69+ Business Quotes By Famous Businessmen

A businessman or an entrepreneur is a person who delineates and runs a business. After seeing a successful businessman, it may seem that the path that the person followed was very easy.

But we should always keep in mind that appearances are deceptive.

So, the things which we see may not reflect the true things about it. With each passing day, new businessmen are coming up with new ideas about businesses of different scales.

Here are some quotes by famous personalities across the globe to motivate upcoming businessmen.

Business Quotes By Famous Businessmen

  • One should try to make himself the measuring scale of quality because not everyone is accustomed to an ambiance where all expectations are nothing but excellence. –Steve Jobs
  • The people who are ahead of others have utilized the time which others have wasted, and this is something that I have observed. –Henry Ford
  • You get to learn the most from the customers who are not happy with you at all. –Bill Gates
  • All we need is courage to pursue our dreams. It is only then that all our dreams will change into reality. –Walt Disney
  • To stop talking and begging the work is the best way to get started. –Walt Disney
Business Quotes By Famous Businessmen
  • The size of the bite that an entrepreneur takes is a little bigger than usual because while taking the bite, he hopes that he will learn how to chew it. –Roy Ash

  • I have always known that my failure is something that I will not make me regret but not trying is certainly something that will make me regret it. –Jeff Bezos

  • Following the rules do not teach you how to walk. You learn to walk only after you fall more than once. –Richard Branson

  • Whenever you come across an idea that you cannot stop thinking about, then remember that it is perhaps the best thing that you can pursue. –Josh James

  • Ideas do not matter. What matters is how you utilize them. –Scott Belsky

  • The route which will change you into the way you have always wanted to be in the shortest span of time is if you start hanging out with people who are already the way you want yourself to be. –Reid Hoffman

  • There is no easy way to become successful. All you need to do is work harder than most of the people out there are willing to work. –Charles Wilson

  • Money has never interested me. I have never been influenced by the thought that I will be making money or adding up to my wealth before making any decision –J.R.D. Tata

  • There are always two reasons which a man does a thing. The first one is the reason that sounds good, and the second one is the true one. –J.P. Morgan

  • A company’s brand is equivalent to what reputation means to a person. Reputation is earned by you if you try to do a hard task with precision. –Jeff Bezos

  • Had money been our motivation, then our company would have been sold long back, and by now, we would have holidayed on a beach. –Larry Page
Business Quotes By Famous Businessmen
  • Always try to think in an unconventional way and try grabbing all the opportunities irrespective of where they appear. –Lakshmi Mittal

  • Construction of a business and the construction of a mission walk hand-in-hand. –Mark Zuckerberg

  • The success that you achieve is the representation of the one percent of all your work, and the rest is your failure which is unnoticeable. –Soichiro Honda

  • A leader and a follower can be distinguished by the fine line which we call innovation. –Steve Jobs

  • If your dream does not revolve inside your head all the time, then your dream is not really a big one. –Victoria Beckham

  • There are no guarantees offered to us by our lives, but we are likely to succeed as long as we keep on working hard to survive. –William Harley

  • At this point in time, I totally agree with the fact that the difference between successful and unsuccessful businessmen is that of perseverance. –Steve Jobs

  • You will not need a master plan to achieve success when you are pursuing the things which you enjoy doing the most. –Mark Zuckerberg

  • Your delivery should always be greater than what people expect. –Larry Page

  • A business that gives you nothing but money is not at all a good business. –Henry Ford
Business Quotes By Famous Businessmen
  • Success and failure is not the end of the world. The courage that is needed to keep on moving is what is counted. –Winston Churchill

  • When you contemplate properly, you will come across the fact that all the successes that appeared to have occurred overnight took a long time. –Steve Jobs

  • When you have dreamt of it, you have the power to turn it into a reality. –Walt Disney

  • You should keep it in mind that you are a step forward to success when you are not being paid for the job that you are doing. –Oprah Winfrey

  • In the end, only the person who is paranoid gets to survive. –Andy Grove

  • Survival is the most precise definition of entrepreneurship, and it is a survival only which compels one to think and become more creative. But sadly, no one likes to consider entrepreneurship as a means of survival. –Anita Roddick

  • As long as you are going to think, always think about great things. –Donald Trump

  • Something which only you can see and others cannot is what we call a vision. Some people may say this is nothing but lunacy, but also, this is what entrepreneurial spirit is. –Anita Roddick

  • An entrepreneur should always be ready for the systems to undergo revisions, the methods to get scrapped, and any theory to get abandoned if success requires all of these. –Henry Ford

  • If you are not coming across enough failures, then you are not really making enough inventions. –Elon Musk

  • I believe that dreams which are extremely ambitious are very easy to achieve. This is so because there is hardly any other person who is as crazy as you to achieve such a big target and thus you have very less competition. –Larry Page

  • In a team, the players do not fight each other. Businessmen also should have no enemies. The moment a businessman understands this, his limit becomes the sky. –Jack Ma

