250+ Best Son Status For National Sons Day

Every man desires to be that Mr. Perfect for his wife and sweep her off her feet. He longs to give her all the happiness that her heart can hold and her soul can seek.

 If you are looking for expressions to articulate your thoughts as a husband, here are 100+ WhatsApp statuses for you.

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son WhatsApp status

  • A father is incomplete without his son.

  • My fortune is wise that I can protect my brothers and sisters and hold my parents as a man.”

  • As a son, I cannot leave my family for anything.

  • An ideal son would never run off from his duties & responsibilities.

  • A mother can neglect her shadow, but not her son.

  • Truly a mum is dearer to a son than his pop.

  • A father forever aspires his son to be physically sound, and a mother aspires him to be emotionally mightier.

  • A son will forever care for his family as he stays within the family. He runs relationships by recalling his parents’ names.

  • I am gratified to be born a man, being a son. Now I can spring and adore my family’s name.

  • I ask my parents for advice about anything and everything you can imagine, disregarding my age, status, and marital status – my parents still know the greatest in this world.

  • My parents have done everything they could for me, and I can never pay it off entirely.

  • I will make sure that I endure my family’s excellent customs with my children.

  • On my birthday, everyone congratulates me. But I congratulate my parents because they are the reason that I am here, celebrating my birthday. They taught me everything – holding a fork which I’m using to eat my cake.

  • My father held my hand and said: “It is absolutely fine to be broken. A woman may come on and break your heart. But you will survive.”

  • My papa has lessoned me to be tough. My mother presents me with a sense of compassion. I am bound to give them something in return as an obedient son.
Sons Whatsapp status

WhatsApp status for son

  • My mother got her best gift ever when life gave her little son.

  • My mother is an ideal woman for me, and she will be for my entire life. She has been the strongest, most caring, understanding, and sympathetic lady. 

  • My mother is most faithful in bringing up her son. I am blessed and a bit spoilt, I guess.

  • My mother will always come first to me. If any lady wants to be with me, she genuinely needs to respect my parents.

  • My parents may depend on me when they are all. I get on with people great, so I think it is their job.

  • My sister sometimes complains to my parents that I, as a son, am being given more freedom. But more freedom comes with more responsibility and, first of all, to protect her from anything harmful.

  • My wife has to thank my parents for giving their permission for my decision as I trust them extremely.

  • People possibly do not appreciate my connection with my father. But I would appreciate learning what he has to teach me.

  • The prime thing I would do as a father is, teach my child how to respect parents as a child.

  • Parents give us a precious life, and Holding on to it as the most precious gift is our responsibility. 

  • To my mother, I will always be her little boy. To my dad, I have always been a strong man. It is hard to act both at the same time sometimes.

  • Whatsoever happens, I can always come back to my parents’ fort and care about them as an obedient son should.

  • I live for my family. Anyone would feel lost without them.

  • Parenting sons is an honor and an adventure.

  • Father, I may not be able to hold your hand forever, but I will hold your heart for a lifetime.

  • Like Father, like daughter; Like mother, like son.

  • Parents, I promise to be a good son and a good father in the future.

  • No love in the whole creation is more glorious than that of a father for his son.

  • In life, when I need a miracle, I look into your eyes, my son. And I actualize I already have one!

  • Sons are the support system of a mother’s life.

  • I am happy that my faith remains in my mother unchallenged.

  • Every child’s first superhero is his father, so mine is. And he will remain the same for me for my entire life. 

  • Dear father, remember that being your son, one day, I will follow the examples you set instead of your advice.

  • If you treat your son as a man too soon, he will become one too soon. 

  • I am not your buddy; I am your daddy. I will STALK you; I will FLIP OUT ON you; I will LECTURE you, drive you insane, be your worst nightmare, and HAUNT You down when needed, all because I LOVE YOU!

  • My son is super awesome and nuts! But I am the lucky one because I got the chance to be his mother. 
Sons Whatsapp status

my son’s WhatsApp status

  • Sons may grow out of their toys and may grow into men, but they will still be the little boys in the heart of their mother.

  • My son is my heart and soul, and he will always be my boy, even though he grows old. 

  • Son, wherever your journey may take you in life, I pray for you to be happy as always.

  • Son, enjoy every ride of your life and never forget your roots and way back home. 

  • I know it is not easy to raise a child for you, dad, and there is no way I can pay this back to you. I just want you to know that I am thankful for every little thing you do. 

  • Dear Dad, it does not matter how far I go in life, but I will always be your little champ, and you will always be my dad, my superhero. 

  • Our mission as a family is to speak kind words, love God, love others, and set an example.

  • Never forget how much your parents love you. As you will turn older, you will meet many obstacles; you may struggle with life. But I want you to BE CONFIDENT, STAY STRONG and JUST GIVE YOUR BEST!

  • Don’t ever allow yourself to feel apart, no matter how near or far apart. Remember, your mum and dad are always right there in your heart. 

  • Dear son, remember, whether you fail or pass, whether you keep or stop trying, I will always love you!

  • Your father may never be able to carry you in his arm anymore, but he will always carry you in his heart till the last breath. 

  • From the time they put you in your mother’s arms, you nestled immediately into her heart.

  • A son is a love that never fades yet lasts for a lifetime.

  • You have always been a miracle from the start. I love you with all my core, son. 

