A Speech on “Television Soaps Are Responsible for Number of Breast Implants”

Breast implants are larger than ever nowadays. They continue to stay the amount one cosmetic surgery in the United States. They are now more famous than any other common cosmetic surgery such as nose jobs and liposuction.

Even my personal preference small hearted divas are getting on under the surgery for example Iggy Azalea, and rumored to be Kate Hudson, too. There are even ads for breast implants on the busy subway of New York, with the catchword of “dream big.” As if getting implants were as simple as purchasing daily life products as toothpaste or broccoli.

It was in the year of nineteen sixty two that the first silicone breast implant surgery was conducted, just three years after our favorite (and anatomically not possible) Barbie hit the stage. There was duration of unpopularity at the time of the nineties, after a sequel of women endured risky difficulties. But that is all in the past of us. Last year, nearly three million women received implants in the United States (and that amount grows to almost four million in number if you add breast lifts). The question is why are so many women abruptly going for breast implants?

I do not wish to condemn women who amend their breasts. I think in whole body autonomy. In my mind, feminism now days is developing beyond an intention for gender equivalence and toward a longing for the independence to be a person, whether that means dismissing women tropes completely, receiving surgery, existing as gay, wearing a micro dress—whatever.

Who are we people to judge someone over something, really? But in decree for these intentions to be comprehended as really free, we retain to evaluate the social environment in which they are given rise to, one in which we realize compelled to maintain a “sexy” and “perfect” figure to the point of withstanding surgery. While I occasionally feel immoral for believing it, I cannot help myself but feel that receiving breast implants indicates that you are having your insecurity on your chest or breast actually.

At the time of jotting down this column, I generally wanted to talk to with a woman who has had implants. But when I quit to believe, I was taken aback to understand that I do not know even a single woman with artificial boobs. 

I understand that I am gliding into risky territory here, but I remember to say, I approve on it with him. I am not contending that women should be “natural.” As she was born. What is “natural” when maximum of us color our hair, use makeup, and wear all kinds of dresses and undergarments to modify the exterior impression of our bodies? But I feel eligible of bringing out a line, at least for myself. There is a various difference between coloring one’s hair and suffering a very invasive, costly, and severe body altering surgical method.

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