A Perfect Speech on Climate Crisis for All

The literal meaning of ‘crisis’ is a time of intense difficulty or danger. When we add the word ‘climate’ before the crisis, the resultant meaning becomes the collective consequence of global warming and climate change. The term ‘climate crisis’ is now being used to describe the threat of global warming that is and will be having a great impact on all the living beings of our planet.

There are arguments on the sheer existence of the said ‘climate crisis’. Many are of the opinion that the climate crisis is just another natural phenomenon, and thus, we need not worry much about it. Another group of experts suggests just the opposite. I am here to tell you about some of the facts which clearly indicate that the climate crisis is a real thing and we have to take it seriously in order to ensure our safe existence.

Let us consider the aspect of global warming and we can clearly see that the average temperature has gone up in several places over the last few decades. The speeding up of global warming with the record of 20 warmest years since 1995 clearly indicates that global warming has now become a ‘global’ issue. The environmental agency has already recorded a more than 300% increase in the incidents related to droughts. Drought is obviously a natural phenomenon, but the 330% increase cannot be coined as ‘simple natural phenomenon’. 

Climate changes are having an impact on biodiversity and ecosystem. Human society is also directly impacted by the rise in global temperature. The droughts and floods are becoming frequent and the untimely rain is causing great damage to food crops. An increase in average summer temperature is resulting in a sharp increase in energy consumption as we do not have any other option than using air conditioners to keep ourselves comfortable. 

The consequences of climate change or ‘crisis’ is long term. We cannot deny that human effects are majorly responsible for such a situation. The increase in consumption of fossil fuels and extreme destruction of natural habitats is man-made and we cannot deny our responsibilities for causing such large-scale damage to our beloved planet. To make the things clear to all, it will be best to highlight the damages we have already done:

Firstly, the tropics are getting drier and hotter and will continue being so unless we take care to bring down the global temperature.

Secondly, the higher latitudes will become wetter and hotter along with situations like wet winters.

Thirdly, the sea level is and will be rising significantly. Glaciers and land-based ice sheets are melting at an alarming speed. This rise is really scary as floods can either be controlled or the damages can be recovered. But, the damage caused by sea-level rise cannot be repaired. 

To conclude, I/we need to say that it is our carelessness for which our dwelling place is facing such a grave situation. We are intelligent and responsible enough to repair the damage and let us pledge to take good care of our planet and stay safe.

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