Should Religious Organizations Be Required to Pay Taxes?

Religions have played an important role in shaping the history of mankind which can never be denied. This has allowed many clergies of various churches to earn a large amount every year, live without much work, and also enjoy tax exemption because of the faith and fear that thousands of people bestow upon the supernatural creator.

This is different for religious organizations. Even if we support it or not, it is a fact that many religious organizations and churches have always performed a vital role among the normal population of people by making strong community bonds and helping the poor and needy. Most people still believe that they are the reason behind the strengthening and protection of our morality in society.

It is an accepted truth by all kinds of people, even atheists that these organizations bring people together to do good deeds and help the poor. Yet, churches are exempted from paying taxes only due to faith reasons.

Today many are concerned that most of the religious organizations are all about money and power, and some even believe many of them are politically involved. More than 89 percent of religious organizations help poor people and continue to bring people together and strengthen morality.

Still, around 67 percent of organizations under the protection of some churches do have money and power. It is all about the charity and help they offer to the poor, but behind those, it is a completely different image going on.

Most of these organizations get a hold of the churches’ help, thus getting exempt from paying taxes. It is like they form an imaginary contract which is made between the government and these organizations to exempt them from taxation with the slight compromise done with the clergy.

Also, these organizations use a reason in the name of charity to get rid of tax paying. In my opinion, though these organizations carry out all these good deeds, they should also pay taxes, at least a very reasonable amount for the government. 

Taxes are paid for the betterment of the nation, which is also used to support needy people by coming up with certain benefits and laws that could help them in terms of education, health care, travel, employment, and many more.

A religious organization conducts various charity functions and fundraisers which are carried out within the country using the natural benefits as that of a citizen. Most of the revenue for running a religious organization comes from the valuable donations made by any individual, or worship services and they might be of large amounts in total. So, even if it is for the help and support of a poor person, such events conducted are within the state property.

A slight amount of tax paid for the usage of these resources is never a bad option. One or the other way it is also used for making a healthy nation with a strong, happy, and healthier set of population. 

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