A Speech on “Why Smiles Are Contagious.”

When you happily smile at someone, many things happen during that short period of time without you knowing it.

It is proved that not just our curves and grins, but all of our various facial expressions are contagious, according to a paper published in a well-known journal.

We all are prone to mimic the smiles and frowns of other persons because it really helps us to understand better about what the other people are feeling, thus helping us to respond properly.

Based on some experiments and reviews, the researchers proved that when we mimic other’s facial expression, we can initiate that same emotional state in ourselves, which allows us to express and show an appropriate counter response.

Researchers proved that exercising your zygomaticus major muscle and orbicularis oculi muscle can actually help us in feeling better.

So what is happening with our brains when we smile? Imagine being in a happy situation, like meeting an old friend on the road. When our brains feel the emotion called happiness, endorphins are produced and the neuronal signals are transmitted to the facial muscles to initiate and produce a smile. This is the starting part of the positive feedback circle of pleasure and happiness.

At the time when our smiling muscles contract, they send a signal back to our brain, triggering and stimulating the reward system, and thus increasing the level of our happy hormones, or endorphins. In short, when our brain feels happiness, we smile and can feel the happiness as well; or we can also say that when we smile, our brain feels much happier.

Smile is the medicine which boosts your immunity to disease and other various illnesses. By letting go of the problematic disease called tension, a smile can make your entire immune system more powerful and capable of fighting the various problems called colds, flu, infections and illness.

Smile helps in enhancing your physical appearance.  For the most cases, we are attracted to people who smile often. A smile is very contagious. Especially the smile gives the vibes of a more toned, fresh, friendly and also a vibrant appearance before the others – making you look much younger than your actual age. 

Smile increases the production of serotonin and natural pain-relievers. While increasing the production of endorphins, smiling can also help your body to produce the natural painkillers that can help in the fight against various types of pains. On the other hand the production of serotonin helps regulate your mood.

A happy smile makes you to appear more trustworthy and successful before others. The people who smile more are being perceived as a more credible and to be more approachable. Both have a good impact on the procedure of doing good business or interact with the co-workers. Self-confidence can increase with a smile; which can offer an air of success to an individual.

Furthermore, smiling also has immense health benefits, like reducing our anxiety level, as well as reducing our high blood pressure and our heart rate as well. Thus, we do not need to eat any chocolate and money to be and remain happy and healthy. A single smile can do all the miracles.

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