638+ Statesman Quotes For A Brighter Future (Images)

A treasury of wisdom and guidance, these quotes embody the essence of leadership, diplomacy, and noble values.

From Churchill’s resolute optimism to Mandela’s unyielding hope, these timeless words inspire us to navigate challenges with grace and forge a better world.

In their eloquence lies the power to kindle courage, unite nations, and shape the course of history. Embark on a journey of insight and enlightenment through the profound wisdom of statesmen.

Famous Statesman Quotes

-You are as happy as you make up your mind to be. –Abraham Lincoln

-Be good in whatever you choose to be. –Abraham Lincoln

-I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends. –Abraham Lincoln

-The destruction of America from the outside is impossible. If America loses its liberty and ends up faltering, it would be because of the nation’s people who destroyed themselves. –Abraham Lincoln

-Someone who would give me a book I have not read would be my best friend. –Abraham Lincoln

-Anyone can cope with adverse situations. A man’s true character is tested when he gains power. –Abraham Lincoln

-I am not worried if God is on our side. I am concerned about being on God’s side as He is always right. –Abraham Lincoln

-Today I am successful because once upon a time, a friend believed in me and I could not have let him down. –Abraham Lincoln

Statesman Quotes

-A man understands that the ideas he considered to be his original are not so new after all. –Abraham Lincoln

-My religion is to feel bad whenever I do something bad and to feel good whenever I do something good. –Abraham Lincoln

-People who deny other people their freedom do not deserve their own. –Abraham Lincoln

-Whenever I see a man justifying slavery, I wish to try it out on him and see how he feels about it then. –Abraham Lincoln

-The change you must see in the world must be first brought in by you.

-The court of your own conscience is higher than the court of law.

-Losing yourself in the service of others is the best way to find yourself.

-Truth and non-violence form the basis of my religion. Truth is my Lord, and non-violence is the path that leads to Him.

-Live like you would if you were to die the next day. Learn in a manner as if you will not die at all.

-You get satisfaction out of the effort that you make and only out of the result of your action.

-The biggest enemies of rational thinking are intolerance and anger.

-When countries are powerful, they don’t always do justice and when countries try to do justice, they are not powerful any more. The entire world history can be summed up in the above lines. –Winston Churchill

-First, we shape the place we live in and then the place we live in shapes us. –Winston Churchill

-A war is not as dangerous as politics as in a war, you are killed only once. –Winston Churchill

-Looking way ahead into the distant future is folly. You can grab the chain of destiny only one link at a time. –Winston Churchill

Statesman Quotes

-Education teaches us to think rationally and make an in-depth analysis about things. The true goal of education is to build our character and make us intelligent. –Martin Luther King Jr

-Your decisions should reflect your hopes and not your insecurities. –Nelson Mandela

-A difficult task will only seem impossible as long as it is not completed. –Nelson Mandela

-At times the responsibility of greatness falls upon a generation. You have the opportunity to become a great generation. Make sure that your greatness is blossomed. –Nelson Mandela

-If you are passionate and dedicated about your work, your will overcome adverse circumstances and achieve success. –Nelson Mandela

-Our inadequacy is not our greatest fear. The fact that our power is beyond our imagination scares us the most. –Nelson Mandela

-Investing your time and energy to help someone out without expecting to receive anything in return is the greatest gift you can give. –Nelson Mandela

-Playing safe and settling for a life that does not live up to your capabilities is not a passionate thing to do. –Nelson Mandela

-I cannot change others until I bring that change within myself first. –Nelson Mandela

-A good heart along with a good head is a formidable combination at all times. –Nelson Mandela

-Words like success, achievement and improvement does not mean anything unless they are coupled with continuous progress and growth. –Benjamin Franklin

-It is better to do a good deed than to speak good words. –Benjamin Franklin

-If you tell me things, I might forget but I will remember it once you teach me and I will learn if you involve me in the task. –Benjamin Franklin

-Wisdom is non-existent without the freedom of thought and public liberty is meaningless without the freedom of speech. . –Benjamin Franklin

-Building a good reputation requires several good deeds but just one bad deed is enough to ruin it. –Benjamin Franklin

-The three hardest things in the world are diamond, steel and to know about oneself. –Benjamin Franklin

-Be careful about small expenses as a minor leak sinks giant vessels. –Benjamin Franklin

-Someone who believes that money can do everything will in all probability do everything for money. –Benjamin Franklin

Statesman Quotes

-All of us are born ignorant, but extremely hard work is needed to remain stupid for the entirety of one’s life. –Benjamin Franklin

-If you want to be loved, love others and be loveable. –Benjamin Franklin

-Any job that is started in anger will definitely end in humiliation. –Benjamin Franklin

-Our differences are extremely important, but it is not as essential as our common humanity. All of us perform better when we work hand in hand. –Bill Clinton

-What is right with America will be able to cure everything that is wrong with America. –Bill Clinton

-We become old when our memories outweigh our dreams. –Bill Clinton

Statesman Sayings

-I make sure that I do not attack or criticize the government of my own country when I am abroad. I compensate for it when I get back. –Winston Churchill

-I can only offer you hard work, sweat, tears and blood. -Winston Churchill

-Read books written by other people and enlighten yourself. This way you will easily learn things that other people have worked very hard for. –Winston Churchill

-Someone who would change the subject and cannot change his mind is a fanatic. –Winston Churchill

-You have to decide you want to tread the path illuminated by the light of creative altruism or the one filled with the darkness of selfish destruction. –Martin Luther King Jr

-Since time always has the ability to do immense good, it must be used creatively by us. –Martin Luther King Jr

-Finding a person worn out by the length of life without any breadth is very heart-breaking. –Martin Luther King Jr

quotes by world famous statesmen

-The path to pride, satisfaction, and self-esteem lies in doing what you think is the right and most important thing to do, irrespective of how hard it might seem to be. –Margaret Thatcher

-You need to have a touch of iron about you if you want to lead a country like Britain, which has emerged as a strong leader in good as well as bad times in world affairs and one which is forever reliable. –Margaret Thatcher

-Ask a man if you want something to be said. Ask a woman if you need to have a job done. –Margaret Thatcher

-You will fail to achieve anything if you venture out to be liked, as you would be ready to compromise on everything. –Margaret Thatcher

-The ability of a woman to be able to stick to a task and continue with it when everyone else is leaving it incomplete is inherent within me. –Margaret Thatcher

-Me and you travel by roads or railways, but economists move on infrastructure. –Margaret Thatcher

-The truths of life are conservative in nature. –Margaret Thatcher

-The inactivity of good men is enough for evil to win over good. –Edmund Burke

-Your representative does not only owes his industry to you but also his judgement. If he sacrifices his judgement to your opinion he is a traitor. –Edmund Burke

-More will be achieved by our patience than our force. –Edmund Burke

-Considering the people who complain the loudest for the welfare of the people as the most anxious is a common mistake. –Edmund Burke

-A person who restrained from doing anything at all because of his limited capabilities has made the greatest mistake. –Edmund Burke

-Fascism is just a reaction of capitalism. –Leon Trotsky

-Learning has some inherent dangers as out of necessity, one has to often learn from one’s enemies. –Leon Trotsky

-There is no singular code of conduct either in peace o in war. It changes from situation to situation. –Leon Trotsky

-A revolution is always literary. –Leon Trotsky

-Insurrection is a form of art and has its own sets of rules like all forms of art. –Leon Trotsky

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