187+ Church Sign Sayings That Defy Explanation! (Images)

Church sign sayings have become a unique and often humorous way for religious institutions to communicate messages of faith, inspiration, and sometimes, a touch of wit to passersby.

These clever and thought-provoking phrases displayed on church signs not only serve as a means of outreach but also offer a glimpse into the values and beliefs of the congregation.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of church sign sayings, delving into their history, significance, and the impact they have on both their communities and the broader public.

So, join us as we decipher the intriguing messages conveyed through these signposts of spirituality.

Short Church Sign Sayings

The church is the place that many of us look forward to because it serves as a mode of our peace, redemption, calmness, and ease.

It is the favorite place for all people who look forward to religion as their way of living. The sense of calmness that being in a church gives  Is way beyond words, and being at the church is the best way to find purpose in life.

Here are a few short church signs and sayings that can lift your mood if you are going through a rough patch in your life.

  • Make friends with Jesus, and make use of the faith book, which is known as the Bible.
  • You might be thinking of many things, but don’t believe all of them.
  • Cross Training within!
  • If you want a smoking hot body, then cremation will be your last opportunity.
  • Even churches that are about to die will be donating their organs.
  • If you like to have jams, you can create those using forbidden fruits.
  • God is someone who has no belief in Atheists!
  • Even though I had an addiction to hokey-pokey, I managed to deviate myself.
  • If we had been able to mind our biscuits, then life would have been gravy.
  • Make it a point to send some knee mail in case you did not hear anything from God recently!
  • Just wait for some time if you believe it is now hot.
  • If you have the desire to be Hater, it will be better to “Hate Evil.”
  • By investing here, you will get a 100% return.
  • Jesus Christ! Everybody is uttering this answer.
Short Church Signs Sayings and Quotes
  • Jesus did the sole extreme world makeover, and it was the flood.
  • The reason for the death of Jesus happens to be Myspace in heaven.
  • Jesus IS surely arriving … Possibly prior to Election Day
  • As compared to Easter Bunny, Jesus loves you even more.
  • If you turn right, it will be the right turn.
  • Let you be in Heaven 30 minutes before the Devil comes to know you.
  • Only God is present here, and there is no place for any pokemon.
  • Father, Son, along with the Holy Spirit, make our risk-free combo!
  • Let go of all your troubles.
  • Some folks resemble buttons, always “popping” off when they are not required.
  • The government is not going to have a Life Policy for eternity.
  • If any man wants to walk two roads simultaneously, his pants are going to split.
  • While Eternity happens to be Vertical, Time is actually Horizontal.
  • There is no reason to worry because Yellowstone might blow its top. 
  • Plenty of predicted traffic numbers are said by the fact that there happens to be a highway to hell and just a single stairway to heaven.
  • Jesus is not known to save somewhere in between.
  • You were loved by hipster Jesus before you had been cool.
  • Whenever feasible, try to be benevolent. Pro tip – It is possible at all times.
  • With what do you spend your time – Facebook or God’s book?
  • You should not store the Bible on a shelf but in your heart.
  • Never give up! At one time, Moses had been a basket case!
  • Our sign gave way. Enter inside to get the message.

Church Sign Sayings

When you enter the church, all your past worries seem dead, and all of today’s pain disappears. The magic of this beautiful place gives you a sense of peace and comfort from within.

No matter how troubled your mind is, it is here that your soul seems to find peace.

Here is a list of the church sign sayings that can make your day beautiful by feeding you with a sense of positivity and relief.

  • There is no need for any SPF to spend time with the Son.
  • God is known to recycle. You were made by him from dust.
  • Always bear in mind that hell is actually uncool.
  • You can define Jesus as the selfie of God.
  • In case you have an affinity for Jesus, then honk. Text plus drive in case you would like to come in touch with him.
  • God has no need for religious nuts; he only desires spiritual fruit.
  • B1 happens to be the most effective vitamin for any believer.
  • In case you end up throwing mud, you are going to lose ground.
  • In case you happen to be more fortunate as compared to others, do not build a taller fence but a longer table.
  • Do you consider prayer to be your spare tire or your steering wheel?
  • If you are searching for the perfect gift, you will find him here.
  • Jesus has made one fresh friend request to you.
  • Your life is going to change when gratitude turns into your default setting.
  • The less you hate, the more pancakes you get.
  • God, don’t force me to come down to that spot.
  • The first individuals to go through the terms and conditions of Apple were Adam and Eve.
  • In spite of having faith in God, do not forget to lock your vehicle.
  • It is only meant for church parking. Any violator is going to be baptized.
  • Although I was about to waste, Jesus managed to recycle me.
  • It does not matter whether you prefer it or not; God always loves you.
  • The best way to avoid truth decay will be to brush up on the Bible!
  • Make it a point to exercise regularly by strolling with the Lord.
  • If you cannot sleep, make it a point to speak with the Shepherd!
  • God happens to be the person who provides us with wireless!
  • Our souls were saved thanks to body piercing.
  • If God had any fridge, your photograph would find a place on it.
  • Even though God created everything with a certain purpose, mosquitoes do come very close to us!
  • Everything taking place in Vegas will be forgiven right here.
  • Is it a fact that your spiritual house is in requirement for spring cleaning?
  • In case you are searching for “Mr. Right”, then this happens to be His abode!
  • Why are you always looking for iPod or iPad? Instead, try iPray! The Almighty is always listening!
  • Even though you might celebrate in Hell, you will become the barbecue.
  • We have a pew intended for you if you do not love your life.
  • Jesus: Your free card for getting out of hell.
  • Jesus told that He would be back much before Arnold did it.
  • Gossip happens to be the radio of the Devil. Do you consider yourself to be his DJ?
  • This happens to be your symptom for coming to church.
  • Easter arrives once every year. What is your frequency for doing that?

