61+ Best Sleepover Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Spending some quality time with friends and partying the whole night can be devastating to some parents, but on the contrary, entertaining games, listening to spooky horror stories, binging on junk foods, and gossiping are appreciated in these types of sleepover parties or you can say pajama party.

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What do you Write on Sleepover Party Invitation?

  • Mention the date on which the sleepover party is going to take place
  • Make sure to deliver the invitation to the parent
  • Assure them not to get worried about their children
  • Mention that their presence is very important
  • Tell them there will be great lodging for all the children at a sleepover

At some point in their life, your kids are going to ask for sleepover parties, and all you need to do is prepare some mouth-watering snacks and serve them.

Invitation of slumber get-togethers is usually done with handwritten messages, but the selection of the words should be correct and should set an appealing tone.

Sleepover Invitation Wordings and Ideas

– You are invited to (name), with lots of exciting games and mouth-watering food, hope to see you at my party, it will start at 7 p.m. at my place

– You and your friends are invited to my place tomorrow for a sleepover party, it will start at 8 p.m. Hope to see you on time

– For a great sleepover party, you are requested to visit my place, as (name) is going to conduct a sleepover party on (date)

– A grand sleepover is waiting for you at my place at (date), it would be conducted at (time), your presence is a must 

– Who needs a great sleepover? Well it’s going to be conducted at my place on (date), enjoy this party with great food and exciting games

– Hey! there will be a pick and drop service at my place on (date), my daughter (name) is going to have a sleepover party and will start from 8 p.m.

– It’s time for you to join us with our as (name) is throwing a sleepover party at my place tomorrow, your presence would make us happy

– Please join us for (name)’s sleepover party, you as his best friend is expected to be present in time on (date) and (time)

– Joining us for a pajama party at my place on (date) would make us happy, come for a great horror experience

– Joining your friends this week on (date) and have an exciting slumber party on (time), your presence will make us happy

– There will be a pajama party all night at (name)’s house and on (date) be on time to surprise them

– Popcorn and horror stories are waiting for you, there will be a sleepover party at my place on (date) and on (time)

– We welcome you for an exciting pillow fight at my place at (date) on (time), bringing your sleeping bag will be appreciated

– Be present with your favorite pillow as we are having a sleepover party at my place on (date), there will be lots of snacks to hop on

– Are you ready for some exciting movies and horror stories, on (date) be present at my place as my son and his friends are throwing pajama party on (time)

– For some real madness and memorable sleepover, I am inviting you and your friend for an exciting night on (date) and (time)

– This Wednesday I am hosting a sleepover party for my son, so you are invited to attend that party my son and his friends at (time) and at my place

– In honor of my son’s 4th birthday, we have arranged a sleepover party at my place on (date), be our guest at our party

– There will be pizza, popcorn and pillow fights to wait for you like my daughter’s birthday is around the corner and I have planned to throw a sleepover party at my place at (date)

– Help (name) to celebrate her special day as she is going to hit her 5th birthday, so we have planned to throw a sleepover party on (date), we will be waiting for you

– Please join us as (name) is throwing a sleepover party on behalf of his birthday on (date) and at (venue), be there on time as we will be waiting for you

– Save the (date) on your calendar as (name) will be throwing a sleepover party at (venue), so you are requested to join them on time to have an awesome experience

– This slumber party is going to make some great memories and your presence would make a huge difference on this party on (date)

– Mark your calendar for some small talk, pillow fights, and great snacks as my niece is turning 8 this week (date) and on behalf of her birthday, we have arranged a small sleepover party at my place

– It’s time to grab your sleeping bag, slippers, and pajamas, as this weekend I am planning to throw a sleepover party. Join us for (name)’s sleepover party

– I will be so happy to see you at my sleepover party this Friday, get ready for on (date) and (time) for some midnight fun

– Are you ready for some spooky horror stories and exciting games? You are invited to my sleepover party, be ready with a flashlight 