  • Son is the best gift that God could bless your parents with. Your mom and dad love you with all their cores.

  • A mother is a son’s first kiss, first love, first friend. She is your mum, and you are her entire universe.

  • Giving your son a talent is pleasanter than giving him a billion pieces of gold.

  • If I can be a good son, I can be a good father. 

  • Son spread your wings and live your life to the fullest, as I will live mine through your eyes. 
Sons Whatsapp status

WhatsApp status for my son

  • One day, I know you will be an excellent father when you grow up because you know what it exactly needs to be a good son. I love you.

  • Neither am I a queen nor your dad a king. But you, our son, have become to be nothing less than a dignified and charismatic prince.

  • Lots of people will come, entertain and go from your life as you grow older. But parents will always hold your hand, no matter what. They will always carry you in their heart till the end of time. 

  • We are proud of raising such a fine youthful man. You are not only awesome, but you are our son.

  • Son, you make all little pain of life worth carrying on.

  • Father and mother love you and will continue loving you like there is no tomorrow because your childish love frees them from worry and trouble. 

  • Son, I want you to remember how tough you are. Never give up, no matter what! I want you to move forward, even after it hurts a lot. Sometimes, life can be unfair, but I will always be with you there. 

  • Every best gift in the universe does not come wrapped up in boxes. They appear in the form of generous sons like you. 

  • I am gratified to be your dad. I am gratified of you and who you have become. It’s not because you are my baby. You graced the man I could never be. 

  • No matter how many years pass by or how far you go away from home or your parents. Nothing can change the bond we have- the love we share – the emotional attachment we hold between us. 

  • Son, ups and downs, hurdles, and happiness are part of our life. All our sieges in life were penned off and erased right the minute you were born. 

  • Son, you are just not a kid. You are sunshine, soul, heart, life, and all the reasons for the existence of your parents. 

WhatsApp status for son

  • I love you, my son, softer than feathers, solid than iron.

  • Son, my love for you is like a rainbow in color.

  • My parent’s love for me is like an elastic band. No matter how long I go, they remain attached.

  • The love my parents have for me can range around the world countless times, and when the world gets covered, their love stretches through the galaxy endlessly rolling on.

  • The love of a father for his son is greater than the sky, spacious than the galaxy.
  • The moment you were born and came into our lives, you became the sun to our planetoid.

  • Your arrival was like a brand-new adventure in our lives. It was frightening yet exciting. 

  • My love will always be with you son, like a guiding star leading you toward great adventures in a new world.

  • Our love is like a superhero squad When we give it together.

  • Parents love their children like the touch of a warm ray of sun and the emotions gently heating the kid’s soul at the first chance of a chill.

  • Some things are infinite, like the galaxy and the mother’s love for her son. 

  • There is no biggest amount of miracle that can fetch a son from a mother.

  • You are the best thing I created in my life. 

  • I know you are all now grown-up men, but my heart does not seem to realize that.
    For me and my heart, you will always be my sweet baby, my sunshine, and my little son. 

  • Even though my lap is now small for you, my heart will have enough room for you to give you space, always. 

  • Being a father, I might not be perfect for you, but one thing I was perfect and never going to regret is bringing you into this world.

  • I feel a proud father today as I see the best parts of myself reflecting in you. You know, son, you have made all these qualities even better.

  • If you feel alone, facing a hard time, when your friends turn against you and even your luck starts to fall apart, always remember that your parents are just a phone call away.

  • You might be walking on your way all alone, but I will always shower my love on you as the light to guide you through. 

  • I always loved you when you were a baby; I will always love you when you are a grown man, even today.

  • I feel complete when I see you as an adult walking around out there in the world with my heart beating inside you. 

Sweet son’s WhatsApp status

  • I made a wish to the stars, and look; I got you!

  • Where so ever you go, my love is with you.

  • Dear, there is no such bad thing you could do that would ever change my love for you. 

  • When I hug you and kiss you, It feels my heart with joy.

  • There are thousands of children in the world. But I was blessed to get you.

  • There is no love this true that can challenge the love I give to you.

  • My son, you are the kindest, strongest boy I know.

  • There is one man I love more than anyone else, and he is my son.

  • Remember, son, you are the boy who stole my heart; I will always have your back.

  • Do you know the most beautiful thing that sounds to me? When you laugh, my son. 

  • To my son, when I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit; or to form a conversation. I say this to remind you that you are the best thing that happened to me. 

  • I worry if you are tired and how your day has been; I pray that you stay happy and surrounded by friends. A part of your father still needs to hear these from you because I love you!

  • Behind you – all your memories surround you – all who love you, ahead of you – all your dreams, and inside you – all you need. Best wishes for your life, my son. 

  • Son, when I closed my eyes for a moment, I suddenly saw a man standing where a man used to be. I may not carry you on my back anymore, but I will always carry you on my heart till moon, till sun. 

  • Being your mother, I promise you to always be in three places – in front of you to cheer you on, behind you to have your back, and next to you, so you never feel alone. 

  • If I could give my baby three things, it would be – the strength to chase his dreams, the confidence to always know his self-worth, and the ability to realize how deeply loved he is. 

  • For all those moments when I left you quiet — thank you, dad, for standing with me, for being patient with me even when I made it difficult for you, and for showing me the right way. 

  • No gift can ever meet the love and care you have given me all these years, being my father. 

  • To the world, you are a man, but to me, you are my world. 

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