A Speech on “Parents Should Have Access to Students Grades”

There was a terrible time when to discover or to know how your child was doing in school could need weeks of patience. You just waited for the parent-teacher meeting of conference and for a return phone call from the school of your kid if you were anxious and worried ultimately, for a report card of your child to land in the mailbox.

Now, a rising number of families can get instant permit to grades of their child and other school information through online “parent portals. It is an advantage but it does not mean that just because a grade then is posted a few hours only after the test parent should hurry to the parent portal to see it instantly and start to talk over B minus grade with their child on that same evening. 

How frequently should we check on grades of our children, and what is the proper way to deal with the real time academic updates on parent portal and also with our child?

A developmental psychologist and education lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education a developmental psychologist and professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Nancy hill, said that, “My suggestion is for parents to not make themselves crazy checking every day,” 

Nancy Hill, who studies parental involvement in education during childhood, added that, “Too much information can make a parent overbearing rather than facilitating their student’s sense of autonomy and planning”. So basically, Nancy hill advises that Parent of a student should try by checking the portals only once a week but you can do it a few more time if your child is struggling and see how it goes. “But not on Friday to brood over it over the weekend.” Nancy hill said.

Hill says the portals can be certifying, particularly for parents of adolescents. Parents of children can oversee on their kids’ growth from behind the scenes, and not constantly have to inquire to see the graded papers and tests.

“They can see it and know how their children are doing and give space for independence and autonomy that the middle school goers really crave,” Nancy Hill said. Some parents of student review the portals each and every day and on the other hand others never sign up at all.

 A father of a student interprets himself as a very vigilant checker of the parent portal, who logged on at least once a day from the last school year when his son was a high school senior student and his daughter was a student in eighth grade. He said his both children were high grade achieved but still he did it because it was like an addiction for and his children thought that he is crazy maybe.

Hill requests to parents to do nothing if they see their kid is doing nice. And the kid did better than you expected than say, dear you did really well. You have worked very hard. 

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