271+ Pregnancy Announcement Sayings That’ll Make You Cry Happy Tears! (Images)

The journey to parenthood is an extraordinary adventure, and sharing the news of your pregnancy is a monumental part of that experience.

It’s a time when emotions run high, and finding the perfect words to convey your excitement can be a joyful puzzle.

In this article, we’re here to assist you in solving that puzzle by presenting a delightful assortment of pregnancy announcement sayings.

From the heartfelt and touching to the clever and humorous, these sayings encompass a wide range of sentiments.

Whether you’re seeking a sweet, sentimental phrase or a light-hearted, funny announcement, we’ve got you covered.

Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

Our home has been honored, my cherished spouse is expecting an infant, and we need to impart this happiness to you. 

What an inexplicable blessing… coming directly from God and into our holding up arms. Favors on your new little infant. 

Cute And Funny Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

Incredible happiness is coming… 

The best is yet to come… (due date). 

I simply discovered that I have a parasite developing inside me. Fortunately, it will, in the long run, be ousted from my body and connect itself to my bosom. 

We’re anticipating that the store should drop by next June. Who realizes what it will be? Nevertheless, we should know soon. 

With tolerance and love, we hung tight for our infant kid. With fervor and pride, we declare him to the world. 

A cuddly little pack, our new child’s kid, has arrived. He presented to every one of us the delight we know and really contacted our lives. 

Before you were conceived, I conveyed you under my heart.

Our hearts are loaded up with joy; our lives are loaded up with affection since we have the young infant lady that we’ve been longing for. 

Here’s an announcement that makes certain to be entertaining. Guardians-to-be are anticipating a child. 

The butterflies you used to give me transformed into little feet. 

We sent up a little prayer to heaven, and it materialized. Presently we’re expecting infant number two. 

Indeed, even supernatural occurrences take a brief period. We are expecting our rainbow child (month and year). 

We wish to advise you of the news that transformed us for good: a little one will arrive soon that will carry bliss and joy to our home. 

I generally thought about what it resembles to be pregnant. Presently I know! 

The development of life inside you. There is no better feeling. 

Another child is such a superb method to begin individuals.

We need to give all of you huge news: Our family is going to develop, we are anticipating the entry of our little heavenly attendant of adoration, and we have never been as upbeat as now. 

Each superhuman needs a sidekick. Coming (month and year). 

Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

The most delightful things come in little bundles, enveloped by happiness, loaded up with goodness, and sent with adoration. We are glad to declare the entry of our infant kid. 

We quit attempting to get pregnant in light of the fact that our endeavors have just been effective! 

I develop people. What’s your superpower? 

Exactly when you think you know love, something little goes along that reminds you exactly how enormous it truly is. 

In the wake of holding up so long, God compensated us by sending an honest little child to whom we would give the best of ourselves and love more than our own lives.

We can hardly wait to meet our kid in (month of due date)!

I have a major announcement to make family and companions: My significant other and I will progress toward becoming guardians. We are extremely glad about this lovely gift.

Our child will be a masterpiece; it’s some appropriately harsh criticism and a cut of your heart. 

We did it! We are having a child expected in January. 

First, we had one another; at that point, we had you. Presently we have everything. 

There’s in no way like a shiny new pair of qualities. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, we are anticipating. Celebrate a new existence with us this spring. 

Goodness, infant, we have some news. We’re pregnant. We will respect our dear baby into the world on (due date). Hottest respects. 

Our family is developed by two feet and one heart. 

Twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are. We trusted and asked if it would happen some time or another, and graciously we’re pregnant incidentally. 

We are altogether energized and glad, as anyone might imagine. Prepare to be blown away. Guardians to be will before long be three. 

We are telling you we plan on extending our home by two additional feet. We’re pregnant. 

Satisfaction is headed. We will now be 2+1 and happy.

Our families celebrate another life’s started our circle is more extravagant, with our child’s introduction. 

I am so glad; I will have an infant sister to play with. Mother and daddy are likewise exceptionally energized. I couldn’t hold back from imparting the news to you.

Supposition the reason for my excellence, I am pregnant and can hardly wait to grasp the little one. 

So stunning feels like I am flying; our family is developing. The little one will be here soon. 

We have been sitting tight during the current day for such a long time. We are glad to report that we are anticipating an infant. 

A kid is the energy of a family; we are expecting our own [due date] 

Have confidence in what you see; our infant will come wearing blue. I am pregnant.

First Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Cute And Funny Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

“We’re adding a little extra love to our family!”

“Coming soon: Our bundle of joy!”

“Life’s about to get a whole lot sweeter!”

“A tiny miracle is on the way.”

“And then there were three…”

“Our greatest adventure begins now!”

“Guess what? We’re expecting!”

“A baby is brewing!”

“The best is yet to come, baby!”

“Big news: Our family is growing!”

“Tiny shoes, big adventures.”

“Our hearts are expanding by two feet.”

“We’ve been promoted to Mom and Dad!”

“Adventure Awaits: Baby [Last Name] arriving [Due Date]!”

“Our family is getting a little bigger!”

“Exciting news: Baby [Last Name] arriving soon!”

“Our love story just got a new chapter.”

“Adding a new page to our book of life.”

“Two becomes three in [Due Date]!”

“Our journey into parenthood begins!”

“We’re going to need a bigger crib!”

“A little peanut is on the way!”

“Get ready for baby cuddles!”

