150+ Anger Quotes by Famous People

Anger happens to be an emotion that we all feel from time to time. However, the difference is how individuals react to it. The main trick will be to divert it into something constructive.

Here, we have presented a collection of anger quotes by world-famous personalities which should motivate you not to lose your temper and control your anger successfully.

Anger Quotes by Famous People

-Anyone or past can become angry, but the person who will control it is the most authentic person of all. – Aristotle

-There are a couple of things an individual must not get angry at; what they will be able to help and what they will not be able to. – Plato

-When a person gets angry, he should be thinking of the consequences. – Confucius

-For every 60 minutes you remain angry, you have peace of mind for one minute. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anger Quotes

-Intolerance and anger happen to be the enemies of proper understanding. – Mahatma Gandhi

-Every single day we have adequate opportunities to lose our temper, become stressed or offended. If you are able to deal with the situations properly, then you are a real man. – Joel Osteen

-I always like to make friends with people and do not like to be angry with them. – B. B. King

-Count four once you become angry; otherwise, swear once you become extremely angry. – Mark Twain

-Anger resides in the minds of the fools. – Albert Einstein

-Everything that starts in anger is going to end in shame. – Benjamin Franklin

-Anger is always with a particular reason and rarely with an authentic one. – Benjamin Franklin

-It is not possible for anger to be dishonest. – Marcus Aurelius

-You are not going to be punished because of your anger; you are going to be punished by means of your anger. – Buddha

-A person who does not know how to become angry does not know the way to become good. – Henry Ward Beecher

-While you become angry, count 10 before speaking. In case you are extremely angry, count a hundred. – Thomas Jefferson

-In case you are quarreling on a daily basis you are actually praying to the devil. – Bob Marley

-It is impossible for any person to become angry and love simultaneously. You have to choose any one of those two. – Wayne Dyer

Anger Quotes

-Nothing is wrong with becoming angry in case you know how to use it properly. – Wayne Dyer

-Hatred is considered to be inveterate anger. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

-While you are offended at the fault of any person, try to look at yourself and go through your own failings. In this way, your anger will disappear. – Epictetus

-Individuals will not have adequate time for in case they are always in the habit of getting angry. – Stephen Hawking

-Become crazy and then get over it. – Colin Powell

-Once I become angry, I am able to pray properly and also preach properly. – Martin Luther

-Delay happens to be the most effective remedy when it comes to anger. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

-A huge number of individuals is angry with the sinners and not with the sin. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

-To become angry will be to take revenge on the false of other individuals on ourselves. – Alexander Pope

-Any individual must not become angry unless he is sure of getting angrier towards the end. – William Butler Yeats

-Anger helps to make foolish men clever; however, it helps to keep them poor.  – Francis Bacon

-Violence happens to be the argument refuge of any incompetent person. – Isaac Asimov

-All of us boil at various levels. – Clint Eastwood

-You must not get the impression that you are arousing my anger. The fact is that one can become angry only with those individuals that he respects. – Richard M. Nixon

-Love suggests anger. An individual who is not angered by anything does not care about anything. – Edward Abbey

-I always become annoyed at a principal and not at an individual. – Norman Schwarzkopf

-All angry men think that their anger is justified. – Saint Francis de Sales

-I become angry regarding certain things and then go out to work. – Toni Morrison

-Anger starts with folly, and it is going to end with repentance. – Pythagoras

-One can describe anger as a short madness. – Horace

Anger Quotes

-When you are quite stressed, it will be best to remain busy and to divert your anger into something positive. – Lee Iacocca

-A man who is not been able to make any woman angry in his life is a complete failure. – Christopher Morley

-A brief walk will be the most effective remedy for anger. – Joseph Joubert

-It is suggested not to go to bed being mad; instead, stay awake and fight. – Phyllis Diller

-Be sure not to become angry at night since you will lose your night’s slumber. – Rose Kennedy

-A man who is angry will be again annoyed with himself once he comes back to reason. – Publilius Syrus

-Make it a point to talk whenever you are angry since at this point, you will give the best speech. – Laurence J. Peter

-I am quite mature and I will not become angry. – Jesse Jackson

-When another burns the bridge of one person, it makes a very nice fire. – Dylan Thomas

-While you are in temper do not to anything since you will be doing everything incorrect. – Baltasar Gracian

-Do not contend with any individual who has not got anything to lose. – Baltasar Gracian

-At times, it is not good to win a fight after all. – Billie Holiday

-On most occasions individuals do not do anything when they are sad. However, once they come angry, they bring forth a modification. – James Russell Lowell

-Behind every single argument there is the ignorance of somebody. – Louis D. Brandeis

-Make it a point to stay cool because anger is not any argument. – Daniel Webster

-While you are looking for revenge, make it a point to take a couple of graves and one of them will be for yourself. – Douglas Horton

-Fair peace belongs to men whereas violent anger actually belongs to the animals. – Ovid

-Silence happens to be amongst the most difficult arguments to disprove. – Josh Billings

-Do not try to do anything while you are angry since you will be doing everything incorrect. – Baltasar Gracian

-Simplicity and purity happen to be the two wings using which any individual rises above the earth in the long run. – Thomas a Kempis

-Any person who does not care for either blame or praise will have tranquility of heart. – Thomas a Kempis

-In case it is not possible for you to change yourself according to your own likings, how is it possible for you to expect other individuals to be up to your liking? – Thomas a Kempis

-Do your duty by bearing in mind your own position as well as who you happen to be. – Thomas a Kempis

-Be sure of the fact that in case you knew everything you have pardoned everybody. – Thomas a Kempis

-Although we are usually aware of what can be done by us, temptation depicts us who we really are. – Thomas a Kempis

-Amongst the two evils, always select the lesser one. – Thomas a Kempis

-In case I am hit by somebody, I will be hitting him back. Even though it does appear that he has not taken any meal for quite some time. – Charles Barkley

-The person who is able to anger you can also conquer you. – Elizabeth Kenny

Anger Quotes

-Anger can be compared to a stone which has been cast into the nest of a wasp. – Pope Paul VI

-Anger always comes with an argument, but rarely with a sensible one. – George Savile

-Anger’s flame, brief and bright, sharpens love’s barb. – Walter Savage Landor

-It is impossible for any man to think sensibly when he has his fists clenched. – George Jean Nathan

-My dad was angry on most occasions when I had been most similar to him. – Lillian Hellman

-Fear happens to be the only genuine enemy which has been born out of ignorance and is the parent of hatred and anger. – Edward Albert

-Once a man is pointing a finger towards any person he should bear in mind that four fingers are pointing towards him. – Louis Nizer

-Each time you become annoyed, your own system becomes poisoned. – Alfred A. Montapert

-Revenge can often be considered like biting a pooch since it was the pooch which actually bit you. – Austin O’Malley

-According to the experts, it will be an incorrect thing to hit your kids when you are angry. – Roseanne Barr

-Calmness happens to be the reverse of anger and it happens to be its empathy. – Mehmet Oz

-You will not be able to solve anything by becoming angry. – Grace Kelly

-Anger follows when you are aware of the fact that truth happens to be a lie. – Grace Slick

-Individuals have been saying my whole life why I have been so angry. – Fiona Apple

Anger Quotes

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