350+ Pregnancy Congratulations Messages for Shining Moments! (Images)

In the beautiful journey of life, few moments hold as much joy and anticipation as the news of a pregnancy.

From the first positive test to the growing baby bump, every step is a testament to the miracle of creation.

Amidst this excitement, conveying your heartfelt emotions becomes essential. Pregnancy Congratulations Messages serve as the perfect way to share your happiness and support with expecting parents.

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or colleague, these messages encapsulate the shared joy and offer warm wishes for the incredible path ahead.

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

  • Cheers to a beautiful mother and an uber-cool dad for their upcoming child. May you have an awesome pregnancy and gift us a lovely nephew!
  • You have many responsibilities coming up, and I’m sure you are ready for it! Enjoy your pregnancy, for this is one of the best phases of your life.
  • Wait for the day for a new ray in the family to rise! I wish you congratulations on the pregnancy and all the best wishes for the newborn, who is due soon!
  • As your tummy starts growing, we know it is filled with your bundle of joy! Live every moment of this pregnancy as this won’t happen again for the same child.
  • There is a life growing inside your tummy, gear up. You need to be a fantastic mummy! Congratulations.
  • Yes, the pains of pregnancy aren’t easy but trust me, the joy of holding your own offspring in your arms is the best feeling in the world. Congratulations on being lucky!  
  • After you spent these nine months, I’m sure that you would say these were the best days of your life. Congratulations on being pregnant, darling!
  • Firstly, you married the right person. Secondly, you are now having a baby with that right person you married! This pregnancy is such a blessing; may god shower all the goodness and help you have a healthy and bright baby.
  • Pregnancy is the ultimate celebration of womanhood. Enjoy the fact that you have the power to give birth to someone who will run this world! Congrats dear.
  • First, your wedding gift and now a gift for your baby are on the cards from me! Make plans of gifting me back some soon. Wishing you a very successful and safe pregnancy.
  • The journey in the next nine months is going to be breathtaking. Brace yourself for the ride and experience this magic called pregnancy! All the best.
  • Your pregnancy is the best news to my ears for a long time. I’m waiting for the time when I will play my heart out with my nephew! Congratulations on the pregnancy, take care.
  • The baby to be born is really lucky to have parents like you and, at the same time, an amazing uncle /aunt like me! Bring him to me soon. Happy pregnancy!
  • So happy that you will add a branch to the family tree soon! Wishing you a healthy and successful pregnancy.
  • I cannot thank you enough for bringing cherished life to earth. You are a beautiful girl and will be a sweet mother!
  • You are two in one now and hence deserve to be taken double care of. Wishing you lovely nine months ahead!
  • The glow on your face shows that you are in the prime of life now. May this pregnancy give you an amazing experience, and you have a healthy baby.
  • The sweetest day of your life is all set to arrive as you will hold the child in your arms and kiss them on the forehead! Trust me, all the pain of pregnancy would be worth that touch. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
  • We are as excited about your pregnancy as you are because we want to see you smile indefinitely with the child in your lap. A smile of utter satisfaction and pleasurable emotions. Congrats on your pregnancy, dear.
  • Mothers are literally superhuman! Congratulations, you are on your way to being one. All the best, dear, for the pregnancy.
  • Always remember that your wish should make them feel special and give them all the positive vibes during the entire period of pregnancy.
  • There will be times during this period when the mother will be in extreme pain; hence, you must wash them with such lines that make them feel happy in the pain that they endure.
  • You should have an appreciating tone in the wish, and if possible, gift them toys for the babies as it will show your optimism regarding the pregnancy.
  • As we all know that this period is one of the most special periods in a woman’s life, and your wishes must be able to convey the same to them. With all these wishes listed here, you are set to pump the expecting couple high on positivity after congratulating them on the pregnancy.

Congrats Messages For Pregnancy

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

– What is the most beautiful feeling in this world? Birth of a new life. News of someone getting pregnant brings the utmost joy. 

– Pregnancy is itself a gift, a gift to be able to bring a new life out of your womb. But, of course, such a special occasion must be celebrated with your loved ones and their blessings. 

– When invited to a precious moment like this, people tend to congratulate the couple with some congratulatory message. 

– People and relatives bless the couple by sending them their prayers and good wishes.

– Congratulations on this beautiful journey to motherhood! May your pregnancy be filled with joy, love, and anticipation.

– Wishing you a smooth and healthy pregnancy as you embark on this amazing chapter of your life. Congratulations!

