A Speech on “How to Speak Confidently in Public?”

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to today’s meeting. This gathering today aims at tackling major issues faced by many of us in various phases of our careers and I have taken it upon myself to talk to all about how to speak confidently in public. Public speaking can prove to be a nightmare task for many of us and it is only because we fail to possess enough knowledge that is necessary to speak effectively and efficiently in public.

The key to holding an effective public speech is to be confident in the content that you are going to speak about and to speak loud and clear. To be confident in the content of your speech, it is very important to do enough research and gain maximum knowledge regarding the subjects that surround your topic because it is important to have the right knowledge regarding a  subject matter before you deliver it to another person and also because only if you have the sufficient knowledge will you be able to help the other person learn.

Half knowledge about something is quite dangerous and holding a gathering where you have to speak to a group of people with this half knowledge will not prove to be beneficial for both the parties. Having complete knowledge automatically brings a sort of confidence in you. The next important trait of a confident speaker is the ability to speak loud and clear as it is important to get the message in one attempt to the audience to create an impact with your speech.

Repeating a sentence might sometimes not deliver the effect you wanted it to deliver and rather come off as a stutter which may affect your confidence as the audience may react to such defects in a speech. Another important,yet overlooked, aspect of speaking confidently in public is the body posture of the speaker.

It is important for the speaker to maintain a straight and confident body posture, because what many people don’t realise is that it is really essential and important for the speaker to create an aura of confidence around them with their posture.

The next important thing to remember is to speak slowly and give pauses at the right time to convey your message with clarity; it is important to remember this point because when you tend to get nervous you automatically start speaking fast and this might prove as a hindrance for the audience to understand.

Finally, it is important to practice. As the old saying goes “practice makes the man perfect”, it is important to practice your speech with the right stress on words and pronunciations before you take your speech onto the stage for your final performance. Practice plays a major role while delivering your speech as it  prepares you with the outline of the speech and can help you own your speech.

In conclusion, I would like to say is that public speaking is a task everyone can master with the right techniques and practice.

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