A Speech on “The Silliest Thing I Ever Saw”

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (—) and today I am here to talk about the silliest thing I ever saw. We all encounter different situations in our life that are quite funny and silly. The silliest thing that I experienced was an animal show that took place in my neighborhood last year. The show was called “Animal Bizz” and people had to dress up their animals and bring them to an exhibition and to perform.

The animal that dressed up the best and performed best would be awarded in the end with a cash prize for the owner and food for the animal.

The whole town was excited to go to the show. People from the neighboring towns and cities brought their animals all dressed up silly and surely the animal would have been the most embarrassed, had it seen itself in a mirror. It was very funny and silly to see the huge line of clown animals waiting for their turn to be let in.

An interesting one was a dog who dressed up as a pumpkin and he couldn’t even walk properly due to the oversized costume. He was sloppy and also fell quite often which was fun to watch. There was another dog dressed up like a queen, wearing a robe and a crown, which fell off her head every time she moved. So the crown was on the floor more a majority of the time than it was on her head.

We couldn’t stop but laugh at her helplessness adorned with her cuteness and beauty. There was a horse that was dressed up like a woman with its mane colored pink. It wore a colorful dress and was indeed a feast to the eye as it looked both funny, cute, and like a princess. 

The most memorable one was a chicken who I am guessing, was dressed up as a cowboy. It had a sweet cowboy shirt with cowboy hats and tiny cowboy boots. The way it walked was so funny that all eyes were on the chicken. Who thought a chicken could pull off such a costume with such ease.

There were two goats dressed up as a couple and had t-shirts on them that said “His Princess” and “Her Prince”. They also walked together all the time. It was very funny to watch that. There were a bunch of rabbits that were dressed up in cute pink and blue clothing and they were the cutest of all. 

The show lasted for four hours and all the animals gave memorable performances. The chicken with the cowboy suit won first place. It was well deserved as the amount of effort to dress up a chicken in that way should be appreciated.

After we went home, we had a hearty laugh reminiscing about their performances and their silly costumes. This was the silliest thing that I have ever seen. Thank you all and have a good day.

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