– Time to slay overnight and play games whole night, make your night thrilling and exciting with us on (date) on (time)

– There is a birthday sleepover waiting for you on (date) at my house, do the honor by visiting and making it fun

– You and your friends are invited to a spooky slumber party on the occasion of my daughter’s 7th birthday party this week (date) and (time)

– Let’s turn my son’s birthday party into a slumber party, bring on your pillow for a great fight with us, join us for more fun and thrill

– This Friday on (date) you and your friends are requested to wear your favorite pajamas and join us for our sleepover party, hope to see you there on (time)

– It’s finally Christmas and it’s the best time for a sleepover, so, on (date) we have planned to arrange a sleepover party at my place with a special tent

– Very soon (name) is turning eight and we would like to invite you for fun and sleepover with great snacks on (date)

– Time to mark your calendar and be ready and your favorite pajama for a thrilling sleepover with our girl’s gang on (date) and on (time)

– Boys get ready for a sleepover, popcorn, and tv shows, we will appreciate your presence

– Your presence is expected as on the occasion of Christmas I am throwing a pajama party at my place on this (date)

– On the very first day of the week a movie party and pajama party is going to be conducted, let’s make it a memory and turn it into real fun

– A bonfire with spooky and thrilling horror story is waiting as (name) is throwing a sleepover party at (venue) at (date)

– Let’s join us for a beauty sleep as (name) is turning 6 this week and would love to see you there at her birthday party

– Its holiday time and time for a sleepover party let’s make my daughter’s birthday special this week on (date), hope to see you at my place 

– As my special and dearest friend, I am inviting you to join us on (date) and make this memory special and memorable

– We welcome you to a spooktacular Halloween party and a sleepover to bump in the night and pillow fight, be there on time

How to Respond to Sleepover Party Invitation?

  • Congratulate them for organizing such a great party
  • Mention that your child is super excited about the party
  • Make sure to tell them that you are looking forward to it
  • Shower them with blessings after taking your child from the sleepover

Pyjama Party Invitation Wording

What to Write on Pyjama Party Invitation?

  • Mention that the pyjama party is finally happening
  • Make sure to tell that it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Tell everyone to be present
  • Since it’s within family, everyone should relax
  • No one will leave unless the food is served

How do you Respond to Pyjama Party?

  • Congratulate them on hosting the party
  • Tell that you are super excited about the party
  • Don’t forget to bring beverages
  • Shower them with your blessings and joy

Basically, kids or teenagers get together and spent the night together in a group where they have fun, play games, or celebrate events such as birthdays or achievements. It is what the adults refer to as the sleepover party! 

Pyjama Party Invitation Wordings Ideas

-Birthday of (kid’s name) is round the corner and we plan to make the night special for him/her! Be in your pyjamas and sleepover at (name’s) residence on (date). 

-Being comfortable is a blessing and hence pyjama parties are a boon for all! You are gladly invited to the pyjama party at (name’s) home marking his/her homecoming for the christmas holidays. 

-We plan to make the night more interesting with great horror stories. Come and join the sleepover party at our home on (date). Pack your pyjamas now! 

-We are waiting to have fun with friends and the dress code is pyjama! Let’s have a crazy sleepover tomorrow. 

-The best part about pyjama parties is that the fun never ends and the people hardly sleep! Come and be a part of the birthday celebration of (name) and enjoy this sleepover to the fullest. 

-Your most comfortable dress is a pyjama and your favourite food is roasted turkey. Do we need more reasons to have you onboard for the pyjama party at our place on (date)?? Please come in advance and enjoy the night with us. 

-When the world sleeps, people in pyjama parties stay awake and dance to the tunes that make them happy!  Experience the madness with us on (date), you are invited in your favorite pyjamas 

-As the sun sets, the fun begins! Well, the pyjama party at (name’s) place is on the (date) and you are wholeheartedly invited to come and join the fun proceedings we are planning for all. 

