Speech on Are Paper Books Better than E-Books?

Good morning everyone and welcome to the annual summit. I consider it an honor to be here on this stage and for being allowed to address this gathering here today. All of us have gathered here today to provide our insights and opinions on the growing use of technology in the field of literature.

What is the new advent of technology concerning literature and publishing? Most of us would agree if I say that the latest and the game-changing advent of technology is the introduction of e-readers into the field of literature. Earlier, when one thought about reading a book, the only option that came into people’s minds was the conventional method of having an actual book in the reader’s hand.

But now that has evolved where people can also read on their electronic devices and it is only right that we have this discussion regarding whether paper books or e-books are better? Different groups of people might have different opinions and it is because in most of the times reading is considered to be a leisure activity and hence it is one’s own choice regarding the method they want to use for doing that.

Both methods have pros and cons of their own and, understandably, people often find it difficult to choose between them both. Real books give its readers a complete feel of reading a book by providing the complete experience of holding a hard copy of a book in their hands and on the other hand, another group of people finds the compact and user-friendly nature of their electronic device to be more feasible.

A major point where e-books overpower and takeover the pros of paper books is the ease of carrying many books with you. Carrying a lot of books while traveling may not seem like a feasible idea and due to the same reason the readers prefer to switch to e-books as on a single device one can carry a wide variety of books.

Some genres like travel books and recipe books are better while they are on paper as the display of pictures is better on paper while compared to that of e-books. Also, most people find it difficult to find the right sort of e-book device and the cost-effectiveness of the e-book might not be feasible for everyone to buy and they automatically prefer paper books over e-books. The paper books are said to hold your focus for a longer period and it makes it easier for you to concentrate while reading a paper book.

Also, e-books have the advantage of having inbuilt dictionaries in them where you can easily look up a word without disrupting much of your reading. In conclusion, reading is a very personal choice of activity and hence, the method of reading is also one’s own choice that cannot be influenced by any external factors or other people around you. 

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