youth inspiring speech for students

Good (—) to one and all present here. I am here today to speak a few words about youth. As we all know, youth is the time between childhood and adulthood. It is the time when we are young, energetic, impulsive, and full of vigor and strength. We are at our best during the youth, be it physically, mentally, intellectually, etc. It is also the time when we try to be independent and self-sufficient in life, find our partners, get jobs, and try to settle in life.

The youths are the strength and backbone of society. They develop strong ideologies and beliefs and will be impulsive enough to act upon it and stand up for what they believe. They understand the pulse of the new society and have the potential to bring about revolutions. They can also be a major source of inspiration for the growing children. 

It is during the youth that we get major life experiences. As we go on to become independent, we find to discover ourselves even more as days pass. We tend to get more perspectives on every matter. We get to be more rational and logical and will be able to create a clear distinction between the fantasies and realities of the world. We crave freedom and autonomy and it acts as a driving force for all our major activities. The youths are the most important elements required to build the nation.

They make effective leaders as they can better understand the world they live in and will be able to guide their successors, keeping in mind the changing world. Through their energy and zeal, they can acquire new skills quickly and will be able to adapt to the changing environment in a better way.

Youth is a confusing stage for most people as it is a mixture of clarity and obscurity. You want to be childish like you were before, but you also want to be mature and act your age. Some youths tend to have mental instability during this period as they may not be able to cope with the mental pressure that they have to handle during this period of life. Many people get into drug and alcohol abuse. Most people realize after a while, but for others, it must have been too late.

This is why it is said that youth is the time when you have to be the most cautious. You can end up living a life of suffering or you can make the most out of it. The choices that they make during this period is very important, regarding their career, relationships, etc. 

In conclusion, youth can be the best period of your life. You need to understand your potential and not waste it by engaging in useless activities, instead understand the need of the hour and use your power and energy towards the betterment of the world. Keep yourself and others from harm. Aim big, work hard, be passionate, and keep your eyes open.

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