Should People Be Allowed to Own Pitbulls?

Good (—) to ane and all present here. My name is (—) and I am here today to talk about whether or not people should be allowed to own Pitbulls. In my opinion, we should be allowed to own Pitbulls as pets. Pitbulls are just like any other dog. Every dog comes with its dangers and advantages. We should not discriminate between them. Pitbulls do have a bad reputation among other dogs but they are very lovable creatures. 

Firstly, Pit Bulls are fun-loving dogs if they are treated right by the owner. The behavior and personality outlooks of these dogs greatly depend on the owners or trainers.  Pit Bulls are great dogs, but they’ll be bad if the owner trains them to attack people and other dogs that inherit their yard. Most of the time it’s not the dog’s fault that they attacked something. It’s the owners’ fault because they trained them to be attack dogs.

Sometimes people train Pit Bulls to be fighters which is wrong because you’re forcing a dog to fight with another dog, and typically the result is the death of 1 of the dogs. If the owner is caught dogfighting they’re just put in jail for a pair of years, but the dogs are put down because the owners made a wrong choice. the majority buy a Pit Bull so that they have a watchdog which is okay but sometimes they train them to kill.

Second, don’t judge Pit Bulls because they possess a foul reputation. When the general public considers Pit Bulls, they consider meaning, ferocious dogs that kill people. So what, not all Pit Bulls are fighting dogs, and whether or not they’re it’s not like they require to try and do it. Some Pit Bulls have attacked people, but not every single one has, so give Pitt Bull an opportunity and don’t judge them because they need a foul reputation. Bring them up in a good environment and you will see how lovable they are. 

Third, Pit Bulls are just another dog breed. Every breed of dog is often dangerous, but the majority single Pitt Bull out because they’re bigger and more muscular than other dogs. Studies show that Pit Bulls don’t seem to be even within the top five most aggressive dog breeds. The most aggressive dog breed is considered as a little bitty wiener dog. I have seen many people who have bought Pit Bulls and have petted them very successfully. Try to be good with them.

In conclusion, although Pit bulls are sometimes bred to kill, they’re fun-loving dogs and can cause you to be happy, and so Pit Bulls should be ready to be kept as pets. Firstly, Pit Bulls are fun-loving dogs if you treat them right. Second, don’t judge them because they need a nasty reputation. Third, Pit Bulls are just another dog breed. So give them a second chance without being judgemental. Next time you see a Pit Bull, please do not treat it harshly. They deserve love. Thank you.

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