A speech on “The Scariest Thing that Has Ever Happened to Me”

Good (—) to one and all. My name is (—) and I am from (—). I am here today to speak about the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. We all might remember the scariest thing that ever happened to us as those experiences will be etched in our minds more than anything else. I also had a similar experience that I will never forget.

This happened during the Halloween of (—). Halloween and my birthday fall on the same date. So one time, my friends decided to surprise me, and the best idea that they had was to mix Halloween and birthday, making it a Halloween surprise. My friends told me that they were hosting a Halloween party at their place and that it was a costume party. So I was very excited and picked up my costume.

On the day of Halloween, I called up my friend and asked him if we could go together but he said that he had another party and will not be attending this one. None of my friends had wished me for my birthday and I thought they might be so caught up with Halloween that they forgot about my birthday. I did feel bad about it and I also had to go to the party alone. 

When I reached the place, I did not find anyone outside. I thought everyone was inside and as soon as I entered, the lights went off and the door slammed hard behind me with a huge bang. I felt as if my soul had left my body. I screamed on top of my voice but I did not see anyone. I had no idea what was happening. Suddenly, an illuminated skeleton fell from the ceiling. I froze and thought I would be dead.

I screamed and told them to stop it but there was no response. At that moment, a load of something blew straight on my face and I thought those were some sort of dangerous flies. Later on, I realized that those were feathers. There was loud laughter like that of ghosts and the howling of dogs and owls. I was so scared that I thought I was gonna pass out and sat on the floor. Just then the lights were switched on and all my friends shouted “Surprise!”. I was sweating and was as pale as a moon.

I had never been so scared my entire life. It took me a few minutes to come out of the shock and though we all laughed about it, I still hadn’t recovered from it. We cut the birthday cake and celebrated Halloween as well. 

I also had a nightmare when I slept that night and was easily frightened at the smallest things for the next few days. This was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and my friends still talk about this day when they want to embarrass me. Thank you and have a good day.

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