A Speech on “Religion and Science Can Go Hand in Hand.”

As scientists has proven that all the living beings existence in this world, which the people, who are the believer of religion should accept as well. Like that, the people, who are the believers of science also, should accept that people have strong religious faiths regarding various things or happenings of this planet.

There are a lot numbers of religious people, who accept and also firmly believe that the scientific explanations regarding the origins of our planet and universe while at the same time affirming their faith in god in many cases as well. That is because the two different powers called the science and religion in many cases have two different functions.

Science reveals and explains the hows of our life. It, by the help of some scientific methods, utilizes the various scientific methods of observation and experiments to understand the different process by which things are now behaving as they should. On the other hand, the path of religion explores and defines the whys of our life — not how the things are now, but why things are as in their true self.

Each of our firm faith searches and struggles for the meanings, not their mechanics or mechanisms, in life, death and our various happy and sad relationships to others and also the world.  Whereas the Science cannot tell us the answers of the question of why, it can clarifies only the how’s of the planet or the process itself, not the real meaning behind it. Likewise, the religion cannot tell or explains us the how or the procedure itself, it can only explains the why, or the real meaning behind this.

So, as an example we can say that, in the debate between the creation and the evolution, if science says or clarifies that evolution most fits or proves by the observable facts which are before our eyes, then that can be the truth, but  not creationism. By the same process, the first chapters of the book of Genesis tell each day after day, “And God saw that it was good.” The religious truth and faith about the creation is that as our world is divine, it is really worthy of preserving and not for squandering.

Some Biblical literalists’ opposition was that, if the Bible is actually the word of the God, then why does it may seem to support the problematic issues such as slavery, hitting an adulterous woman, and also genocide?

But the answer can be that the Bible, in addition to showing some spiritually inspiring passages like “Thou shall not murder,” also includes various spiritually reducing arguments as well, such as the statement regarding advocating slavery. The cause of this is both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bibles are not the actual, words of the God, showed to us as through a recorder or some similar device, but translations or transmissions of various human scribes or testimonies, giving their personal impressions of what God can expect or expected from the entire humankind. 

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