105+ Best Optimism Quotes and Sayings

Optimism is the hopefulness that future has better things to look forward to. It is an attitude that future outcomes will be positive and favourable. In life we come across many such situations where we loose hope and are stuck in the thoughts of negativity.

This can about studies, marriage, work, relationships, etc. All the difficult times are there to teach you something. Here are some quotes that might make you feel better when you have almost lost hope. 

Optimism Quotes and Sayings

  • Your loss will hardly be the end. It is just another step to learn something new. 
  • If the end arrives, it will be there for a single time. Rest is just phases that are supposed to just pass away with time. 
  • You might think that this is the end, but that is just another step towards your real goal. 
  • Don’t be upset because you think it ended. It might me just another step that will take you towards what you truly deserve. 
  • Either you can cry about it because it gone or you can be happy that it happened. Choice is always yours. 
  • It is better to be happy about is because it happened rather than being sad about it that it is gone. 

_ Things go away because better things are coming your way. 

_ Bad things happen because God has planned some amazing things for you. Wait for them.

_ With positive outlook, you can conquer the world. 

_ Optimism is not about knowing that you will conquer the world. It just about knowing that you have to conquer your own negative thoughts. 

_ Optimists are not even trying to conquer the world. The war that you have is with negative thinking. 

_ Pessimism will not make you fight against the world. You will have to deal with the war with your own negative thoughts. 

_ Look for opportunities in problems and not problems in opportunity. Life is not about crying about what has gone wrong; it is about celebrating all that is right. 

_ Life is not about being sad about what has gone wrong; it is about getting up and trying to fix it to the best possible that you can. 

_ You will always have ups and downs. It is up to you that how you get up and focus on what you have and what can you do to make it better. 

_ You cannot control all wrong that is going around you. All you can control is how you are going to deal with it. 

_ You can have a positive outlook in life and still face failure. That is okay because you are not going to let that failure stop you from trying again. 

_ Optimism is not about failing ever. It is about failing but not letting it stop you from trying more. 

_ Positive outlook for life is necessary. It will help in feeling better.  

_ Optimism not only gives hope but also makes people feel better. 

_ Optimism is a type of self love. 

_ It is not important where you are in life. What is important is where do you see yourself in future. 

_ It is not important where you are in your life. What will really matter is where you intend to be in near future. 

_ The world is full of bad things and bad people. You cannot sit with that. We have to make a better future. 

_ As long as there is love in the world, how bad can thing be?

_ As long as there is compassion in this world, how bad can things exist?

_ Behind those dark rainy thunder bringing clouds, there is this vast expansion of blue sky. Wait for that. 

_ Bad days don’t last ever. It maybe cloudy now, it will not rain forever. 

_ After that thunderstorm, learn to wait for the rainbow. 

_ If the road is full of pot holes, I can change my road to reach the destination. Reaching the destination matters, not how did we reach there. 

_ Do not waste the time with unwanted people 

_ Pessimistic people will hardly be worth the time. 

_ Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. Cut pessimistic people off. They are super toxic for the mental health.

_ Surround yourself with optimistic people. They help you to get better in life. 

_ Bringing down is the best activity of pessimistic people. You are meant to fly high in the sky. 

_ Life is too precious to spend time with people who cannot be positive in life. all they will do is bring you down with themselves too. 

_ Positive outlook with take you places. You cannot achieve anything without hope and positivity. 

_ Optimism with take you to places. You cannot achieve anything without hope and zeal. 

 _ Have that outlook in life where you don’t think you are buried in your dark times. You should know that you are planted for a better growth. 

_ Optimism is about waiting because you know that eventually things will fall in place. 

_ You may not reach where you wanted in your life. But you should know that you will end up reaching where you should be. 

_ In life, people stay as long as they could and specially as long as they should. 

_ When people leave, don’t be upset. Maybe that was all the presence that was required of theirs for your growth. 

_ You are your biggest inspiration. Everything positive will happen with people thinking positive. 

_ Every time, think good things. Because you do what you think and good things come to people who think positive. 

_ True achievement journey will only begin when you start believing in yourself and be optimistic about future. 

_ Hope and courage are founding stones of optimism. Without optimism your journey of true success will not begin. 

_ Look towards the brighter side of the story. The darker one will vanish itself. 

_ If you are an optimist, you will understand that there will be hardships on the way to success. But you will definitely reach your goal and emerge better and stronger. 

_ No darkness can dim your light if you are shining from within. 

_ Patience is the key. Just have patience and wait for things to fall in place for you.  

_ Never regret for your decisions. If they do not take you where you wanted to be they will surely take you where you should be. 

_ Never regret your decisions. Good ones will take you to a right place. Bad ones will make you stronger and teach you something. 

_ You might be in a bad place in your life right now. However, this is for the present. It is not permanent. You will have better days. You are going to grow and get better. 

_ Do not waste time by concentrating on uncontrollable things. Concentrate only on controllable things. 

_ The world is a bad place to be full of bad people here. But there is a little good in the world. And that is worth keeping hope for. 

_ If you can’t find any good in this world, be good. 

_ To win battles, you need to be optimistic. 

_ If you are not liking something, have courage to change it. If changing is not easy, changing whatever you are feeling is easy. 

_ If you feel the world is dark, lighten it up with your light. 

_ You will if you think you will. 

 _ Optimism is like faith. You know you are not in a good place now. But you will be in future. 

_ All the people might be in the same place in life. difference is how you see the future. 

optimism quotes and sayings

_ It is not a problem that you are in a gutter. You should be able to see stars, that will make you fly high. 

_ Be that strong in your mind and character that nothing can actually disturb your peace. Be so determined about your goals that even if you fail, you know how you start again from the scratch after learning from your mistakes. 

_ Give yourself time to improve for betterment. Don’t waste your time in evaluating what others are doing. Do good for yourself. Be a kind of person that people look up to. 

_ You become what kind of attitude you choose. So choose wisely. 

_ Don’t let fear tell you where you have to be in life. Just follow your dreams. 

_ Only light can end darkness; create that light within you. 

_ Your happiness is your responsibility. Don’t let others handle it for you. 

_ Accept yourself. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. This is how journey of wellness begins. 

_ Optimism is not developed in a way. It is a way of thinking. This is the manner of perceiving things. It is a way of life.

_ Optimistic people do not lack failure. They just know how to deal with it without loosing hope. 

_ Be brave enough to live your dreams on your terms and conditions and know that whatever is going to happen will happen for the best. 

_ Optimism is knowing that future will be better. 

_ Optimism is believing that you will make future better than what you have today. 

_ I think when we are young, we are more optimist. As we grow older, reality hits us hard. 

_ Optimism is the faith that will build your castle of success. 

_ If you are a leader, you have to optimistic. 

_ There is the quality that is very common in leaders, you will always find the optimistic. 

_ The devil does not stop you from doing good. It just makes you pessimistic about all the good. 

_ Don’t let the devil make you pessimistic about all the good that is around. 

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