Should People Be Required to Shovel Snow from The Sidewalks in Front of Their House?

It is a common courtesy to shovel snow from the sidewalks and driveways in front of our houses. As the homeowner, it is our responsibility to maintain our home and our property well even during winter days.

Shoveling snow is never an easy chore to do, and most of us keep it the last on our to-do lists, and this requires working under a temperature of less than minus 15 degrees. There are no specific laws or rules that one should always do this chore and maintain a beautiful neat surrounding, we all do it for our own benefits and satisfaction. 

During winter seasons, the chances of it to snow harder are more, thus increasing the risks of accidents like slipping and falling often. As a homeowner, we may be responsible if someone falls off our sidewalks or driveways.

Winter is the holiday season, so a lot of people might be visiting, some of the workers or mailmen could be crossing by and we do not want them to be a victim of such accidents due to our lack of responsibility to maintain our property.

Though there is no law for maintaining your property, there are always laws against people who become the reason for an individual’s injury. If someone falls off and gets injured severely, and decides to file a lawsuit, it will always be our mistake for not keeping the surrounding safe from slipping. 

Shoveling snow from the sidewalks and driveways more often could keep the path cleared, thus making it easier for you and your family to walk through without hurting ourselves. It can also make sure when the snow melts in the morning does not turn into ice over the path making the path slippery. Some people might even sprinkle some sand over to keep up a grip for our feet or wheels of vehicles. 

Shoveling the snow from sidewalks could make it easier for anyone willing to reach our home. The journey could be easier to find and travel through when it’s neat. If all maintain their surroundings or at least their properties, this could help the normal people to navigate themselves faster through the snow. It could also prevent the huge traffics that are caused by the people who were on the streets or road sidewalks to avoid slipping.

However, some people even show some bravery to walk over the snow and ice risking their life. Sometimes we even find disabled people or old people have even more hard time finding ways to cross through heavy snow or iced paths. 

We all might be fine with slippery ways, but it is not just us who live in our home or our surroundings. Everyone walks around the sidewalks and driveways every day, they will all be prepared for a trek over the ice if the path is not cleared properly. Let us make sure, shoveling snow from the sidewalks is mandatory in our to-do list to ensure everyone’s safety.

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