A Speech on “Why is working smarter better than working harder?”

Good (—) to one and all. As I look at your enthusiastic faces today, I can see people who are going to beam with success, fortune, and fame in their future,  in their academics, career, and their life in general. In this competitive world, where it becomes harder to compete by the passing of each day, you need to be smart to survive. You need to have a certain set of skills that your parents and ancestors did not require during their careers.

I know that your schools and colleges are preparing you to be qualified to enter into that risky corporate world. You need to have instincts as to what will work in a situation. There isn’t room for trial and error today because time is running at its maximum speed, and to catch up with it, more than hard work, you need smart work. I will enlighten you today with the importance of smart work and why it overrides hard work. To do smart work, one must take minimum effort, minimum time, and maximum output and productivity. 

Corporate companies require people who complete their work fast and have maximum productivity. They don’t consider how much effort you have put into it. They will always look for people who can complete the work with accuracy within the shortest time possible. In this era of technology, those who are best at making use of it will reach higher levels. Working hard can be exhausting, especially when there are easier methods of getting it done. It has also been observed that people who work smarter have better productivity and job satisfaction than hard workers. Unlike the older days, people value those who work smarter and know how to use shortcuts smartly. 

Working smart enhances creativity as you need to be creative to do smart work. Solving problems smartly and creatively also boosts your self-confidence and positivity, thus increasing your self-esteem. Smart work also removed the problem of monotony and tediousness as it involves the mind to work creatively and adapt to each situation in a different manner. Smart work also saves you a lot of time and helps you with a common problem that the youth face today, time management. You can utilize this time to learn other innovative ways to work. By using improvised ways of work, you can achieve your goals quickly and move on to others. The world you are now in is a fast-moving world. If you lag, you will always lag. 

Working smart is not an easy task. You need to have an immense amount of knowledge and information at your disposal. You need to learn the technicalities of things and understand how to behave in certain circumstances, that too in a short period. To achieve great heights, you should know how to balance between working hard and working smart. You need to have good instincts to understand that. Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors.

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