Inspirational Church Sign Sayings

Short Church Sign Sayings

A church is where our soul finds peace amidst the regular hustle-bustle of life. It gives us much-needed time with ourselves, where we can acknowledge the sanctity of the environment and the peace that our souls crave.

The beauty of a church has no particular language that can do justice to it entirely, but it is on us to imbibe the positive vibes that this place offers and input them into our regular lifestyles.

Here is a list of inspirational church sayings:

-Find the peace that you have been seeking.

-Spend some time with the holy spirit.

-This is where you find true happiness.

-Because the church will never fail you.

-Find the answer to your prayer.

-Here is where you find the solution to your problem.

-This place is meant for all.

-God is one, and we are his worshippers.

-Because the Almighty never differentiates.

-Make this your lifestyle.

-Pray to God, and your heart will find its way.

-The Almighty can work magic.

-Miracles happen because prayers exist.

-The Lord will help you find your purpose.

-The true purpose of visiting a church is to find your way.

-Come here to experience sanctity and peace.

-The Almighty has the solutions to your unanswered prayers.

-The Lord will guide you through the good and the bad.

-The place where all your sorrows and pain heal.

-Worship the Lord and feel the peace from within your soul.

Church Sign Sayings About Faith

The term ‘faith’ is an arbitrary word because two groups of people are involved in it. One group of people are the ardent worshippers of their respective faiths, and this is what keeps them going in the course of their lives.

The other group is those blinded by Faith and following the wrong life course. Faith, in its truest sense, is the belief that we have towards one supreme power that gives us the confidence to strive harder in life.

Here is a list of Church sign sayings  about Faith, which will re-instill the belief that you had lost in yourself if it happens to be so:

-It is your Faith that will help you overcome the obstacles in life.

-Believe in your Faith, and it will help you shine in life.

-It is Faith that will help you achieve all your goals.

-Faith is what gives you hope for a better tomorrow.

-Faith will find you from the darkest corners of your life.

-Faith will help you restore the belief you have lost in yourself.

-Faith can create wonders that you can never imagine.

-The Strongest word in your dictionary should be Faith.

-Faith is the last resort of your soul.

-When hope leaves your door, Faith enters to rebuild it again.

-Leave no stone unturned, and Faith will yield you your reward.

-Life is a journey, and Faith is the guide.

-You can win the most vigorous battles with Faith in your heart that guides you the best.

-Faith ignites a fire within you that you cannot put out.

-Faith is what makes us believe in ourselves.

-The Almighty will make sure to respond to your unanswered prayers, so keep having Faith.

-Your Faith will guide you through paths unknown.

-The church signifies the belief in Faith and humanity.

-Kindness and Faith in yourself will get you through life’s obstacles.

-A life dedicated to Faith and worship is a life worth living.

Short Witty Sayings for Church Signs

“Faith: The original wireless connection to heaven.”

“Don’t make me come down there! – God”

“Prayer is the world’s greatest wireless connection.”

“Forgive your neighbor; it’s the Christian thing to do.”

“God’s love: The only thing that never runs out.”

“Kindness is a language everyone understands.”

“Faith is not believing that God can, but knowing that He will.”

“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.”

“Smile, Jesus loves you.”

“Don’t just go to church; be the church.”

“Keep calm and pray on.”

“Worry ends where faith begins.”

“God’s grace is amazing; pass it on.”

“In God, we trust.”

“Wise men still seek Him.”

“The Bible: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

“God is the best therapist; He’s always available.”

“The only way to serve God is to serve others.”

“Faith is the key; prayer is the lock; God is the answer.”

“Love thy neighbor, no exceptions.”

Seasonal Church Sign Sayings

“He is risen! Happy Easter!”

“Wishing you a blessed and joyous Easter!”

“Jesus is the reason for the season.”

“Rejoice! Christ is born on Christmas Day.”

“May the love of Christ light your Christmas path.”

“Give thanks to the Lord for His abundant blessings.”

“Fall in love with Jesus this autumn.”

“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.”

“Plant seeds of kindness, reap a harvest of joy.”

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”

“Trust in God’s timing, it’s always perfect.”

“Prayer is the key to Heaven’s door.”

“Share God’s love, it’s the best gift of all.”

“In every season, God’s love is unchanging.”

“Let your faith be a light in the darkness.”

“God’s grace is sufficient for every season.”

“Choose joy and be a light in the world.”

“Hope is the anchor of the soul.”

“Count your blessings, not your problems.”

“Let your faith be bigger than your fears.”

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