175+ Famous Lawyer’s Quotes About Law

Lawyers are always the ones who are actually responsible for the protection of the laws and the values of the Constitution.

They are the ones who are also responsible for the protection of the rights of normal and common citizens.

There is also great importance that lawyers have in our lives in order to seek our interests and also to protect our rights in this world today through legal tools.

Mentioned below are some of the quotes and some of the sayings of the world-famous lawyers.

Famous Lawyer’s Quotes About Law

  • Always remember that it is never easy for anyone to be a good lawyer because a good lawyer is always the one who never gives up in his life, at least not until he achieves what he wishes and wants to achieve. – said by Tarun Singhal
  • All parents should always teach and tell their children good values. They should be taught how they can always be patient rather than aggressive and also how they can resolve any conflict or any war with mere words, as wars do not always need weapons to get resolved. – said Bill Clinton
  • We should always work for the betterment of our society and our people because one should always remember that they can never be good and they can never make and build their future till they don’t make efforts to build others. – said by Bill Clinton
  • Always keep in mind that whenever you are under stress or any kind of tension in your life, then you should always keep thinking, and you should never be like others who restrain themselves from thinking instead because when you are under stress, then that is the time when you actually need to think the most and to think wisely too. – said by Bill Clinton
Famous Lawyer's Quotes About Law
  • Always keep in your mind that the best social program is to have a good job in your hands. – said by Bill Clinton
  • One should always remember that strength and wisdom are not opposing values. – said by Bill Clinton

  • You can always trust and have faith in teamwork because, originally, you can work better when you work together. Though we may have certain differences, the humanity that we have in us is common among all, as we should always have our focus on the cause for which we are here together. –  said by Bill Clinton

  • Always remember that you always have your own right time and the right place for everything, for you should not be impatient or disheartened, because when your right time will actually come to you, then the entire world will see, and then you will also have your own right place to show it to others, show it to the world. – said by Vernon Jordan

  • You will always see that there are a lot of companies that always have diversity as part of their own performance, for which an executive always gets paid, so if you really want your performance goals to pay you your bonus, so you have to keep your sales number always high, always keep that in your mind. -said by Vernon Jordan

  • For black people in this world, terrorism is not a new story. But actually an old one. – said by Vernon Jordan

  • One should first bring change in oneself if he wishes to change the world as a whole, so first, you need to be the change yourself if you really want that change in the world .- said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • Always keep in mind that your actions always speak about your priorities in your life; this also means that whatever you do displays what is more important for you in the end. –  said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • One should enjoy every moment of their life and should also cherish every moment of their life, so one should always live like one were to die the next day, and one should always learn like one were to live forever and endlessly. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • One should always keep in mind that they can never change the manner in which the other person may be treating you, but what they can actually do is to know and manage their own way of how they were to react to such people. –said by Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Know in what manner you should react or reply to other people because bringing change in your own self is the first and the most important thing that we can always do in our life, and this is always an effective and easier way to do so. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • If you really have a strong belief in something and you really think that you can do it anyways, then in such case, you should also have that capability in yourself that you can acquire those skills to fulfill something in which you hold your strong belief. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

Famous Lawyer's Quotes About Law
  • If you look back into the past, then you will always see that there were times when the true meaning of leadership was the muscle power for all, but in today’s context, when we talk about leadership, then we find that the true meaning of leadership in today’s world is actually getting along with the people or with the crowd rather than just leading it. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • You should always remember that no one can ever hurt you without your own permission. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • One should always know and learn that it is not always that violence or war is the only way to succeed, but there are also times when you can also shake the world without any kind of violence and in a gentle manner. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • If you really love your self-respect, then you should always remember that there are never any considerations when it comes to your self-respect because it is the only asset that originally belonged to you. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • If you actually know how to think, then you also need no teachers in your life. Always keep that in mind. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • Suppose you feel that strength that you may have is because of the physical strength. In that case, you are wrong in this case because the true strength that you have is just because of the will that you have in you, which is unconquerable, indomitable, and also unbeatable by anyone in this world. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

  • As a lawyer, you must always keep in your mind that the calling rule is meant for any other human; the same is always applicable to all lawyers too. – said by Abraham Lincoln

  • If you clearly look at the lawyers, then you will find that they are like the rhinos, who are actually thick-skinned and short-sighted, and they are also always ready to charge. – said by David Mellor

  • Always remember that if you are a lawyer, then you must definitely know how to take two sides in every case. – said by Charles Lamb

  • One should always keep in their mind that the lawyers are always the merchants’ misery. – said by Nancy Levit

  • We as humans should always remember that we came on this planet earth not to frighten it or not for fear its future, but we have come to this planet to shape it, actually. – said by Barack Obama

  • Whatever we do, it should be good for our planet, as we all are the stakeholders in it. Hence it should be the responsibility of all on this earth to take care of it. – said by Barack Obama

  • Have a vision rather than just keep waiting for the change. Because we are not here to wait for the day that will bring change, but we are the change ourselves. – said by Barack Obama

  • We are here to shape this earth, so stop just wandering around for the right time but rather be that change yourself. – said by Barack Obama

