A Speech on “We Should Protect Endangered Animals”

Protecting endangered animals is our social duty because animals are also a part of our whole ecosystem and if they continue to disappear it will not only affect the ecosystem, but it will affect our life too.  Researchers have found that unchecked deforestation and extinction of animal or any kind of species will directly impact on human lives and on their well-being. Actually less -known species can also give us amazing benefits for humans, such as drugs that helps to fight with cancer. The advantages and purpose  of protecting endangered animal species may not be evident in short amount of time, but the countless ecosystem services many creatures and ecosystems provide make wildlife preservation worth for  the time and money we spend on them..

A study of 2012 was published in Science estimated that it would cost more than sixty five billion dollars annually to protect just all endangered birds around the world. And it becomes clear that conserving other land animals and aquatic animals and all endangered plants of the whole world would cost much more than we can imagine. But extinction are a natural process, as we have witnessed it by so many species known only from fossils and for museum specimens.

In reality, the past five mass extinction — happening over an average cycle of twenty six million years —and have actually annihilated some of entire families of animals and plants from the world, including the huge species like dinosaurs. The mass die offs of any species of animals or plants drastically changed the course of life on our whole planet somewhere directly or somewhere in An indirect way , now scientists say that maybe we are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction, which is driven by us, humans.

Than the question is if extinction are certainly a natural process of earth and our ecosystem, then should we waste in so much money and time to save all possible animals and plants that are endangered?

Researchers have found that deforestation in unscientific and unchecked way and the extinction of animal and plants species can immediately impact on the life of humans’ well-being. Also, scientists have found that evidence are increasing more and linking the loss of species diversity in ecosystems to a boost in the transmission of pathogens and incidence of diseases from the ecosystem to humans.

For example, a review research published in 2010 where they found that in Nature found there is a strong link between less diversity If birds in the United States of America and that low diversity was a raised risk of West Nile encephalitis which is a virus that -transmitted from mosquitoes to human beings because we all know that birds helps us to control the population of insects by eating them. Many species of animals even act as indicators who warn us about environmental health so for obvious reasons.

Deterioration in their population can actually indicate that there is something wrong with the region in which they — and humans — live. 

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