“Our family tree is sprouting a new branch.”

“The adventure of a lifetime starts with a little bump!”

2nd Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Cute And Funny Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

“Our family is growing by two feet!”

“Round two of parenthood begins soon.”

“Big brother/sister training in progress.”

“The sequel is coming.”

“Double the trouble, double the fun!”

“Adding another little pumpkin to our patch.”

“Two under two – here we go!”

“Our family is expanding by two tiny feet.”

“Guess who’s going to be a big brother/sister again?”

“More love, more laughter, more diapers!”

“Our hearts are about to multiply.”

“The adventure continues with baby number two.”

“Adding a plus one to our family of three.”

“Another little miracle on the way.”

“The best things come in pairs.”

“Our firstborn has a promotion to big sibling!”

“Baby number two: Loading…”

“Two sets of tiny hands, double the love.”

“Our family is blossoming once more.”

“Double the cuddles, double the joy.”

“First came love, then came baby, now there’s another baby!”

“The gang is getting a new member.”

“Two little peas in the same pod.”

“Expanding our family album by one more.”

“Our love story continues with a new chapter.”

Pregnancy News Quotes

Cute And Funny Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

“We’re over the moon to announce that our family is growing by two tiny feet.”

“A little miracle is on the way, and we couldn’t be happier!”

“There’s a baby on board!”

“In nine months, our adventure begins as a family of three.”

“We have a bun in the oven, and we can’t wait to meet our little one.”

“The best is yet to come as we prepare to welcome a new life into our hearts and home.”

“We’re excited to share the news of our upcoming arrival!”

“Two became three, and our hearts are bursting with joy.”

“We’re expecting a bundle of joy in [due date].”

“Our family is getting a little bigger, a little louder, and a lot more fun!”

“Our biggest adventure is about to begin.”

“There’s a new chapter on the way, and it’s going to be a page-turner!”

“Life is about to get a whole lot more interesting as we await the arrival of our little one.”

“We’ve been blessed with the news of a new addition to our family.”

“Our family tree is getting a new branch, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

“We’ve been busy creating a tiny human, and we can’t wait to introduce them to the world.”

“We’re thrilled to share the joyous news of our pregnancy.”

“It’s official: we’re expecting a sweet baby in [due date].”

“The love in our hearts is multiplying as we prepare for the arrival of our little miracle.”

“Our family is growing, and so is our happiness!”

“A baby is brewing, and we’re so ready for this new adventure.”

“We’re going to need a bigger crib! Baby [Last Name] is coming soon.”

“Our journey into parenthood is about to begin, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

“The stork is on its way with a special delivery for us!”

“We can’t keep it a secret any longer – we’re expecting a little one!”

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

“Our family is growing by two feet!”

“We’re adding a little pumpkin to our patch.”

“And then there were three… or four!”

“Bump ahead! Baby [Last Name] arriving [Due Date].”

“We’re on the way to becoming three.”

“Tiny shoes, big adventure!”

“Promoted to big sister/brother duty!”

“The adventure continues with a little more love.”

“Adding a little love to our family story.”

“Our greatest adventure begins in [Due Month].”

“Coming soon: a new chapter in our storybook.”

“Love is multiplying – baby on board!”

“Two became three. Life’s greatest blessing.”

“Our family tree is growing a new branch.”

“Soon-to-be party of three!”

“Our hearts are expanding with baby joy.”

“A little one is on the way, arriving [Due Date].”

“Love is in the air, and so is baby!”

“Adding a new adventure to our book of life.”

“Guess what? Baby [Last Name] is on the way!”

“Our family is getting a little bigger.”

“We’re making room for one more!”

“Our nest is growing – baby [Last Name] arrives [Due Date].”

“Life’s sweetest surprise – coming soon!”

“Get ready for baby cuddles and giggles!”

Pregnancy Announcement Sayings and Quotes

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

“Two tiny miracles on the way – double the love, double the joy!”

“Our family is about to get doubly blessed. Twins are on the way!”

“Guess what? We’re not having one baby… We’re having two!”

“Double the kicks, double the love, coming soon from heaven above!”

“Our family is growing by four feet, not two! Twins arriving soon.”

“Two little blessings are on the way to make our lives twice as sweet.”

“There’s a pair of peas in our pod. Twins are coming, oh my, oh my!”

“Double the giggles, double the grins. Our twins’ adventure now begins!”

“Two buns in the oven – our hearts are doubly full of love.”

“Expecting twice the cuddles, twice the kisses, twice the love!”

“We’ve got double trouble and double the fun on the way!”

“Two little miracles, one big adventure. Twins arriving soon!”

“Our family is growing by four tiny feet. Double the joy!”

“Life is about to get twice as interesting. Twins are coming!”

“Double the blessings, double the love. Our family is expanding!”

“Our baby shower will need double the gifts – twins are on the way!”

“Two heartbeats, one love. Twins are coming from the stars above.”

“We’re seeing double – two little miracles are on the way!”

“Get ready for double the cuteness – twins are coming soon!”

“Our family is getting a twin-spiration! Double the love, double the celebration.”

“Two peas in a pod, coming soon to a crib near you!”

“Double trouble? Double the love! Twins are joining our family.”

“Our baby journey just got twice as exciting. Twins are on the way!”

“It’s a twin thing – you wouldn’t understand until you’ve got two on the way!”

“Twice the diapers, twice the love, our family is doubling up!”

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Cute And Funny Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

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