491+ Powerpuff Girls Quotes- A Trip Down Memory Lane! (Images)

The return of the Powerpuff Girls several years back allowed the present generation to go through a similar type of entertainment, which was experienced by the previous ones in their younger days.

Despite the fact that this show is usually geared in the direction of the girls, it will not be correct to assert that the boys do not watch it since this series provides a kick to every age group and gender out there.

Here, we have mentioned the best Powerpuff Girls Quotes that you will ever come across.

Powerpuff Girl’s Quotes

-I want to be the most attractive girl at the party!

-I am so sorry!

-We require much more than only two inexpensive shots for crying.

Powerpuff Girls Quotes And Sayings

-To be a Powerpuff Girl, you need to make use of your unique abilities to assist human beings as well as the world where we are actually residing.

-I am undoubtedly a fantastic fighter.

-I think it is known to you that it will be impossible for you to overcome us.

-In case you are talking to yourself, then there is nothing wrong with it.

-I am of the notion that it will be incorrect to judge individuals by what they actually appear to be.

-It will be sensible for you to perform what you’d like to do.

Powerpuff Girls Quotes And Sayings

-Yes, but it is actually an expertise that you cannot, and you really cannot do.

-If you talk to yourself, there is nothing wrong with it.

-I am not at all boring, and I am actually a fiery redhead! And who was responsible for making the Bubbles so attractive? I’m attractive! Take a look at this particular bow!

-You have to wait for your turn irritating small girl, in which I am going to be the first one and you the second, which actually will make you the last given that 1 comes before 2.

-Goodness me! You are getting digested gradually, Sir. We have to take you to a nearby hospital.

-Well, although I might be capable of talking, I’m pretty sure that it is not possible for heck to drive.

-Mr. Mayor, what are you doing in our closet of ours?

Powerpuff Girls Quotes And Sayings

-Do you mean to say that we’re not present in my residence?

-Sorry, Mayor.

-Well, that is going to explain all of the cool furniture!

-The main thing regarding giving gifts is the fact that it is the thought which is going to be counted. And, of course, thinking is not a strong point of yours.

-In case you are trying to perform graffiti, make it a point to spell the words correctly at least. Talk regarding dum-BUH.

-Hello, where is Bubbles?

-In all probabilities, she is busy combing her hair upstairs such that she turns out to be the most attractive girl at the party.

-I’m going to be the party’s most attractive girl.

Powerpuff Girls Quotes And Sayings

-The time is right for the Mayor to feel the massive pothole.

-According to me, it is perfect that the Mayor is maintaining the condition of Townsville.

-Uh, his job is to fill potholes, Bubbles. This is not connected to being good.

-It is time to get up, girls. The breakfast has been prepared.

-Eggs and bacon?

-French toast?


-Onions and liver.

-Onions and liver? I hate that stuff which is not even proper for a dog’s dinner.

-That is correct! We give it to our doggie.

-So, at present, how would it be possible for us to procure the cash to afford the destructor may? Girls, try to think. Apart from you, Bubbles.

Powerpuff Girls Quotes And Sayings

-What is this? Townsville! Are folks escaping the city for their lives?

-There! The time is perfect for you to deliver your speech.

-Okay, exactly what kind of speech?

-The speech which you are kindly going to make.

-Now, wait a second. Who is meant by “I”?

-I here refer to you!

-I do not know anything more!

-The evil cobbler elves will make us work very hard.

-I am making use of muscles that I never knew I had!

-Therefore, every single nerd out there will be thinking that I am absolutely cool.

-Is it a stick-up or what?

-Well, it is my wish that something would happen right here.

-Why do you need to bring up old things?

-You need to decipher the fact that my birth did not announce me to become a chimp, and I definitely do not have an oversized brain. 

-I make a vow today that I’m going to create a strategy that is so evil and diabolical that it will help me to crush these Powerpuff Girls for sure. However, I need to first attend to the dishes which have been soiled by me with the food that I’ve consumed.

-Bubbles, careful. You are revealing your ego.

Powerpuff Girls Quotes And Sayings

-I simply love all these stories where you will be learning and laughing.

-The reporters made their statement and they accepted that if the three girls were around, no harm would have been caused.

-Go, make haste. My financial future is in jeopardy.

-Okay, let us return to school after taking care of all these knuckleheads.

-All right! We understand the situation! Do you recall that we already visited this place once?

-You are simply jealous.

-I bear in mind when the premier “Extreme Chemical Physics” issue came out. I had been so anxious for getting a copy I … [Observes that the girls have left] okay, is it the most recent issue out already?

-Why are you not going? You are actually the bossman.

