Speech on Deforestation in English

Deforestation is a term that we’ve all come across in some form or another. Deforestation is defined as the clearing or loss of forest cover or forest area.

Deforestation has been a regular practice as the globe continues to develop at a rapid rate, with more urbanization activities taking place, but it comes at a cost.

We’ve included a few examples and recommendations for speeches against deforestation in this article.

Speech Template:

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the time you are sparing here to attend my speech. Today I want you to give a speech on the causes and effects of the deforestation process.

Deforestation is the shameful practice of humans of cutting down trees and green plants without planting them again, thus causing great harm to our environment.

Humans are cutting the green vegetation to obtain wood and fuel in order to progress in the area of farming, mining, and various constructions (like buildings, factories, etc.).

From the beginning of human civilization till now, woods and trees are the indispensable things in our daily life. Large forests help in maintaining the water cycle and the continuous balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide gases and also give shelter to the many living creatures and animals.

But this practice of deforestation creates damage to the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases.

Also destroys the habitation and shelters of numerous living creatures and animals. It also causes great harm like climate change, soil erosion, pollution in nature, fewer crops, sudden and intense floods, droughts, and also the frightening greenhouse gas effect.

Causes of deforestation

The main reason for deforestation can be mentioned as an increase in agricultural land. Vast areas are cleaned by cutting the green trees to cultivate the crops to produce essential commodities like soybean and palm oils. Another cause can be the increase in wood-based industries like- paper and furniture resulting in the deforestation process for obtaining a great amount of wood.

Many fuels like charcoal and firewood can be produced from the trees, which insists mankind cut down the green plants.

The mining industry is increasing greatly, causing harm to the plants of a large area. Building large railways and highways to improve our lifestyle also adds to the causes of the deforestation process.

The highly increasing demand for human habitat is also increasing the rate of cutting down big trees. The population rising every minute is also adding to the list of the causes of deforestation.

Effects of deforestation

Forests help in absorbing the harmful carbon dioxide gas and producing the oxygen gas and finally resulting in the never-ending cycle of our environment. Cutting down the trees results in a decrease in the oxygen level and makes our environment unhealthy. The decrease in the forests also decreases the water level of the environment resulting in an increase in the chances of fire.

Deforestation also results in soil erosion-making the soil be destroyed by rainwater, gradually resulting in the barrenness of a large area.

Deforestation results in the imbalance of the atmosphere, water cycle, and biodiversity of the environment.


We need to increase awareness regarding the great usefulness of green trees and plants and insist on planting as many green plants as possible. Reducing the usage of paper and fuel can help in a good way. Our government also has to take some forest-friendly steps, like the ban on deforestation. With these, we can help ourselves to ensure a healthy place for us.

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