50+ Pregnancy Congratulations Messages, Wishes

Expecting a newborn is one of the most amazing feelings that a couple goes through in their life, and hence it is essential that proper words are conveyed to them as wishes.

They should feel lucky to experience this opportunity, and your wishes will enhance the overall experience they have as would-be parents.

Your wishes should be aimed at making the couple feel overwhelmed and ecstatic about the prospect o having a new member in the family soon!

This article lists some of the top wishes you can dedicate to a couple or a mother who is expecting soon.

Here are Best Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

  • Cheers to a beautiful mother and an uber-cool dad for their upcoming child. May you have an awesome pregnancy and gift us a lovely nephew!
  • You have a host of responsibilities coming up, and I’m sure you are ready for it! Enjoy your pregnancy, for this is one of the best phases of your life.
  • Wait for the day for a new ray in the family to rise! I wish you congratulations on the pregnancy and all the best wishes for the newborn, who is due soon!
  • As your tummy starts growing, we now know that it is filled with your bundle of joy! Live every moment of this pregnancy as this won’t happen again for the same child.
  • There is a life growing inside your tummy, gear up. You need to be a fantastic mummy! Congratulations.
  • Yes, the pains of pregnancy aren’t easy but trust me, the joy of holding your own offspring in your arms is the best feeling in the world. Congratulations on being lucky!  
  • After you spent these nine months, I’m sure that you would say these were the best days of your life. Congratulations on being pregnant, darling!
  • Firstly, you married the right person. Secondly, you are now having a baby with that right person you married! This pregnancy is such a blessing; may god shower all the goodness and help you have a healthy and bright baby.
  • Pregnancy is the ultimate celebration of womanhood. Enjoy the fact that you have the power to give birth to someone who will run this world! Congrats dear.

  • First, your wedding gift and now a gift for your baby are on the cards from me! Make plans of gifting me back some soon. Wishing you a very successful and safe pregnancy.

  • The journey in the next nine months is going to be breathtaking. Brace yourself for the ride and experience this magic called pregnancy! All the best.

  • Your pregnancy is the best news to my ears in a long period of time. I’m waiting for the time when I will play my heart out with my nephew! Congratulations on the pregnancy, take care.

  • The baby to be born is really lucky to have parents like you and, at the same time, an amazing uncle /aunt like me! Bring him to me soon. Happy pregnancy!

  • So happy that you will add a branch to the family tree soon! Wishing you a healthy and successful pregnancy.

  • I cannot thank you enough for bringing cherished life to earth. You are a beautiful girl and will be a sweet mother!

  • You are two in one now and hence deserve to be taken double care of. Wishing you lovely nine months ahead!

  • The glow on your face shows that you are in the prime of life now. May this pregnancy give you an amazing experience, and you have a healthy baby.

  • The sweetest day of your life is all set to arrive as you will hold the child in your arms and kiss them on the forehead! Trust me, all the pain of pregnancy would be worth that touch. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

  • We are as excited about your pregnancy as you are because we want to see you smile indefinitely with the child in your lap. A smile of utter satisfaction and pleasurable emotions. Congrats on your pregnancy, dear.

  • Mothers are literally superhuman! Congratulations, you are on your way to being one. All the best, dear, for the pregnancy.

  • Always remember that your wish should make them feel special and give them all the positive vibes during the entire period of pregnancy.

  • There will be times during this period when the mother will be in extreme pain and hence it is essential that you wash them with such lines that make them feel happy in the pain that they endure.

  • You should have an appreciating tone in the wish, and if possible then gift them toys for the babies as it will show your optimism regarding the pregnancy.

  • As we all know that this period is one of the most special periods in a woman’s life, and your wishes must be able to convey the same to them. With all these wishes listed here, you are all set to pump the expecting couple high on positivity after wishing them congratulations on the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Congrats Message

What is the most beautiful feeling in this world? Birth of a new life. News of someone getting pregnant brings the utmost joy. 

