389+ Slinky Dog Quotes And Saying That Will Change Your Toy Story (Images)

Slinky Dog🐶 is one of the most important characters in Toy Story. He is one of the main protagonists among his four friends. He speaks of funny things for which he is famous among the fans.

He is one of Woody’s five best friends. He has been featured as an important character in Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 and in Toy Story 4. Here are some of his most famous quotes and sayings.

Slinky Dog Quotes Toy Story

-Maybe I’m not a smart dog but I know what you are talking about.

-I’m not an ordinary dog guys… I’m super talented and super intelligent.

-Do you have any doubt in my intelligence?

-I know what do you mean.

slinky dog quotes

-There are very less dogs who are talented like me.

-I am the most trustworthy dog guy… you can rely on me about everything.

-Friendship is the most rare gem in this world. And I love my friends sooo much. I can literally work on any and everything for them. 

-Here I am, Slinky, the most loyal dog that you can ever find.

-Maybe I look like any ordinary dog but I have a special feature that I can stretch.

-You know what is the most valuable thing in this world? It is friendship…friendship is the most important thing that you can have in your life.

-Friendship is most precious my dear…you must not lose it.

-Hey…my name is slinky dog…though you can call me slink!

-Sometimes people calls me spring Steiner…I seem to like this name.

-I always believe sheriff woody…I call him wood…he is the man who has best of heart.

-Wood is so close…without him life would be nothing.

– I am going to give wood a surprise. It’s his birthday in a day. I will tell everybody to carry some gifts for him. I’m sure he will be too happy to see this.

-I love buzz. He is so so smart. I just wonder how he always figures out the greatest plans in any situation.

– Buzz is a great friend of mine. And friends are those whom I trust most.

-I think I should tell buzz that woody is keeping a secret and he is not telling us anything. I think the secret is giving troubles to him.

– Can you aid me in this crucial matter guys. Wood’s birthday is today… I want to throw a party.

-Wood told me today that he want to tell me a bad news and also was saying about that he has a bad news. I wonder what that bad news can be. 

-Buzz has a nice idea about this. I think only he can solve the problem.

-Hey Wood…you under that couch, whatcha doin.. Why are you hiding away.

-Life will be hard for me without my friends.

-One day I have to move out from this place. That day I will miss them most.

Slinky Sayings

-Pothead is the stupidest person I have ever met. Oh gosh! I wonder at least something he can understand.

-I am quite really fed up of pothead’s stupidity.

-Maybe I should say friends everything. They can help me in any situation I think. 

-Friends are them who I rely.

-I always believed woody. I knew he is right from the starting.

-Jessy is really very talkative. 

-Children love to play with me as I have the spring.

-I got an idea about this thing Jessy.

-They should have told me everything.

-You must not keep any secrets from a friend.

-Sometimes I think what to play…I’m really bored of doing the same thing.

-I’m slink…the spring wiener…do you like me! 

-We can make it together…what do you think Rex?

-Rex is really very stupid. But I like his teeth.

-Can you assist me reach that place?

-Friendship is like a bridge. It connects our heart.

-Friendship is made of trust Rex. Don’t judge or deny your friends…one day might come when you need them most.

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-I have got a plan for Rex. Can he move upto that height?

-Jessy, I have to say something to you…this is serious.

-Come on wood believe me. I have not said anything bad about you to them.

-Maybe I am the only dog who does not like bones.

-I have a dream that one day I will spend a day just playing around with my friends.

-I think I have got a solution for you…don’t worry. It will work surely and everything will be okay.

– I am not feeling great today Hamm. You go to play with them. I will stay here today.

-Hamm is the only friend who is much innocent than others. I just love this matter that everyday he comes to me to play.

-I am not keeping any secrets buzz. I cannot hide things. If I do this I would not feel alright.

slinky dog quotes

-Could you assist me Buzzie? I so need assistance for this.

-I don’t know what is going on with wood. He is not telling me clearly about anything.

– I love the way my friends shows their gratitude towards me.

– Hey buzz. I am not gonna staying here forever though I wish.

– Woody is keeping a secret that tomorrow is the last day he will spend with us. Hope he would find a better place to live. He has a great heart.

Cute Slinky Dog Quotes

“Life’s a coil-lection of adventures!”

“Wag more, bark less!”

“Stretch your dreams as far as your paws can go.”

“Happiness is a wagging tail and a spring in your step.”

“Friends are like coils, always there to support you.”

“Embrace your curves and cherish your quirks.”

“Love stretches the heart in wonderful ways.”

“Adventure is out there, just a spring away!”

“A loyal friend is the truest treasure, no strings attached.”

“In a world full of toys, be a Slinky.”

Funny Slinky Dog Quotes

“I’m so flexible, I make yoga mats jealous!”

“Life’s a coil, and I’m just here for the stretchy ride!”

“I’ve got more bounce per ounce than a kangaroo on a trampoline!”

“They call me Slinky Dog, but I’m secretly a slinky philosopher!”

“I’m not just a toy, I’m a spring-loaded fountain of wisdom!”

“Why chase your tail when you can chase your dreams?!”

“Stretching the truth? Nah, I’m just stretching myself!”

“Rumor has it, I inspired the first rubber band!”

“I’m like a slinky staircase to success – one step at a time!”

“Life’s too short to stay coiled up – go for the stretch goals!”

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