A speech on “Reason Shops Should Be Closed on Sundays”

Good (—) to one and all. I am here to tell you why the shops should be closed on Sundays. One of the main reasons shops should be closed on Sundays is that people need to take a break from their busy week and rest at home and spend time with their families. This will refresh them and give them a boost to start their next day.

On Sundays, most people go to churches or religious places. If the shops are to be kept open, it will be difficult for them to have the same chance and privilege. The employer should not take away religious freedom from the employees and make them work hard through times that they would normally be in church or other religious places that are important to them.

By closing on Sunday, right off the highest, you’re eliminating the need for payroll expenses for that day. Another savings is in turnover rate because constantly training new hires is dear. This also ties into employee loyalty. The standard of employees they attract increases thanks to their Sunday closing policy. Their people enjoy knowing that a minimum of sooner or later every week is guaranteed off. Given all the fashionable pressures, that one set the day without work hebdomadally can make the difference.

For several people, closing his stores on Sunday allows his employees time to rest and recharge themselves, worship and attend to their spiritual life, and spend time with their family and friends. 

By not acting on Sunday, people are more likely to spend time with relations and friends, strengthening those essential relationships. And when these familial relationships are stronger, the community becomes stronger. Imagine if because your great employee had to figure, they may not see their family.

Having an excellent time with their family is restrained because they need to figure out during the time they may be having a good family reunion with loved ones. People get tired. If your business has anything to do with physical work, having to figure on Sundays with all the opposite days gets tiring. Both the body and mind need rest in between days of labor. Employing helpers costs money. If you’ve got employees working for you each Sunday, it adds up.

Having to obtain employees an additional 50+ days a year compared to not having to pay an outsized sum of cash for them is simply not worth keeping your business open on Sundays, especially for tiny businesses.

Though this is an arguable topic and many of you might not agree with me, I strongly believe that shops should be closed on Sundays as it benefits both employees, employers, and many office workers. For most people other than the workers at shops, they may want to spend the day shopping. But if we think about these shop workers, we will come to know that they have also been working day and night for the past six days of the week. They also deserve a day off. 

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