93+ Quotes & WhatsApp Status About Religion That’ll Move You

With the constant ebb and flow of the tide, it may be difficult to concentrate on what is really important. However, regardless of good or bad times, it is important to remember that our Lord and Saviour are watching us all the time, guiding us on the right path. 

Religious Quotes About Life

-Be faithful in the little things because they are your strength. 

-Remember who you are. Do not contact anyone for any reason. You are a child of Almighty God. Live this truth. 

-God will meet you where you should go and take you where He wants you to go. 

-Having faith in religion does not eliminate problems, but faith in religion knows where to look for solutions. 

-No one is insignificant in God’s will. 

-What do we think about this? If God helps us, who is against us? 

-Don’t be afraid to believe in a known God in an unknown future. 

-God never said the journey would be easy, but he said it was worth it. 

-Be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid or afraid of them, because your god is with you. 

-God will not give us everything we want, but He will keep his promise and lead us to Himself in the best and most direct way. 

-There are many ahead of us, much better than the ones we left behind. 

-If we are just living a life, we will never get close to God. This requires conscious search and attention. 

-The best things in the world cannot be seen or touched. You must feel it with your heart.

-There cannot be any religion, any God without faith in the heart.

-Faith in religion is the pillar of support that life gives you.

-Having belief in religion is requisite in case you wanna believe in something.

-Civilization cannot grow upwards without believing in the religion of humanity.

-Real religion is showing humanity towards others.

-Worship is an indispensable constituent of a relationship.

-Religion has the ability to devise as well as the potential to destroy.

-Religious faith can turn anything into war and also can stop a war.

-Fighting with your religious faith is the greatest kind of conflict in the universe.

-Religious belief makes a person open-minded from the house of ego.

-We cannot change our destiny because it’s in God’s hand. Trust on him!

-I obey my Lord only. He is my commander. 

-When you love others, the universe, even God loves you!

-Lord does not promise humankind a smile without pain like the sun without rain. 

-Have faith in Divine power. He always returns everything in double.

-When you were born, God didn’t tell you to be perfect. Just be the way you are.

-Meditation is the key to connecting with Lord.

-Your kindness to others is also good for your destiny.

-People should leave everything for mighty but not mighty for anything. 

-Achievements through difficult times are accomplishments.

-Chanting and prayers eliminate the virulent components of life.

-I want to thank Lord for showering your blessings on me each time. 

-Mundane greed of an individual shows him hell on earth. 

-I find ultimate solace in praying in the name of the Lord.

-Mighty always pour graces on humans. You just have to find it. 

– When you feel all doors are shut, what to do? Just pray to Lord.

-The real essence of prayer is to connect God with our spirit. 

-Through prayer and meditation, I absorbed God within me. 

Religion Whatsapp

Respectful WhatsApp Status and Messages on Religion

-Faith is the revelation of God and has nothing to do with the ideology of beautifying the country. 

-Believing in religion is the wish for something to happen. Belief is believing that something will happen. Courage makes things happen. 

-If you believe in yourself, you don’t need others to believe in you. 

-May your faith in god be greater than your fears. 

-Religion is not a belief without evidence but a belief without limits. 

-Hope drives our dreams, faith drives our decisions, and religion determines our actions. 

-Where there is faith in religion, there is truth. 

-The words that describe our beliefs are often more like this: convenience, safety, routine and religious meetings. 

-Faith has taken the first step, even if you cannot see the entire staircase. 

-What is faith? When all the villagers decided to pray for rain, everyone gathered on the prayer day, but only one boy came with an umbrella. 

-I deceived my fears, broke my doubts, I have been loyal to my beliefs, and now I will marry my dreams. 

-You were created by God and for God. Unless you understand this, life will be meaningless. 

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-Avoid people who try to undermine your beliefs in yourself. 

-Believe, keep trying, keep it simple, laugh at the problem, and think as a child. 

-Unless you lose faith in God, you will not fail. 

-When you eliminate Christians’ fear of death, you are depriving them of their faith. 

-Faith in religion is the embodiment of a person’s spirit and spiritual strength. 

-Faith exists for believers, not for gods. 

-Faith makes everything possible. Love makes everything simple. Hope everything goes well. 

-The real relationship is when you can say everything to yourself. There are no secrets or lies. 

-Faith makes everything possible. Love makes their lives easier. 

-Fighting based on your own beliefs is the greatest form of combat. 

-Faith is a by-product of doubt. Of course, beliefs cannot be tested. 

-Belief in open-minded people. Closed people nourish themselves. 

-Faith can unite one person, but it can also divide two brothers. 

-Religious faith has a special power to heal all kinds of wounds. 

-If it were not for faith, we would just walk in the shadows. 

-When everyone abandons you, faith will be tested. 

-Believing in something and believing in nothing are two things.

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