Speech on Reality Shows Are Exploiting People

Reality shows exploited us from a long time in more ways than one. These shows tend to emphasis on oppressing, arrogant behavior and unhealthy rivalry, and kids frequently cultivate the confusion regarding these reality TV shows and the real world. In this speech I will try explains how these reality shows exploiting us every day.

For example, a reality show on model hunt emphasis on physical beauty over inner beauty and slim figure rather than the real values of life.

Another reality TV show broadcast how people living in one house blame each other by raising the finger and shouting at each other hand the same reality show display that it is ok to whisper in ear of a particular one with a house full of people.

Now it’s time for you to think are those incidents right?

A prime time reality TV show is all about melodramatic scenes, terrorizing the weak ones, back-biting, creating buzz and disturbing interpersonal relationships. These entertaining reality shows are quite addictive and influential for us to watch. The prime time reality shows even sometimes promote that kind of behavior, which is not right for us in real world. You need to remember that reality shows are only pretend to be real rather than being real.

Psychiatrist Holly Peek, wrote in an article of her in a Harvard Medical School publication, how it is crucial for us to be conscious of the messages and values are portrayed by these shows. “More importantly, it’s essential to be aware of what our children are watching so that we can teach them how to recognize and process the skewed values of television reality. This is tricky, as this programming easily deceives viewers into believing it is a true reflection of the real world, ” 

Reality shows that are only tended focussed on certain people and their everyday lives are a big disturbance according to most of people,. They describe everything in an excessive manner which is not at all a scene of real life.

Not only other television programes but the reality TV shows too are focused on specific formats and the format depends on the particular television channel. It is not a very uncommon for those channels and they may squeeze their format to get their ratings up and they are not so concerned about how this affects our thoughts and real life values. These prime time reality shows trigger the people who are sensitive to emotion generally.

The complicated human dynamics, the manipulation and the untrustworthiness is a matter of big concern that is portrayed there and damaging our values of day by day life. On the other not only by values they exploit us by the product placement too. Showing certain products in certain ways affects us. Specifically these shows are specifically harmful for children because they tend to copy everything they see. So parents should be careful and draw line between children and reality shows.

Reality show based on children may look like harmless but the they are extremely competitive and pressurize children a lot..

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