A Speech on “What Is Better: Paper Books or E-Books?” in English

What Is Better: Paper Books or E-Books?

Good morning everyone, and welcome to today’s event. I deem it my extreme pleasure to address this gathering about something that has been discussed across many platforms by now; what is better: Paper books or e-books? Even though the debate regarding this has been going on for many years now, and no one side is winning, it hasn’t ever stopped being one of the main topics of debate since e-books became a part of the mainstream.

Paper books have their own place among the readers from the older times, and even some of the new age readers have an affinity towards paper books. The main point where paper books overpower e-books is the feeling that the physical presence of a book is able to provide to its readers.

Some readers prefer to have the book in hand so that it completes the feeling of having a good time spent reading, and on the other hand, some readers prefer a compact and comfortable style over the original feeling, and they prefer to use e-books. A major point where e-books overpower and takeover the pros of paper books is the ease of carrying many books with you.

Carrying a lot of books while traveling may not seem like a feasible idea, and due to the same reason, the readers prefer to switch to e-books as, on a single device, one can carry a wide variety of books. Some genres like travel books and recipe books are better while they are on paper as the display of pictures is better on paper compared to that of e-books.

Also, most people find it difficult to find the right sort of e-book device, and the cost-effectiveness of the e-book might not be feasible for everyone to buy, and they automatically prefer paper books over e-books.

Another area where e-books beat paper books is the availability and accessibility because paper books often go out of stock and you have to wait for them to be delivered to you, whereas the electronic version of a book doesn’t really go out of stock and you can download it in minutes, but on the other hand, the device might act as a hindrance in the process of continuous reading, as the capacity of the battery plays a huge role of in it.

Paper books hold your focus for a longer period of time, making it easier for you to concentrate while reading a paper book. Also, e-books have the advantage of having inbuilt dictionaries in them where you can easily look up a word without disrupting much of your reading.

In conclusion, reading is a very personal choice of activity; hence, the method of reading is also one’s own choice. On the one hand, many might find the pros of paper books leading the pros of e-books; on the other hand, another group might not share the same views, and at the end of the day, it is a choice that one has to make on their own.

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