Pregnancy is itself a gift, a gift to be able to bring a new life out of your womb. But, of course, such a special occasion must be celebrated with your loved ones and their blessings. 

When invited to a precious moment like this, people tend to congratulate the couple with some congratulatory message. 

People and relatives bless the couple by sending them their prayers and good wishes. 

Funny Congratulations On Pregnancy

The birth of a child, and pregnancy, are indeed a piece of great news. Being a parent is quite a job and a blessing in disguise. When people attend or participate in such a joyous moment, they congratulate the couple- parents- for bringing new life to earth.

Phrases of congratulation are mostly charmed and heartfelt, but they can also be funny and humorous. Pregnancy makes people see life in a whole new way as they tend to create a new life within them. 

Funny wishes like nine months of pain lead to the creation of your legacy. 

Pregnancy Wishes

A transformation from being partners to parents for life is genuine happiness. However, it is more special for women as she steps into motherhood.

Pregnancy as a journey is painful and full of hardships, but it is also incredible to be on this journey. Be it once, twice, or thrice, it always brings a sense of immense pleasure to be a mother again. These times need celebration with close family.

Celebrations are nothing without the blessings of your elders, congratulating you for stepping into another life. Wishing the couple the best parents can encourage them to face the time and bravely lead a happy life ahead.

Pregnancy Wishes For Pregnant Friend

Hearing the news of someone’s pregnancy fills the atmosphere with joy. However, it is more exciting when this news is from your close people like family and friends. 

Getting pregnant is like stepping into a whole different world. If your friend or relative is the one becoming a mother, we tend to celebrate it and support them during this phase. However, pregnancy is a delicate situation and requires the most care and attention. 

This news becomes more valuable when it’s your best friend turning into a mother. Friends congratulate them by saying that expecting a baby is like adding more beautiful moments to your life.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes

Giving birth to a new one is the most delightful thing. It is said that the mother falls in love with the child without seeing them. This is the purest form of love. The person on this journey experiences the most beautiful time during those nine months. Blessing the couple with your heart usually provides a sense of comfort and calmness. 

A life beating inside a woman’s womb is the most exciting part of life. So deciding to have a child in a moment becomes a lifetime duty for your heart. 

Congratulation Wishes For Pregnancy

The fact about pregnancy is that it creates two new lives. One of a newborn baby, and the other is a mother. Pregnancy can be tough for many people as it has its complications, but the support of your husband and other family members makes this time living heaven. 

At this moment, blessings and hearty wishes provide moral support to the couple. Wishes like having a child are the best gift from god, and you are lucky to have them. It makes the parents feel a lot better at times of difficulty. 

Pregnancy Wishes For Couples

The day this beautiful sail starts, the couple enters another world of various responsibilities. A new baby is born in just a few months, but this feeling of being a parent remains for a whole lifetime. During this period, the family cares for and braces for the incoming life and the new mother. 

Wishes like thanks for bringing this precious and prized life by being a part of our family. 

This baby is going to be the love for a lifetime. These wishes make the couple feel the warmth of family and the sense of being loved. 

This is one of the most cherished parts of life and also the hardest one. 

How To Wish Someone A Healthy Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a matter of being healthy and keeping the child healthy. Problems like morning sickness, swelling, and mood swings are common, but with the family’s support and care, these situations don’t look like a problem.

Wishing someone a healthy pregnancy is the least one can do for them. 

What Do I Wish My Husband Knew About Pregnancy?

Being parents is a responsible decision of both the father and the mother. Pregnancy should not take it as only for women thing. The role of a father is equally important. 

Husbands should accompany their wives to doctor’s clinics for checkups and manage mood swings and other hormone changes. 

A husband should know that child is there’s, not hers.

How Do You Wish Congratulations On Your Pregnancy?

There are many ways to congratulate the couple for their beautiful journey. 

In just nine months, you will board to a new life as a superwoman called mother. Happy to support you. These kind words lighten the stress of couples who are new to all this. 

Pregnancy wishes should be from the heart and sincere.

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