141+ Best Quotes by World famous Scientists

Each scientist has to give something to every person, regardless of whether he looks at electrons or at huge solar systems. The best-known ones are no exception, and by their words, we are driven and empowered by everything, and we are also encouraged to appreciate the finer things in life.

This article describes a revised collection of a few quotations from well-known scientists. These illustrate not only how they learn of the environment around them, but also how technology has become an indissoluble part of their lives.

Quotes by World famous Scientists

  • It is surprising that the discoveries are only made by exceptional people which later seem so simple and straightforward. – Georg C. Lichtenberg
  • Actually, all that can be recognized is numeric, as without it nothing can be comprehended or recognized by the mind. – Philolaus
  • Success is achieved by test and failure; setbacks are typically 100 times greater than achievements. – William Ramsay
  • Even though the creation of a new species takes thousands or even millions of years for nature just a few dozen years are needed to eradicate it. – Victor Scheffer
  • You should have made a better experiment if your project requires statistics. – Ernest Rutherford

_By ‘life’, we say something that will nurture itself and also develop and decline. – Aristotle

_A physicist is a perception of the atom. – George Wald

_An experiment seems to be a query for Nature which science asks, and measurement records the response of Nature. – Max Planck

_A fact only acquires the absolute and real meaning by the perception that it creates. – Justus von Liebig

_Emotional immorality is the hypocrisy of mental practice. – Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin

_It is no surprise that some journalists and politicians believe that only those elements of research that guarantee quick use of technology or medication are of national importance. – Steven Weinberg

_Science activates the mind far more than the classics. – J. B. S. Haldane

_You’re doing a good of valid criticism. – Carl Sagan

_It might not be too challenging in the heat than what is feasible in the Cavendish lab. – Sir Arthur Eddington

_For several hours, Pierre Curie exposed his arm willingly to radium action. This led to damages equivalent to a burn that took many months to cure. – Marie Curie

_Nature’s Black Holes are the best macroscopic objects in the world. – Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

_Chemistry originally came from fantasies and dogmas, unlike most other sciences. – Thomas Thomson

_Comprehension of material history and discovery of universes, stars, planets, and existence seems to be an acceptable use for our wisdom. – Robert Kirshner

_Archimedes discovered that the crown was made of gold but he developed the tool to evaluate the density of solids. – William Ramsay

_A theory is a hypothesis we trust and an assumption is an idea we consider to be useful. – George Johnstone Stoney

_Science is acknowledging the aspects that are functioning and denying the ones that are not. – Jacob Bronowski

_Until it is finished, all is fundamentally impossible. – Robert A. Heinlein

_The young scientist’s recompense is the mental joy of being the first individual to see anything or recognize anything in world history. – Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

_The vastness of our folly is what you learn from a lifetime of research. – David Eagleman

_If the cluttered desk is an indication of an embarrassed mind, what is then a vacant desk? – Albert Einstein

_Just like energy and substance, our values and weaknesses are indivisible. Man exists no longer once they split. – Nikola Tesla

_Impossible just indicates that the solution hasn’t yet been discovered. – Anonymous

_The credit goes in science to the man who is able to convince the world and not to the one with whom the concept happens first. – Sir William Osler

_Like every great artwork, a creative experiment starts with an imaginative act. – Jonah Lehrer

_The great thing regarding science is that whether you believe in it or not it is valid. – Neil deGrasse Tyson

_Apart from being a discipline of reason, science is likewise a discipline of passion and romance. – Stephen Hawking

_There should not be any conflict between science and daily life. – Rosalind Franklin

_Every remarkable work, both in art and science, is the product of the great enthusiasm applied to a brilliant idea. – Santiago Ramón y Cajal

_Nobody can switch you off if you realize that you’re on the right course. – Barbara McClintock

_Don’t be scared of hard times, in particular. They will give the best results. – Rita Levi-Montalcini

_Research is about seeing what all others saw and knowing what none else thought. – Albert Szent-Györgyi

_If you would like good ideas, you have a lot to think about. – Linus Pauling

_On a small planet with a very ordinary star, we are only an advanced race of monkeys. – Stephen Hawking

_Nothing in life ought to be scary, only one has to comprehend it. – Marie Curie

_Science implies traveling endlessly in a tightrope between blind belief and imagination. – Henrich Rohrer

_Science recognizes no nation because it is humanity’s intelligence and the flame that lights up the world. – Louis Pasteur

_As children look at famous scientists like actors and musicians, civilization will leap to the subsequent stage. – Brian Greene

_It is important that questioning never ends. – Albert Einstein

_The same reasoning we used to build things cannot solve problems. – Albert Einstein

_I’m one of those people who think science is amazing. – Marie Curie

_Science is the only perception. – Plato

_Science is information that is structured. The organization of wisdom is creation. – Immanuel Kant

_Nothing can stretch the imagination like the opportunity to systematically investigate. – Marcus Aurelius

_You presume that certain rules are always being observed because you believe in science as I do. – Stephen Hawking

_When, like me, you believe in science, you accept that some rules are always being observed. – Stephen Hawking

_The most tragic part of life at the moment is that technology gathers information more easily than humanity absorbs knowledge. – Isaac Asimov

_For now, the saddest aspect of life is that technology absorbs knowledge quicker than humanity. – Isaac Asimov

_The human brain is a computer with an extraordinary design. – Jeff Bezos

_The human brain seems to be an incredible production tool. – Jeff Bezos

_Your hypothesis is crazy, but not too crazy to be valid. – Niels Bohr

_Science is information that is organized. – Herbert Spencer

_Our knowledge has overcome our spiritual strength. We’ve got missiles and erroneous people. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

_Science gives human beings the power of knowledge and religion gives man controlled wisdom. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

_No analysis can ever prove right for me; a single study can prove that I am incorrect. – Albert Einstein

_Its knowledge that most people say makes an excellent scientist. It’s false: its character. – Albert Einstein

_Science is a wondrous thing if you don’t have to live there. – Albert Einstein

_Science knows nothing about its imaginary debt. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

_Men love thinking, and that is science’s base. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

_Bad times are scientifically important. These are chances that a good student would not neglect. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

_Science rarely solves problems without making many more. – George Bernard Shaw

_Scientists are the torch bearers of exploration in our search for knowledge. – Stephen Hawking

_I don’t think science would not be able to answer any questions about a physical world. – Stephen Hawking

_We reside in a science and technology-dependent culture in which none knows about science and engineering. – Carl Sagan

_To me, the root of worldly respect or recognition has never been greater than that synonymous with scientific advancement. – Isaac Newton

_Modify the facts unless the evidence fits the theory. – Unknown

_One can create some inconsistency while ignoring scientific methodology. – Galileo Galilei

_Until it is over, everything is theoretically impossible. – Robert A. Heinlein

_The distinction between science and abstract topics is that science needs logic, while other issues need just analysis. – Robert A. Heinlein

_Talking of journalists and politicians, it is inexcusable that scientists torment wildlife. – Henrik Ibsen 

_Contact a scientist and contact a kid. – Ray Bradbury

_There is only one illumination in science and to brighten it at any place will be to brighten it at all places. – Isaac Asimov

_You might warm up Mars with greenhouse gas emissions over time. – Elon Musk

_Mars seems to be the only location in the solar system where life can become multi-planetarian. – Elon Musk

_On the conventional view of every species having been separately produced we receive little scientific explanation. – Charles Darwin

_Each problem I addressed was a law and then helped to solve many problems. – Rene Descartes

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