A Speech on “Schools Should Not Make Money by Selling Unhealthy Candy and Soft Drinks to Students

“Health is Wealth” is a world-famous proverb related to health. The Key to happiness and good brain growth among children is through good health. A healthy body is defined as the complete ability of one’s body to function well, which includes the mental, physical, emotional, and social health of an individual. It is the responsibility of the school authority to maintain the health of the children, and so serving students with healthy food should always be a priority. 

Unhealthy candies and soft drinks generally come under the common name junk foods or low nutritious foods. These foods are mostly wrapped in plastic bags and are harmful to everyone but tasty to eat. Such foods play a vital role in a child’s behavior. Serving such unhealthy foods can increase the risk of heart disease and lack a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrate intake.

Higher sugar levels and extra fat content in these foods can increase the risk of diabetes, teenage depression, and obesity. To avoid these diseases, school canteens should include more fresh fruits and vegetables or more fibrous and cereals snacks. Keeping a healthy child could also help teachers to conduct easier classes with more active students.

Schools are the perfect place to gain good eating habits from a very young age. It is important for children to lead a healthy lifestyle from the beginning; that is where every child spends most of their time; therefore, they should learn to eat healthy food instead of low nutritious food.

As mentioned before, these junk foods also affect the child’s mental and physical nature. Obesity being the prime after effect of eating these foods, can lead to being bullied, and it causes depression and loneliness among those children. This may even lead to unnecessary thoughts of suicide or even end up committing it. These foods can even affect a child’s studies.

Children undergoing depression and bullying often tend to skip classes or never wish to go back to school and eventually might drop out. The food we eat is always connected with the way people react and respond; schools can lay down a strong foundation for good behavior and respect for one another.

School should be a place where children should feel comfortable and safe. It is our responsibility to make that happen. Just avoiding unhealthy foods from the canteen might not stop children from having these, but we could have slight control over these severe matters and teach children the importance of nutritious foods and healthy life. For outstanding results, we can start teaching them from the earliest.

This doesn’t mean we are not supposed to have junk food at all; we can have them occasionally, but stopping it from these school canteens can decrease a large amount of its intake. A healthy body stays active; a healthy mind stays happy and stress-free, leading to a healthy atmosphere for ourselves and for others around us.

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