A Speech on Anger Management

Anger is perfectly normal, like any other emotion in humans, and it is healthy when it is in our control. However, we all need to be able to control and manage our anger because anger is neither healthy nor a good thing if your Temper is not in your control, and you often take it out on others.

Your anger will affect your health and relationships with your loved ones if you cannot control it and frequently outburst it on others.

Anger management is nothing else but is a term used to refer to the skills we need to know that you or some other person is becoming very angry, and then do the right things at the right time to deal with their anger obviously in a positive way. But suppressing or internalizing is not an option by far; it could be as damaging as an uncontrollable outburst; to deal with outbursts of anger, we need to recognize those incidents accelerating it and need to handle them properly by taking or by finding some other way to take it out.

Therefore, self-care is an important element in managing your emotions as well as anger

It is natural for us to get angry over something at times; it happens even to people who are very good at managing their temperaments. It is nothing wrong if we get angry sometimes over particular incidents like injustice or when someone’s liberties are violated, so anger is necessarily a  part of our life.

As Great Greek Philosopher Aristotle said, “The man who is angry at the right things and with the right people, and, further, as he ought when he ought, and as long as he ought is praised.”

The skills of anger management help us to recognize the reason behind our anger and also helps us to learn how to deal with it in a proper positive way by communicating with people and making ourselves understood by others.

There are a number of ways by which we all can take to manage our anger more appropriately.

The first step of anger management is understanding yourself or, in more detail, understanding your emotions. What makes you angry? And what on earth provokes you to go for such an outburst? Once you figure out these two reasons it will be easy for you to control your emotions.

If you find out that you are using your anger as a way to cover up other emotions, such as fear, weakness, vulnerability, or embarrassment, you need to stop that immediately and need to understand that being angry is not a solution to those emotions, but it adds another problem which is quite serious.

We should tell ourselves to calm down if we find something that triggers our anger. For example, tell yourself, “control yourself, John; you will get nothing but a headache with an angry outburst; you can solve it better without being angry.”  

You can relax your mind by closing down your eyes and by taking deep, slow breaths. Try to focus on other positive emotions,s, and by using these simple techniques, you can definitely manage your anger in a better way.

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