A Speech on “Should Schools Make Swimming Lessons Mandatory?”

Good morning everyone and welcome to this event. It is with extreme honour and pleasure that I am standing here today to share my thoughts on the current curriculum of education. The current curriculum comprises various forms of activities that make the children engage in physical exertion and swimming is already a part of many school’s curriculum.

The basic need for inducing swimming into the curriculum is because swimming is a basic skill set that can prove to be beneficial for the children in their life ahead. Drowning is one of the most common causes of death all across the world and teaching children to swim at a very young age can act as a solution to this problem. 

Another thing about bringing in heavy exercises into the curriculum of a school is the risk that comes along with it and those risks make the school authorities hesitant to involve these sort of activities into the curriculum. so , the low risk involved in swimming makes it an ideal choice for many schools. Swimming is comparatively the best choice as it is quite safe when there is adult supervision and it is a heavy form of exercise for the children. Even though many of them would not want to take up swimming as a competitive sport it is quite important for them to learn swimming as a form of exercise.

Many parents are not able to afford separate swimming lessons for their children and it is important for schools to include this into their curriculum so that more children can have access to learning this. Swimming is also a part of the water safety training that is being mandatory in various parts of the country which should act as a model for the other countries which are yet to take up this measure.

Even though swimming might come off as a leisure activity it is one of the most commonly used cardiovascular exercise forms. The benefits of swimming on the health of an individual is many and introducing children to this is quite beneficial for their lifestyle. But while saying that it is important to introduce swimming into the curriculum it should also not be mandatory for the children to get into these lessons.

Swimming should be introduced into the curriculum only as an option that is available to the students that are interested in taking it up and should not be thrust upon the children by introducing a grading system or making it a part of the curriculum. Swimming should be considered as a leisure activity or life skill that the children can develop over time along with their academics.

While many might think that including swimming into the curriculum may not be a great idea since one instructor cannot look out for the whole group of students and hiring new instructors may not seem feasible for the institution and making it a choice for the student helps tackle this problems and can also divide the sessions into different schedules.

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