4+ Speech on Friends Will Forever Change How You See Your BFFs!

In the grand theater of life, where each day unfurls a new scene, friendships take center stage as the dynamic and colorful characters that make our story truly captivating. Imagine unraveling the threads that weave these relationships—their importance, the cherished traits, and even the shadows that sometimes appear.

Get ready to embark on a journey through the heartwarming, exciting, and cautionary tales of friendships as we explore the many dimensions of this essential human connection.

A Speech on “Why Friends Are Important to Me”

Good (—). Today I am here to talk about why friends are important to me. As you all know, friends are very important in a person’s life and those who do not have friends or have lost friends sure feel like they miss an important part of their life. No matter how old you are, having friends makes your life fun and survivable.

I have a pretty large friend group. Most of my friends are of my age. A large number of my friends are from my school, some from my neighborhood, some from my music class, some from church, and some from my drawing class.

As you may have understood, I make friends wherever I go, and my friends are the most important part of my life after my parents. My friends understand me on a level I can’t even understand myself. They are there for me no matter what. When I am sad, they comfort me; when I am happy, they join in my celebration. As it is said, friends divide your sorrows and multiply your happiness.

It is through them that I have understood the importance of sharing, caring, and being generous. Like everyone, I have few friends whom I consider as my family, and I am closer to them than my family. There are various things that people cannot share with their family, and can only be shared with their friends. We connect easily with our friends, and our friends can relate to us better than anyone. My friends know me better than my family. We discuss all sorts of things together.

We talk about sports, music, classes, and life matters in general. I cannot survive without my friends. Even if we get into small fights, we solve it quickly because none of us can survive without each other. My friends make my school life bearable. They help me with my homework; they help me study well, they cover up for me when needed, and also support me in whatever I do.

My friends are very honest with each other. If we find mistakes with others, we help them out by pointing out their mistakes and guiding them on how they can do better. That is a much-needed thing in everyone’s life. Only true friends will directly speak about what they have done wrong without sugar-coating or lying.

I am very lucky to have friends on whom I can rely when I am confused to make decisions in my life. I have never regretted a choice that my friends help me make because they know what is best for me and what will bring me harm. My friends understand my emotions best and always try to bring out the best in me and do whatever suits me best.

Friendship is a privilege, and we have to embrace it in every moment of our lives. Friends are the family we choose. I am forever grateful to have such wonderful friends in my life. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Speech on Three Things I Like Most About My Best Friends

True and real friendship plays a major role in all our lives; it is hard to find. For some, it’s easy to make friends, as for others it’s not. At least for me, I made a lot of friends; but very few have always been there through thick and thin. It is always common among friends that all like to enjoy a good time and also like to share stories.

Apart from these very few real ones bare the wrath we shower upon them, adore the love we share for each and boost our self-confidence when it shattered quite a few times. Here are the top three things that I love the most in my two best friends;

Always ready for an Adventure. Don’t even bother to name it; we are all packed up ready to go. All we want is our own personal time, away from the family, work, and stress for a few days. We are eager for thrilling experiences every time something new is tried. If either one of us hesitates, then we are pushed from behind unexpectedly into trying and scream out loud “ WE DID IT.” Chasing our dreams, eliminating our fears, and fighting our inner demons are also a few crops we reap together.

Being positive and tremendously thoughtful. Being sad and less motivated was always part of our circle. We had each other to pass through these miserable days. Any such days are always dealt with well, without even asking what the cause is, and being treated with a lot of time together by talking it out or music, tasty food, and dancing. We say, “Our body is a temple; we should always treat it with good yummy food.” We were always thankful to God, for all that’s in our life; less or more was never a matter. In spite of various dramatic turns in each of our lives, we always had a hand to hold us, and words that inspired us and each other to hug. 

Being creative and a similar career line. Talented in Drawing, Painting, and Crafts; both practically and digitally was inevitably a colorful experience. Sharing common ideas, debating on general topics, and expressing similar choices of styles were frequent between us. Being able to come from an alike educational field, we expanded our knowledge towards various specific subjects that came under the same huge field. We shared experiences in Photography, Graphic designing, and Public Relations; but when our ideas and knowledge were put together, it worked out wonders. Helping each other with our combined ideology was the best.

