How Parents Don’t Understand Our Generation

There is something known as the ‘generation gap’ and these two words become the main reason why parents fail to understand the ideas, the concepts, the things of this generation. They fail to adjust to the thinking of the youth of this century.

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This is all due to the term called – “The Generation Gap”.
The generation gap is a psychological space between the parents and adults with the younger generation. This is forcing upon a point of view that the adults had pictured in their life over the new generation without even knowing how they absorb or see in this world.

With the growing world filled with technologies, kids these days are more aware of a lot of information and have access to modern ideologies far better than adults. Interestingly, this gap keeps expanding day by day.

Youth these days undergo immense levels of pressure as compared to the youth in history. They have many more matters to be worried about; social acceptance, attitude, the online world, and most of all the need to succeed. Competitive nature among children causes a lot of stress, thus leading to depression, anxiety, and confusion.

Olden days parents used to spend more family time with their children getting to know them and helping them in their studies, college matters, and even finding a good partner; but now parents hardly find time to even observe their child, causing distance naturally. Here are certain things that parents don’t or never tried to understand;

Procrastination, too much Relaxation, and Addiction to phones: Parents think children are always into phones playing games or chatting. Phones are entertaining, whereas projects these days are also technologically based that helping them learn easily. With a stressful schedule, taking a break or delaying something is like recharging the body and mind.

Texting a boy or a girl doesn’t mean it is a love connection. Parents often try to invade their child’s online private space and keep questioning whom they text. Just because they text someone, doesn’t always mean they like them.

Love abbreviations. It does make chatting easier, but parents don’t understand. Sometimes it is good that they don’t, it’s useful to pass on secrets.

Evolving according to the trends by blending in. Children get to meet a wide variety of other people, fashion trends, habits; but being around them or trying those doesn’t mean that they are bad, it is just for the sake of blending in or knowing what it is or how it feels.

Your words do matter to them. Parents think children don’t care about how they feel. That’s a misconception. They know they aren’t perfect and you were not perfect too in your young age, but they love you and would only do things to keep you proud and happy. However, children, these days do not prefer to show it out much.

All these above points will only keep expanding if parents don’t take an initiative to blend into their child’s world. Open up to them, so that they feel the same and share their happy moment as well as the depressing ones.

The world is evolving, try to understand more about society and surroundings and also what every kid faces so that you can be their best friend.

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