  • Make your voice strong enough because it is only your voice that can bring that change in this world what you actually desire in your life. – said by Barack Obama

  • Always remember that it is your future that actually rewards you, but the basic idea behind this is that the future actually rewards only those people who actually press on,  so be the one to be rewarded by the future. – said by Barack Obama

  • No matter whether or not you have time to complain or you have time to feel sorry about what is happening in your life, right now, you must just go ahead and just continue doing what you were doing. You will surely be rewarded. – said by Barack Obama

  • One should always understand the importance that, after all, it is money that is actually important, but it makes a difference too. -said by Barack Obama

  • Always remember that when you actually run, you just stand a chance of losing, but if you resist and don’t run, you are already lost. Said by Barack Obama

  • You should be the one who at least tries any and everything, no matter what you may lose, but you will have great learning and experience for your future. – said by Barack Obama

  • You should always focus on keeping your path right every time because if you will keep your path right and if you keep yourself focused on that right path of yours, then you will definitely succeed in your life. –said by Barack Obama

  • It is the focus that plays the most important role because no matter how many preparations you may make for something, things go waste at once, just when you miss your focus over them, which you should never deviate from. – said by Barack Obama
Famous Lawyer's Quotes About Law
  • Always keep in mind that it is always the better option to hang someone for his loyalty rather than reward someone for his betrayal because the one being rewarded will always be a grave danger to the territory. – said by Vladimir Putin

  • Everyone should perform their duties; in the government, every person has a specific and prominent role to play, like in case of the government if the role of it is to solve others’ problems, then it should be the responsibility of the opposition to keep a check over the government, maintain the checks and balances and also they should criticize the government where ever it may be necessary, and also the opposition should come up and should propose the alternate solutions from their end. – said by Vladimir Putin

  • We all may find ourselves different from each other,  but when it comes to the blessings of the Lord then, we must not forget that god has created all of us equally; hence in this respect, all of us are similar to each other. – said by Vladimir Putin

  • Look forward and make the world a better place to live in. Because it is only we who can actually bring the change. We are the ones who make the future of this planet earth. We do not have other planets to live in. – said by Barack Obama

  • We all need to participate, and we need to come together, and then only we can make this earth the place that we want it to actually be. So let’s come together and bring the change. – said by Barack Obama

  • One should always keep that in their mind; the good lawyers in the world are originally the result of the bad people in this world because the bad people are the source of origination for the good lawyers on this planet earth. – said by Charles Dickens

  • It is not easy to be a lawyer because they are only lawyers who actually source out and rather the ones who are paid for their words and for their anger. So you can never be one like the lawyer. – said by Martial

  • Always remember that the only man for whom the avoidance or ignorance of the la
    w is actually not punished is none other than the lawyer. – said by Elbert Hubbard

  • Always remember that the moment you read something in your life that you actually aren’t able to understand or decipher, you can always be suspicious and even doubtful that a lawyer would have written it. – said by Will Rogers

  • If you really know some lawyers, then you can always make out that when the lawyers speak the truth, it is not actually the truth, but it is just because of the consistency and their experience. – said by Henry David Thoreau

  • You should always keep in mind that true lawyers are those who are originally talented in the deception of law. Because they are the only lawyers who have the skill of circumventing the law. – said by Ambrose Bierce
Famous Lawyer's Quotes About Law
  • One should always know that lawyers are always meant to be brought in use just like clothes, as they are meant to perfectly fit those whom they are originally serving, so this is the reason lawyers are always the perfect ones if they are like clothes. – said by Clarence Darrow

  • Remember that not all people can have the potential like that of a lawyer, where a lawyer can write around ten thousand words, and those words may also be a brief for the lawyer. Hence not all can be lawyers. – said by Franz Kafka,

  • one should always be aware that the actual power of the lawyer originally lies in the very uncertainty of the law. – said by Jeremy Bentham

  • You may not be aware that the hardest thing in this entire world is actually not arguing with the lawyer, but when you are not arguing with the lawyer, that is actually the hardest thing that you are actually doing in your life. – said by Raheel Farooq

  • Do keep in mind that a lawyer without his books, then in such a situation is no more than equivalent to that workman who is there without his tools. – said by Thomas Jefferson

  • Always remember that a good lawyer is always bad and not worth being a Christian. – said by John Lothrop Motley

  • Keep in your mind that the lawyers are those men who actually take an oath and swear that the black will also be white to them in all the cases where they are paid for it. – said by Edward Counsel

  • If we have a clear look, then we will find that the lawyers are always the foot soldiers and the ones who work as the protectors of the Constitution. – said by Rennard Stricklan

  • When there is a will, you will always find a lawyer for your help. – said by Robert Elliot Gonzales

  • Success is not always easy for you to get. You need to make an effort always. You need to continue even after facing your failures. You need to remember that you can never give up on what you have set as your goal and as your objective. – said by Jim Rohn

  • Success is nothing more than a few disciplines and principles that you need to follow and that you need to practice every single day. And this is something that you have to keep in your brain always. So keep it in your heart forever if you really want to be successful in life. – said by Jim Rohn 
Famous Lawyer's Quotes About Law

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