  • If you have any idea in your mind, then start working on it from today itself. This also does not mean that you will have to stop doing all your work and jump into working on your idea. You should start doing things slowly and make small improvements. –Kevin Systrom

Business Quotes By Famous Businessmen
  • It is my belief that one should have the willingness to get misunderstood if he wants to innovate something. –Jeff Bezos

  • Disneyland is a complete work of love, and we did not come here just to make money out of it. –Walt Disney

  • If you cannot do the tasks out of love and have a distaste for doing your job, then it is better for you to leave your job. –Khalil Gibran

  • The base of great companies is amazing products. –Elon Musk

Motivational WhatsApp Statuses On Starting Business

-There are two kinds of people in life: entrepreneurs and people who work for entrepreneurs. 

-6 months of unconditional focus and adjustment can make your life move forward 5 years. 

-Focus on being efficient, not busy. 

-Don’t look for products for your customers, but look for customers for your products. 

-People do not buy goods and services, they buy relationships, stories and magic. 

-Don’t worry about what might go wrong, worry about what might go well. 

-Your time is limited, so don’t waste it on other people’s lives. 

-Success is good, but the lessons of failure are more important. 

-Happiness is the secret of career success. If you have a happy company, you will be invincible. 

-The way to start is to stop talking and doing. 

-Time, persistence, and ten years of hard work will finally make people shine. 

-If you don’t make a mistake, you won’t make a decision. 

-It takes 20 years to win prestige and 5 minutes to destroy. If you think about it, you will do different things. 

-Innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers. 

-If your dream is not realized, you will be hired to help you realize your dream. 

-I choose lazy people to do hard work, because lazy people will find simple ways. 

-The idea is simple. Practice is difficult. 

-Success is temporary and so is failure. The courage to continue is what matters

-We often forget that big businesses have always started as small.

-Build relationships with people and they will build your business

-Concentrate on starting a business instead of thinking how busy it will keep you

-Size of the business doesn’t matter what matters is your sheer will

-Life will put ideas into your mind for your business. The start is up to you.

-You’re not starting a business. You are fulfilling your dream.

-If you fail, you fail but you’ll grow.

-Don’t let rules sway you away from your passion of starting business.

-Every great venture has a history of small and humble beginnings

-Quality over quantity should be your motto when starting business

-Along with ‘what people want’, think about ‘what your employees want’ as well

-A businessman with a vision must have the drive to complete that vision.

-If you put your heart into your business, the business will always be in your heart.

-Your dream business will get a go ahead if you have to will to pursue it.

-There is no best time to start. The time is now.

-Starting a business means you need to be ready for adventure.

-Work on starting a business before the business works for you.

-If you know what challenges are lying ahead then you are your own mentor.

-Every positive change in your life will begin with your dream business.

-Failure must not be feared as from failure comes growth

-Make mistakes but do it faster and move on.

– First say yes to starting business and then learn how to do it. 

-When the elevator to success isn’t working, go for the stairs one step at a time.

-There is no secret to starting business. Just plain hard work and determination

-Entrepreneurs must search for a change and exploit it to create opportunities.

-You can play by the rules and still remain as ferocious as you were.

-Just like buses many business opportunities will arise. Just keep your eyes open.

-Sometimes the keys are on the floor and you just have to open the door.

-Treat problems as a gift and then see your business grow.

-Just like life, starting a business will find its ways.

-Many great people found success in a place beyond their greatest failure.

-Dreaming is good but making it happen is better. 

Hard work required on starting a business

-Success of a business depends on the willingness to work hard.

-Team spirit is the recipe for the productivity of a business.

-Sweat and determination are required in starting a business.

-It is the quality of time that we put to succeed in a business.

-Dictionary is the only place where you find the word success before work.

-Sometimes in a business even hard work beats talent.

-Without learning and failure one cannot run a successful business.

-Teamwork helps to accomplish the objectives of the business.

– Never undervalue what you do for your business.

-Dedication towards your work is the price of your success.

-One cannot find any substitute for working hard.

-You can learn business fast if you are willing to work hard.

-Success cannot take place overnight you must have perseverance.

-The harder you work the greater will be your business.

-Profit of a business is the product of Labour given.

-With effort, you can achieve success in a business.

-We must stay consistent to have better results in business.

-Patience is the key to success because success doesn’t come overnight.

-Do everything to experience growth in your startup business.

-Thinking is the hardest work we do before starting a business.

– Only trying is not enough to start a venture and make it successful.

– Start a small business then put efforts to make it big.

– A business is not built in a day it requires patience and endurance.

-With team effort, we can turn a new business into a successful one.

-I not only aim to start a business but also to leave an impact on others.

-A good vision and great passion is all we need to start a business.

-Fear of failure must not keep you away from starting your business.

-You should always start a business with a long term goal.

Business Quotes By Famous Businessmen

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