Should Schools Include Meditation or Relaxation Breaks During the Day?

Maintaining good behavior is taught to a human being right from an earlier age. Meditation or Relaxation has always helped us to keep our mind, body, and soul walk through a calm and peaceful mood. With the fast and stressful life that the world is facing nowadays, it is hard for an individual to focus on positivity, maintain balance, and stay still at a place for a very long time, quite harder.

A child, due to his less knowledge about the overstressing world and life, he would find it easier to reach a state of meditation if he is given proper guidance or taught well from that age. He could then eventually continue to follow and keep his life balanced and see things positively. Including meditation or relaxation breaks at school will only benefit a student’s hygiene, making it just like the daily routines we follow as a mandatory habit. 

Meditation is one of the greatest gifts that schools can offer today to our children. They have been undergoing higher stress levels which can be dealt with by taking a few minutes to break and just relax and focus by just breathing continuously. This process could clear their minds and help their brain work more effectively. Here are a few reasons why meditation breaks could be useful;

Student’s academic performances can be boosted. Well, grades aren’t the only thing to give priority to, but also to the child’s mental and physical health. It’s our responsibility to make arrangements to keep the surroundings and circumstances peaceful and healthy for our children. A good meditation break could boost concentration, increase energy, and keep the kids more active and productive. 

Works well for Teachers and other staff too. For a class of students to be active and energetic, our teachers should be molded out perfectly as well. It allows them to actively participate with the students, bring out more interesting teaching methods, and finally bring an increase in success rate among the students.

Beneficial for Personal Health-care as well as others. Children are very delicate, so the chances of catching a cold or fall ill are higher. They tend to spread quickly too. Meditation has proven to increase the immunity level among adults and kids. This could not only prevent us from physical illness but also keep our mind and soul stay positive.

Detention could be made more useful. Most of the schools use their detention period as a form of punishment given to the students. Whereas, school faculties should take it as an opportunity to change those students who need help in terms of controlling emotions, hyperactive, or even those who never obeyed the school rules. A few minutes of self-controlling and focus could help them change their attitude towards all the negatives they faced. 

Low cost, more effective. The best part of meditation is that it does not require any high-cost resources. All that we need to meditate are available within nature, we just have to let it blend within us.

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