-But you do not own any vehicle.

-Today I do not want to perform any offense.


-Going through the complete paper!

-Okay. You better try to behave yourself, or we are going to come back!

-Oh my goodness. It will be better for me not to snore!

-Has any progress been made by you?

-This is extremely cool, however, will it assist us in catching Mask Scara?

-That is true, madam.

-In case Mondo Dude or Mega Man fights, who is going to win you think?

-I think Mega Man is going to win absolutely!

-Asps … Extremely dangerous.

-It is not a corn pooch.

-I am about the fact that it is not a hamster. 

-Do you consume hamsters?

Bubbles Powerpuff Girls Quotes

“I’m Bubbles! The joy and the laughter!”

“It’s just so sad when a good cucumber goes bad.”

“I don’t think I like being called ‘Blossom Jr.'”

“La la la la la!”

“No! Not the talking dog!”

“You’re gonna get it, mister!”

“I love the smell of grapefruit in the morning!”

“Yay! We’re going on a pony ride!”

“I wish everyone would just get along.”


“I’m sorry, but I can’t take you seriously in that hat.”

“I’m not small, I’m fun-sized!”

“Buttercup, you need a timeout!”

“Look at the pretty butterfly!”

“I don’t like when people are mean.”

“Chemical X is my favorite cereal!”

“Awww, Mojo’s not such a bad monkey.”

“I’ll use my ‘Cutie Eyes’!”

“Let’s all just take a deep breath and calm down.”

“Yay! Another day saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!”

Blossom Powerpuff Girls Quotes

“Sugar, spice, and everything nice!”

“Flying is easy, when you know how!”

“Girls, this looks like a job for the Powerpuff Girls!”

“Never underestimate the power of a girl!”

“Saving the day before bedtime!”

“I’ll lead the way, girls!”

“Let’s show them what girl power is all about!”

“We’ve got this in the bag!”

“No villain can stand up to us!”

“I’m the brains of this operation.”

“Being a superhero is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!”

“Evil will never prevail!”

“Together, we can do anything!”

“It’s time to kick some bad guy butt!”

“We fight for justice and protect Townsville!”

“Villains, beware! The Powerpuff Girls are here!”

“Teamwork makes the dream work!”

“I’ve got a plan, girls.”

“We’ll always stand up for what’s right.”

“Saving the world, one villain at a time!”

Funny Powerpuff Girl Quotes

“Sugar, spice, and everything nice? Nah, more like sugar, spice, and a whole lot of whoop-ass!”

“I didn’t choose the Powerpuff life; the Powerpuff life chose me.”

“Bubbles: ‘Why do bad guys never attack during our naptime?’ Blossom: ‘Because they’re not evil enough to disturb a good nap.'”

“Buttercup: ‘I’m not short; I’m just… fun-sized.'”

“Bubbles: ‘Why do villains always have to monologue before they fight us?’ Blossom: ‘Because they have an ego as big as Mojo Jojo’s head.'”

“Mojo Jojo: ‘I am an evil genius!’ Buttercup: ‘Genius? More like cheese-nips.'”

“Blossom: ‘Is it just me, or do we always save the day right before bedtime?’ Buttercup: ‘Crime waits for no one, not even bedtime.'”

“Bubbles: ‘Why can’t we have a normal bedtime like other kids?’ Buttercup: ‘Because we’re not normal, Bubbles, we’re fabulous.'”

“Mojo Jojo: ‘I will defeat you, Powerpuff Girls!’ Bubbles: ‘Yeah, yeah, heard it all before. Try a new catchphrase, Mojo.'”

“Buttercup: ‘If I had a dollar for every villain we’ve defeated, I’d have enough to buy a lifetime supply of hot sauce.'”

“Blossom: ‘Why is it always Chemical X? Why not Chemical Y or Z for once?'”

“Bubbles: ‘I wish fighting crime burned calories. We’d be super ripped by now.'”

“Buttercup: ‘I’m not saying I’m the toughest, but I am saying I’ve never lost a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.'”

“Mayor: ‘Powerpuff Girls, we need your help!’ Blossom: ‘Again? You should consider better security, Mayor.'”

“Bubbles: ‘Why do villains even bother with evil lairs? They’re so last century.'”

“Buttercup: ‘I’m not anti-social; I’m just pro-saving-the-world.'”

“Blossom: ‘Can we defeat evil and still make it home in time for pizza?'”

“Bubbles: ‘What’s worse than a villain with an evil plan? A villain with bad fashion sense.'”

“Buttercup: ‘I don’t need anger management; I need villain management.'”

“Blossom: ‘The city is safe, and bedtime is saved!'”

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