-Let’s reveal all our secrets at our girl’s only pyjama party on (date). Each of us is all ears to what we discuss amongst ourselves! Come let’s have a party! 

-Keep calm and attend the pyjama party at (name’s) residence on (date). Great food and loudspeakers wait for you! 

-Making the sleepover furthermore exciting is when we get to spend the night with friends. Let’s have fun on this (day) and enjoy our reunion pyjama party with full-on party. 

-Join us for a pyjama party on (date) and let’s create memories that are worth every moment of our lives. As we grow up, these will be the ones that will rule our minds! 

-Pack your sleeping bag, PJ, and pillow as we are organizing a pyjama party for (name’s) birthday! We can’t wait for you to come and kickstart the celebration at night. 

-All the girly fun and creepy games await you for the night! You are heartily invited to the birthday sleepover of (name) on the (date). This is going to be really fun, trust the words! 

-It isn’t every day that we have sleepover plans right? This time around you just cannot afford to miss the pyjama party at (name’s) place. Hoping to see you for the night! 

-Glad this day is finally here when I get to invite you all to my home for a fun-filled pyjama party! Games, food, and music are all in place and we are just about to have the time of our lives. Please be present with your loved pyjama! 

-The bonfire is all set and we have other plans too that our parents don’t have any idea about! Sounds interesting?? Drop at our pyjama party on (date) and live, laugh, eat and repeat till you drop!

-You have no idea what girls can do when they are on a sleepover with their girlfriends! Get some idea as we are having a pyjama party on (date) and want you to be a part of the fun-filled night   

-At a pyjama party, girls keep talking throughout the night and we haven’t done that for a long time now! Come and be the star of this pyjama party on (date)! We have made all the naughty plans to make it more exciting. 

-It’s a slumber party and you are invited! Popcorn and cold drinks is on me, you are requested to text me the name of your favorite movie! Our pyjama party may have your favorite movie screened. 

-Let’s come together on (date) and have the most fun-filled night in our most comfortable pyjamas! Sounds fun? Join the party, you are gladly invited to it! 

-The pizza will be hot and the movie will be funny! As (name) turns (age) you are invited to attend the pyjama party at his/her residence and enjoy the entire night! 

-On (date) night, I will be waiting for my dearest friend to come and do crazy things together with me! Bring your pyjama and also your collection of horror comics for a thrilling pyjama party! 

-The night will be worth a million memories and I want you to be part of it! Pyjama party is on (date) and there’s no way you are not coming! Please bring yourself and the best pyjama you have. 

-The karaoke will keep us awake and also the neighbors! Let’s do this on (date) and have the best pyjama party ever before I leave for schooling (new location name). 

-If we do not enjoy it now then we shall regret it for the rest of our lives. Let’s not do that and get together on (date) for the pyjama party at his/her home. Jump into your favorite pyjamas and drop by to create stunning sleepover memories!  

-I request you all to come and be part of the pyjama party to be held on (date) at my residence. I have planned it all and you just have to be comfortable and in your pyjama! 

Looking for More? So check out the Best Sleepover Party Invitation Wording Ideas.

-As many as 101 sleepover games are to be played and we have planned the best for all! Live the pyjama party and chill with us on (name’s) 13th birthday on (date). Pack your pyjamas now! 

-Food, pillows, food, and stories that take us to sleep in the early light of day. The sleepover party is on (date) and this time you cannot be missing it out by any chance! You are invited. 

-We will watch movies and eat pizzas too and do all those things that girls always love to do! Pyjama party is on (date) and you are invited to join the madness! 

-Hold your horses now and unleash them on the sleepover pyjama party at my place on (date). We are about to have great fun! 

-Our friendship is worth cherishing for the entire life and a sleepover party in our pyjama will be a cherry on the cake. You are requested to come and be a part of this joyous party on (date). 

-Pyjama party is on (date) and you cannot be absent!!  

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