A Speech on “Silence Against Violence Is Harmful”

Abuse can happen to any kind of person; age, gender, race, income, or religion; nothing ever matters. Mainly we are talking about the domestic violence that takes place all over the world and has strict rules against it to protect the victims. No one deserves to experience such pain. Staying silent against any such violence is completely a sin bigger than the crime itself. 

Back in history, a large number of women had undergone horrific violence. Some men used to treat women like their toys to play with when they needed to overfill their biological needs. Over the process, they tend to hurt and abuse women a lot and simply give an explanation that it was just an instinct guided by their sexual desire. Still, many men carry the same attitudes and continue to believe that those are rational explanations. Though there are various kinds of violence and abuse, the most common one that still exists are crimes against the female gender that often occur in secret within their surroundings. We do observe several kinds of these in our day-to-day life like; acid throwing, murders, forced marriages, abductions, and rapes, torturing and sexual harassment, and many more. 

Men generally are taught and fixed with the same concept like a patriarchal legacy for centuries about them being strong, and from a macho culture, this has still been passed on. Violence against women has been a common issue these days worldwide. Issues like gender inequality in work life, civil wars, love relationships, and war between nations have always increased. Human trafficking, especially the trafficking of women, has been exploited all around the world and continue to be one of the most significant illegal business, after drugs and weapons.

The next-in-line violence against women is domestic violence which can be classified into various forms that could be given by a caregiver, parent, spouse, or even an intimate partner. The highest kinds of abuse can be physical, mental,l and emotional, but in some cases,s the abuser may be controlling the victims. The right way to deal with this is to move into a friend’s or trustworthy family member’s home; if you have kids take them along with you and talk about what you have been facing throughout, or you may even call up the police and inform them to take action right away. If the victim hesitates to speak up, we should take responsibility and help them out of this severe violence. You may also move into an emergency shelter with all the possible things you can grab, like house keys, money, and important papers. There they can guide you with further help regarding filing a court order for protection. There are many doctors and psychologists to help these people recover from the aftershocks of the abuse.

Silence against violence has always proven to raise more and more violence. For a glorious and better future, we must raise our voice against violence, making this world a better place for our younger ones to grow safely. 

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