Friendship is a beautiful bond shared with those whom we care the most. Huge bundles of moments are shared together like laughs, tears, food, and a whole lot of priceless memories; thus making them an important part of our lives. Respecting our own personal space, and being different also makes us special to bond more. The Interesting chemistry of love and hate for each other keeps the balance lifelong.

A Speech on How to Be a Good Friend

 Friendship is a very beautiful connection between two people. The friendship bond can last for years of years. Friendship can happen between any kind of two people, no matter whether one is poor or one is rich, no matter whether one is black or one is white, no matter about their life has different situations. Friendship is a connection by heart.

We all have many friends in each and every sector of life. There are many close friends and also friends not so much close to us. Two different people are there. Sometimes life is going to be hell without a lovable, caring, and most importantly, trusted and loyal friend. Friendship is that relationship which becomes stronger by day by day.

 Everybody wants a good and real friend. As if we want a real and good trusted friend same like that our trusted friends also want a true friendship relationship from us. At first, we have to be true friend of other after that we can dream of having a good and loyal and a very much trusted friend. This friendship relationship has no age, no caste, no gender no religion .

If you want to be one’s good friend at first you have to be a good person .After that you must have a great respect on any kind of relationship. You have to respect the relations. The most important part of to being a good friend is never breaks your friend’s trust on you. Trust is the basic structure on any kind of relationship. And in friendship trust plays an important role.

By any chance if you ever broke your friend’s trust on you then that friendship is gone immediately at that point and it never come back again . Because, after that incident your friend will never trust you.

Being a good person is an also conditions of a good friend and friendship. Everybody wants a good person as lifetime friend. If you want to be a good friend then you have to be very honest and loyal to your friend.  For being a good friend it is important to being an extrovert also , not an introvert. If you are a good person then , not only your friend anybody can share anything with you and if you are a good person then your friend also  wants to share with you whatever interesting is happening with his or her life. Because, trust build a good friendship relation. 

Now days there are so few people are exits , with which you can share everything.  If you share your personal matters with someone very openly, so it is confirmed that he or she doing publicity of it. So at first you have to be very careful before sharing any personal matters to others. But, if you have a personal loyal good trustable friend in your life then you must have share anything happens to your life.

So at last but not the list, be yourself a good friend of others and teach others to be good friends too.

A Speech on How to Recognize Toxic Friend

Friendship is one of the most important parts in our life. It can enhance or ruin your life. Letting in the wrong person enter in your life in any situation will ruin your day as you will not find enough time or space for yourself. Not only are there toxic relations there are toxic friends too. While you thought you are bringing an acquaintance in your life to make life little easy it can be a toxic person who will leave your day more miserable than ever.

Bringing that one person can bring frustration and exhaustion into your life without realizing. We need to find out as soon as possible to keep our distance from the person. Some hints are clearly visible. 

• Dramatic: they will find a way or another to reach you. Sometimes it will be a story full of glam and amazing stuffs and sometimes they will simply play the sympathy card where they will able to get help from you. And you will be involved in that situation exactly what they wanted. 

• Self-centered: ever being with a person whose life is all about them only? In life everyone has problems. But have ever noticed that you never get the support in your problems are as you support them in theirs? Have they ever even listened to you? It is always about how big problems they have in their life. How have your problems never occurred to them as serious issues? Try to start a conversation that has nothing to do with them. They will eventually drag the topic towards them and will talk about themselves again.

 • Jealous: a friend is someone who will encourage and help you to grow in your life. But if you have a toxic friend in your life you can experience some differences. A toxic friend will never compliment you instead of congratulating you for your achievements they will push you further down when you are in difficulties. If a friend is not making any friendly gesture, then you need to reconsider whether the other person is worthy of the energy, time and love you are giving to them. 

• Competitive behavior: you already felt many times how competitive your friend can be in any situation. Your job, your romantic relationship, your marks in class there is always this person who is competing with you in one way or another. They don’t like it when in any situation they are not involved, but you are in it. 

• Copying: The competition doesn’t stop there. They will start copying you like buying same clothes without your knowledge. Or maybe sometimes you can find them speaking the way you speaking or using the same slang in the manner you use. 

• Crossing boundaries: this is the all time favorite thing which a toxic friend does all the time. Like coming to your house when you have plans with someone else, calling you on your house phone when you didn’t give them your personal number; they will make you uncomfortable and mean when you refuse them.

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