A Speech on Agriculture

Good evening to all of you. I thank you for attending our campaign regarding the importance of agriculture. I am here before you to present my thoughts on agriculture. 

Agriculture is the main source of food in many countries. It is helping our country and its citizens for hundreds of years. During those many years it has developed a lot. In this modern time, the invention and implementation of various new technologies, instruments and machines have replaced almost all the traditional methods of farming. This Agricultural evolution has richly contributed to the growth in the farming and also to the other fields of the country.

Agriculture is the science of cultivating soil, growing seeds and then harvesting the crops, thus providing us with numerous foods.  Agriculture, in the broadest sense in modern time, means that, it includes the cultivation of plants and the domestication of animals for human use to get a happy life.

In the ancient times, when Agriculture was a new practice for humans, they used very primal instruments for the cultivation process. Before cultivation was invented, humans were nomads who travelled miles after miles in search of food for a long period of time. 

Plants grow naturally because of the contributions made by our planet and its other creatures. Birds often drop seeds after eating, and fruit and they eventually grows into new plants. We all know about the bees’ contributions as, without them pollination process at such a large scale would have been an impossible incident.

The national income of many countries is highly dependent on the agriculture of that country as it plays a great part of the growth of the GDP (Gross domestic product) of those countries. The livelihood of many families of many countries solely depends on farming.

 However, the condition of farmers, in many countries is not good. Even though farming is one of the most important sectors which immensely help in the growth of a society, but the ones who toil every day and night barely gets the fruit they deserve. The problem of poverty and debt can be found in many farmer families of many countries.

The livelihood of this huge population depends on the major factors like land and water. But the cruelties of the natural calamities have forced the farmers to face chronic poverty and the unavoidable problem of debt. 

I would like to conclude my speech with a request to the government of our country. We want to request them to try to bring justice to the farmers who toil the land and, provide the national food and health to us, thus helping our society in many ways. They need proper and careful attention and support for the betterment of our society as well as our country. I will request our leaders of the government to implement various good schemes and rules to protect their safety and livelihood, thus resulting in a successful and progressive country in the future days.

Thank you all once again for listening to my speech today.

Have a nice day.

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