A Speech on “Should Prostitution Be Legalized?”

One of the sensitive issues in the United States is Prostitution. This kind of profession is very much of a danger to a lot of women that includes physical abuse, trafficking, sexual assault, forced drug addictions and maybe even lead to death. Women in these kinds of fields find it hard for to escape out or even get help in need. Most of the women who are prostitutes started off at a very young age through sex trafficking, some even went along with their own choice. 

Women in this field of prostitution, even at those places with protection fear to seek out help, thinking they might get arrested, and so they stay hidden. The others who seek out help will be arrested and sent to jail for a while and later on have to face the shame of a criminal record past which makes it hard for them to blend into the society for a new start. Legalizing prostitution has its advantages and disadvantages. All that matters, in the end, is to protect the women population, even if they are any kinds of sex workers. Here are a few points below that shows the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution;


  • It is a voluntary profession, where no one is forced into this. Legalizing could make consent and decision to be considered important.
  • In some cases, this can be a comfort and companionship for married ones. Legalizing could help prostitutes serve only the permitted the needs of the clients.
  • Legalizing could have control over the customer so that he could not force someone into such activities.
  • Though it is an immoral and social stigma, legalizing it could make it more beneficial to society and government.
  • Legalizing it can even be set with high-income tax rates, thus increasing the revenue of the government.
  • Can have control over human and child trafficking or drug distribution; also make sure the sex workers stay and keep themselves healthy.


  • People will start treating social workers as objects and harm them mentally and physically. This could cause a bad name for women in general around society. Sex workers, it will be even harder to have a normal life.
  • As society always says, this profession is always immoral and unethical.
  • By not legalizing, the chances of getting hurt or attacked by violent customers or even the risks of getting different kinds of diseases are high.
  • People may choose this as an easy way to earn money, thus putting their life at risk which might even be deadly.
  • Married men engaging with prostitutes could put their married life in danger or could even destroy it.
  • Illegal businesses like black money transactions, human and child trafficking, drug distribution, and many other dangerous crimes will be countless and undetected.

However, a lot of places in the U.S it is still illegal to carry out prostitution, but some do have legal protection. Finally, it’s always safe to carry out these kinds of professions with a legal safety guard.

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