore, students who do or have done community service works are also more likely to be able to graduate from high school.

Students who begin to do community work earlier, in many cases, have a special advantage because their vast experience allows them to quickly stand in the leadership positions within various organizations.

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