– Congratulations on the wonderful news of your pregnancy! Get ready for the incredible adventure ahead.

– Sending you heartfelt congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family. May your pregnancy be a time of wonder and excitement.

– Cheers to the mommy-to-be! May your pregnancy be filled with unforgettable moments and a healthy, happy little one at the end.

– Congratulations on the amazing miracle growing within you! Your journey to becoming a parent is a special one, and we’re thrilled for you.

– A big congrats on your pregnancy! May this precious time be filled with laughter, dreams, and sweet anticipation.

– Warmest congratulations on your pregnancy! May each day be a step closer to holding your bundle of joy in your arms.

– Embrace this incredible moment in your life with open arms. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and may it be a time of love and joy.

– Wishing you all the best as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and may this journey be magical.

Funny Congratulations On Pregnancy

The birth of a child, and pregnancy, are indeed a piece of great news. Being a parent is quite a job and a blessing in disguise. When people attend or participate in such a joyous moment, they congratulate the couple- parents- for bringing new life to earth.

Phrases of congratulation are mostly charmed and heartfelt, but they can also be funny and humorous. Pregnancy makes people see life in a whole new way as they tend to create a new life within them. 

– Funny wishes like nine months of pain lead to the creation of your legacy. 

– You know what they say, “Sleep now because you won’t be getting any for the next 18 years!” Congratulations on your impending sleepless nights.

– Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. Get ready for lots of diaper changes, sleepless nights, and endless joy!

– Looks like you’ve got a bun in the oven! Congratulations on your new baking project.

– Congratulations on your pregnancy! Get ready for the toughest and most rewarding job of your life.

– Congratulations on your pregnancy! Get ready to join the club of being a tired, but happy, parent.

– Congrats on the baby bump! Get ready for the most rewarding journey of your life – one that includes sleep deprivation, endless snuggles, and pure joy.

– Congratulations on the new addition to your family! From here on out, every day will be a new adventure filled with surprises, challenges, and lots of love.

– “Looks like you’re about to level up in the game of life! Congratulations on entering the world of pregnancy!”

– “Brace yourself for a nine-month long roller coaster ride! Congratulations on your impending bundle of joy!”

– “Get ready for some epic baby brain moments and midnight snack cravings. Congrats on your pregnancy adventure!”

– “You’re about to become a parent, so say goodbye to sleep and hello to endless diaper duty! Congrats!”

– “Prepare for the ultimate dress-up challenge: baby onesies and spit-up chic! Congratulations on your impending fashion journey.”

– “Congratulations on your new role as ‘Chief Baby Wrangler.’ May your days be filled with diapers and giggles!”

– “Get ready to experience the miracle of life… and the joy of sleep deprivation. Congrats on your pregnancy!”

– “They say parenting is a wild ride, but pregnancy is the prequel filled with cravings and mood swings. Congrats!”

– “Your life is about to be upgraded to ‘Parent Mode.’ Congratulations on unlocking this new level of responsibility!”

– “Wishing you nine months of excitement, adventure, and a growing belly that doubles as a snack table. Congrats on your pregnancy!”

Pregnancy Wishes

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

A transformation from being partners to parents for life is genuine happiness. However, it is more special for women as she steps into motherhood.

Pregnancy as a journey is painful and full of hardships, but it is also incredible to be on this journey. Be it once, twice, or thrice, it always brings a sense of immense pleasure to be a mother again. These times need celebration with close family.

Celebrations are nothing without the blessings of your elders, congratulating you for stepping into another life. Wishing the couple the best parents can encourage them to face the time and bravely lead a happy life ahead.

– Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy.

– Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy filled with love and laughter. You are going to be an amazing parent.

– Congratulations on this exciting new chapter of your life. May your pregnancy be as beautiful and amazing as you are.

– Sending you all my love and best wishes for a smooth and comfortable pregnancy. I know you are going to be a wonderful mom.

– Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I can’t wait to see you both as loving parents.

– Wishing you a pregnancy filled with happiness, peace, and love. May your journey be filled with blessings and joy.

– Congratulations on your pregnancy! I know you are going to be an amazing parent and can’t wait to see your little one.

– May this journey of pregnancy be filled with joy, health, and anticipation for the beautiful new life ahead.

– Wishing you smooth days and peaceful nights as you nurture the miracle growing within you.

– May every kick and flutter remind you of the incredible miracle that’s taking place within your body.

