Should Parents Be Allowed to Choose the Sex of Their Unborn Child?

Good (–) to one and all present here. My name is (—) and I am here today to address an important issue that prevails today and is of utmost importance to be discussed which is if parents should be allowed to choose the sex of their unborn child? Well obviously, my answer is no. 

I have seen a lot of couples who try to conceive a baby that know to an extent as to what gender their baby will be before their birth. As it is, I am against people even knowing the gender of the baby before the child is born, let alone controlling what gender their child would be. I do not understand what goes into their mind while they even have these thoughts. Many people go into following various methods to conceive the child of their liking and to influence the child’s gender.

Various methods can be adapted from taking vitamins to timing their sex and following specific positions and methods. With the growth of Science and in-vitro fertilization, couples now gain more access to choosing the gender of their child. 

IVF on its own doesn’t reveal anything about the sex of the embryo. within the conventional method, a doctor retrieves a woman’s eggs and fertilizes them in an exceeding dish. After making the resulting embryos grow for a few days, the doctor looks at them under the microscope and then implants one (or more) of the embryos that may appear to be most viable within the woman. One variety of more general screening, called pre-implantation screening or PGS, involves taking one cell from the embryo and searching at its chromosomes.

The remainder of the embryo is frozen while doctors do the test. It helps doctors determine which embryos are most viable and rule out chromosomal abnormalities answerable for conditions like trisomy and Turner syndrome. To this point, there’s no evidence, a minimum of within the US, that giving couples the choice of choosing the sex of their child could lead to a surplus of women or boys. whether or not sex selection isn’t likely to skew the gender ratio within us anytime soon, there’s a general philosophical concern that folks shouldn’t have this level of control over their offspring. 

Currently, the sole reliable way for folks to “balance” their family in terms of the sexes of their children is through IVF, although it’s possible to some extent to pick out for gender using intrauterine insemination, by separating female and male sperm. This can be a far less precise science. variety of nations, including the UK and Canada, have placed bans on sex selection for “social uses,” as critical when it’s wont to avoid the chance of sex-linked diseases, like Duchenne dystrophy, which primarily affects boys.

However, ethicists have challenged these sorts of bans, arguing that sex selection won’t cause the gender imbalance within the population. We need to stop this practice and accept the child we get no matter what the gender. Thank you very much.

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