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Somalia, after being colonized by the British for many years is now a free country. Somalia gained its independence on 1st July 1960 from Britain.

This day is celebrated as a national holiday in Somalia every year which also marks the unification of the Trust Territory of Somaliland and the State of Somaliland on this day.

On July 20, 1961, through a popular ballot, the constitution was accepted by the people of Somalia which was first ordered in 1960. This day is celebrated with dance, music and games with friends and family. Many festivals are also held in a similar fashion.

Below is a list of greetings and quotes on Somalia Independence Day with which you can share the joy with everyone and enjoy this day to the fullest:

The first gift from our parents and forefathers is the freedom to do anything in your life, so enjoy this Somalia Independence Day in a free-spirited manner with your family and friends.

We all know that one cannot live without freedom, so live up to your fullest because it’s Somalia Independence Day. Wishing you a very high-spirited Somalia Independence Day.

After many years of being oppressed and labored, we have attained the freedom. Let this day of Somalia Independence remind us the value of freedom. Have a great day ahead.

Today is the day when we must boast out in the glory and forget the intense labor that our ancestors had gone through. Celebrate this Somalia Independence Day happily and peacefully.

No one can understand the pain of our forefathers who have suffered greatly in the past. Commemorate them on this Somalia Independence and make them feel that their sacrifices haven’t gone in vain.

All we need to do is forget all those painful memories of our country’s past and try to live with the present. Spend this Somalia Independence Day blissfully.

Long may our flags wave as we celebrate the gift of freedom on the special eve of Somalia Independence Day. Have a glorious day ahead.

Let us celebrate the freedom that our country was gifted with as it is the most general yet rarest right to have. Wish you a great day of Somalia Independence day.

It is the absolute right of every country to stay independent of the interference by other countries. Celebrate our country’s history and a long fight to achieve our freedom.

A country can be called a nation until and unless the gift of freedom is bestowed upon it. Celebrate the country’s struggle to live free on this Somalia Independence Day.

The most courageous act done by our country was when we decided to stop living under the rule of different nations. Celebrate the bravery of our people on the eve of Somalia Independence Day.

The truth of our freedom has set us free but has pissed many off over the fact that a country like us can stand for its own independence. Wishing every Somalis from all over the world a very joyous day of Somalia Independence.

We have fought for our liberties and the freedom of our civil constitution. On the eve of Somalia Independence Day, Let us all try to take our country a step towards greatness.

Every country in every war fights for the freedom because it is the first thing that a country needs to become a valuable part of this world. Wishing every Somalis a cheerful day of our country’s independence.

Freedom do not just happen, it is made to happen. Commemorate the people behind our country’s freedom and spend a joyous Somalia Independence day.

Freedom lets our citizens to walk the streets of this world filled with pride in their hearts, Celebrate the joyous occasion of Somalia Independence with your family and fellow citizens.

On the eve of Somali Independence Day, let the colors of independence spread its joy and happiness towards the beautiful citizens of Somalia.

Let your heart fill with pride and celebrate this joyous occasion of our Somalia’s Independence with your family, friends and our lovely citizens.

On this special day, wishing the beautiful people of Somalia a dream of better tomorrow. May one day the world will be proud of us.

May this day of Independence Day ignites the patriotic spirit in all of us. Celebrate this joyous occasion with the beautiful Somalis souls.

On the eve of Somalia Independence Day, let us take a pledge to protect and live with unity for the sake of our great nation.

If untied we can stand together and fight and if divided we will lose and fall. On the eve of Somalia Independence day, wishing unity and prosperity to everyone.

On this special occasion of Somalia Independence Day, spread the love and joy with the beautiful people of Somalia.

The color of our flag will always represent the unity between us. On the eve of Somalia Independence Day, wishing and hoping that our country’s unity will prosper and grow.

It is day to look back at the things that are done for this country. On this remarkable Somalia Independence Day let us all reflect upon who we are and how we got here.

Walk with your head being held high as the lovable country of ours has gained independence on this day. Wishing everyone a great Somalia Independence Day.

Let us not and never will take this freedom for granted. It is achieved through a mountain of sacrifices.  Wishing everyone a good and peaceful Somalia Independence Day.

On the eve of Somalia Independence Day, let us take a pledge to create a society where the people with unpopular opinions are safe. Have a nice and thoughtful day ahead.

Let us all be glad to the fighters and thank them as it is for them we are not the prisoners for the rest of our lives. Have a joyful Somalia Independence Day.

Freedom is never achieved voluntarily by the oppressors; it is always demanded by the person who values an independent nation. Celebrate the freedom on this occasion of Somalia Independence Day.

The most priceless thing is freedom. People have died for it as well as people are enjoying their life for it. Have a nice and thought provoking Somalia Independence Day.

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