– Sending you all the strength and courage you need for a safe and easy delivery when the time comes.

– As you await the arrival of your little one, may your heart be filled with excitement and your home with love.

– May your pregnancy be a time of reflection, preparation, and the realization of the amazing parent you’re destined to be.

– Wishing you moments of calm and serenity during these transformative nine months.

– May your baby be blessed with good health, and may you find endless joy in the journey of motherhood.

– Embrace each day of pregnancy with gratitude, knowing that you are bringing a precious life into the world.

– May your family and friends surround you with support and affection as you embark on this beautiful chapter of life.

Pregnancy Wishes For Friend

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

– Hearing the news of someone’s pregnancy fills the atmosphere with joy. However, it is more exciting when this news is from your close people like family and friends. 

– Getting pregnant is like stepping into a whole different world. If your friend or relative is the one becoming a mother, we tend to celebrate it and support them during this phase. However, pregnancy is delicate and requires the most care and attention. 

This news becomes more valuable when your best friend becomes a mother. Friends congratulate them by saying that expecting a baby is like adding more beautiful moments to your life.

– Congratulations on your pregnancy, my dear friend! You are going to make an amazing mother and I can’t wait to see you holding your little one.

– Wishing you a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, my dear friend. I hope this journey is filled with wonderful memories and happy moments.

– Your pregnancy is such exciting news, my dear friend! I am thrilled to hear that you are expecting and can’t wait to meet your little one.

– As you embark on this amazing journey, my dear friend, know that I am here for you every step of the way. I am excited to see the beautiful family you are going to create.

– Congratulations on your pregnancy, my dear friend! I know you are going to be an incredible mother and your child is so lucky to have you as their parent.

– Sending you love and blessings for a healthy and happy pregnancy, my dear friend. I am excited to see you bloom into motherhood.

– Congratulations on your pregnancy, my dear friend! I can’t wait to spoil your little one with love and affection.

Pregnancy Wishes For Couples

The day this beautiful sail starts, the couple enters another world of various responsibilities. A baby is born in just a few months, but this feeling of being a parent remains for a lifetime. During this period, the family cares for and braces for the incoming life and the new mother. 

Wishes like thanks for bringing this precious and prized life by being a part of our family. 

This baby is going to be the love for a lifetime. These wishes make the couple feel the warmth of family and the sense of being loved. 

This is one of the most cherished parts of life and also the hardest one. 

– Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such an exciting time for both of you, and I can’t wait to see you both as amazing parents.

– Wishing you both a happy and healthy pregnancy filled with love and joy. You are going to make wonderful parents!

– Congratulations on this new chapter of your lives, my dear friends! I am so happy for you both and can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy.

– Sending you both all my love and best wishes for a smooth and comfortable pregnancy. You are going to make an amazing team as parents!

– Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am excited to see the love and dedication you both are going to pour into your child’s life.

– May your pregnancy be filled with wonderful memories and happy moments, my dear friends. I know you are going to be the best parents ever.

– Congratulations on this beautiful journey you are about to embark on, my dear friends! Your child is so lucky to have such amazing parents.

– May this incredible journey of pregnancy bring you both closer than ever before, as you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your little one.

– Wishing you a pregnancy filled with joy, good health, and endless moments of excitement as you prepare to welcome your bundle of joy.

– May the upcoming months be filled with laughter, love, and the anticipation of holding your baby in your arms for the very first time.

– As you embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood, may each day of your pregnancy be a reminder of the miracles that life brings.

– Sending you warm wishes for a smooth and comfortable pregnancy, along with the hope that your hearts be filled with the wonder of creating a new life.

– May your days be filled with glowing health, peaceful nights, and the joy that comes from knowing that a precious life is growing within you.

– Here’s to a pregnancy journey filled with countless cherished moments, from the first fluttering kicks to the sweetest lullabies you’ll soon sing.

– As you await the pitter-patter of tiny feet, may your hearts be filled with love, hope, and the promise of a beautiful family ahead.

– Wishing you both the strength to overcome any challenges, the patience to cherish every moment, and the excitement of becoming parents.

– May this pregnancy be a time of bonding, planning, and growing together, as you prepare to embark on the incredible adventure of parenthood.

