A Speech on How to Recognize Toxic Friend

Friendship is one of the most important parts in our life. It can enhance or can ruin your life. Letting in the wrong person enter in your life in any situation will ruin your day as you will not find enough time or space for yourself. Not only there are toxic relations there are toxic friends too. While you thought you are bringing an acquaintance in your life to make life little easy it can be a toxic person who will leave your day more miserable than ever.

Bringing that one person can bring frustration and exhaustion into your life without realizing. We need to find out as soon as possible to keep distance from the person. Some hints are clearly visible. 

• Dramatic: they will find a way or another to reach you. Sometime it will be a story full of glam and amazing stuffs and some time they will simply play the sympathy card where they will able to get help from you. And you will involve in that situation exactly what they wanted. 

• Self-centered: ever being with a person whose life is all about them only? In life everyone has problems. But have ever noticed that you never get the support in your problems are as you support them in theirs? Have they ever even listened to you? It is always about how bigger problems they have in their life. How your problems never occurred to them as serious issues? Try to start a conversation which has nothing to do with them. They will eventually drag the topic towards them and will talk about themselves again.

 • Jealous: a friend is someone who will encourage and will help you to grow in your life. But if you have a toxic friend in your life you can experience some differences. A toxic friend will never compliment you instead of congratulate you for your achievements they will push you further down when you are in difficulties. If a friend is not making any friendly gesture then you need to reconsider about is the other person is worthy of the energy, time and love you are giving to them. 

• Competitive behavior: you already felt that many times how competitive your friend can be in any situation. Your job, your romantic relation, your marks in class there is always this person who is competing with you one way or other. They don’t like it when in any situation they are not involved but you are in it. 

• Copying: the competition doesn’t stop there. They will start copying you like buying same clothes without your knowledge. Or may be sometime you can find them speaking the way you speaking or using the same slangs in the manner you use. 

• Crossing boundaries: this is the all time favorite thing which a toxic friend does all the time. Like coming to your house when you have plans with someone else, calling you on your house phone when you didn’t give them your personal number, they will make you uncomfortable and mean when you refuse them.

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