A Speech on How to Overcome the Fear of Maths?

Suppose you have been invited to an event and also requested to deliver a speech on the topic ‘How To Overcome The Fear Of Maths? Then you must have to prepare yourself in advance to deliver that speech properly.

Here we have written this speech regarding this mentioned topic. Now take its help to prepare yourself nicely for your upcoming speech. On the final day, you must have to discuss the following points one by one.

Speech Template:

Hello, and I welcome everyone to today’s event. I deem it my extreme pleasure and honor to share and voice my thoughts with this gathering today. Since the time all of us were little children, all of us were asked to excel in our studies, and what I am going to speak today is something most of us could easily relate to, and that is the common fear we share for Maths.

Mathematics or maths, for short, can be said to be the most dreaded subject that all of us had to study at least until a point in our life or for more than half of our academic life.

The main problem behind understanding and learning maths is that half of the concepts that are taught in schools have very little chance of being applied in real-life scenarios. On the one hand, math teaches us how to handle our money, how to tell time, and everything that is deemed necessary for a normal day-to-day life, and on the other hand, math expects us to learn the complicated methods of algebra and trigonometry which has no direct method of application in our daily life.

Maths is something that is so deeply intertwined with our daily lives that it is hard to draw a differentiation between our daily life activities and the use of maths. Honestly speaking, math isn’t the problem here; the subject itself isn’t the actual barrier to learning and understanding it; it is the method and the fear of the subject that is inculcated into the minds of the children that act as a barrier to understanding this subject.

As children, most of us have definitely heard the phrase that maths is a difficult subject to learn, and that is the first mistake that we commit while learning the subject. Already having a preconception that the subject is bound to be hard gives birth to feelings of uncertainty inside us, even the easiest concepts seem to be incomprehensible, and it is important to remember that just like any other subject, this is also easy to learn and understand with effort.

Some people find math easier in the lower grades; as they go higher, it becomes harder for them, and it is because math is a subject that requires a strong basic foundation, and if one fails to get that strong base, then they might find it difficult to build on that knowledge in the coming years.

We have always approached maths as a subject that is really difficult, serious, and complicated, so approaching it in a lighter manner by bringing little fun into the subject may prove to be beneficial as it may perk the interests of the young children and they might show interest in the subject from a very young age.

Mathematics, even though it might seem like not everyone’s cup of tea, can be comprehensible to the majority of us with the right guidance and by taking a few steps in letting go of the fears on our own.

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