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Pregnancy Wishes Message to the Customers

-Dear customer, I wish you the best wishes! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

-May this occasion of hope and prosperity brings hope and positivity to your life! Dear customer, Congratulations on your pregnancy

-Dear customer, I wish you the best wishes! I hope you will enjoy the phase! Congratulations on your pregnancy

-Congratulations to the booming mother. I wish you all the best for your upcoming baby

-Incredible phase of womanhood. Congratulations on your pregnancy.  I wish you all the best in your motherhood journey.

-Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re going to be an amazing mother!

-Dear customer, Congratulations on your upcoming motherhood. May this special phase fill in love and positivity!

-Dear customer, I am extremely that finally, you are going to be a proud mother, Congratulations on your big fat motherhood. God bless you

-May almighty bless with hope, good health, and love and you can feel the best moments of motherhood! Congratulations on your big fat motherhood. God bless you, Dear customer

-I pray for you because you are soon to be a mom and you may enjoy the phase with extreme happiness. Congratulations dear customer on your motherhood!

-Lovely phase! Enjoy, my dear customer, enjoy the beautiful phase of motherhood

-Congratulations, for that reason as you are soon to be the mother of new life, I I know you are the best and you deserve the crown of motherhood. 

-Dear customer, I want to tell you that your pregnancy time may pass safely. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

-I have got the good news that soon you will be a proud mother and you are just on the way to entering motherhood. Congratulations to you on your long-awaited motherhood.

-Congratulations! Dear customer, I would like to say that you will be the busiest ever as your dream motherhood is awaiting your way. Hope that you will be blessed with great health. Take Care!

-Congratulations on the Pregnancy! Dear customer, the sweetest message came to my ear that my beloved customers who have achieved a new milestone of relationship goal of motherhood

-Yes, I know that, are becoming the mother. I want to tell you all the best and I congratulate you on your motherhood!

-Congratulations to would-be mom! Dear customer, we both worked on many projects and hoping to work with a wonderful mother! Cheers!

-You have reached the highest relationship as you are becoming a proud mother. Congratulations, Dear customer on your long-awaited motherhood!

-Finally, the wait is over, yes someone will call you a mom; congratulations, Dear customer on your long-awaited motherhood!

-You have been blessed with excellent blessings and you are blessed with an upcoming baby. May God bless you to flourish a new life! Congratulations on the happy motherhood

-God has shown mercy on you as he blesses you with lovely life! Congratulations on motherhood! Dear customer!

-Dear customer, wish you a very long fruitful pregnancy months on your upcoming motherhood. Congratulations! 

-May both of you long live! Congratulations dear customer on your long-awaited pregnancy!

-Dear customer, I am glad to say that the queen who entered the motherhood journey, will be an amazing mother. Yes, that is always a matter of pride. Congratulations!

-And the news gives us pleasure that a new life will enlighten your home. I congratulate you on the great news and congratulate you. Congratulations dear customer!

-It will be the best instance for me to congratulate you as you are becoming the mother and blessed with motherhood’s blissfulness. Congratulations dear customer!

-To wish you congratulations on the special occasion is always a matter of pride. May God bless you on your long-awaited motherhood journey! Congratulations dear customer!

-Beacon of happiness, motherhood enriches the life of the women! Dear Customer, I would like to wish you a very happy pregnancy!

-Dear customer, I wish that may God brings all the kindness and good health into your life. May your baby be fit and fine! Congratulations on your motherhood!

-Mother sacrifices sleep, happiness for her baby. Wishing you a wonderful motherhood journey and enjoy the phase, my dear customers!

-I wish I could bring all the happiness for you dear customer, as you enter the phase of real womanhood that is motherhood! Congratulations to my dear customer!

-Awesome experience! Dear customer, just enjoy the flaw of motherhood and feel a jovial experience. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

-Heartiest congratulations to you on your upcoming motherhood and wish you all the best for your bright future! Wish you a very happy pregnancy

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-Congratulations to the great would-be mother. Yes, you will be a mother very soon. Congratulations dear on your pregnancy!

-Be prepared for the exciting journey. You know, the excitement is just knocking on your door! Congratulations and all the best to be a would-be mother!

-A mother womb is the best place to live in this universe and A new life is taking its rest into your womb. Congratulation on your pregnancy, dear customer.

-Dear customer, my hearty blessings always be there for you and your baby’s good health. All the best for the upcoming motherhood and congrats on your joyful pregnancy

-Pregnancy is often said that it is the period to make the connection into a new life. Dear Customer, I wish you connect more with your upcoming life. Congratulations!

-Enjoy the new journey, the new phase! Dear customer wishes very lovely motherhood!

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