A Speech on Grandparents

Today on this special day I am very happy to see you all. I want to say my thanks to give me this opportunity to say something about the special ones like our grandparents.

Grandparents share a unique and beautiful bond with their precious grandchildren. As time passes, that special bond becomes stronger and more beautiful. At the time of the birth of a child in the family, the grandparents are normally more excited and thrilled than the parents of the child.

Grandparents are the root of a strong and happy family. With their great amount of knowledge, experience, and true care they can provide us with the best guidance we need in our life. They pass onto us the important life values and morals, which they have learned from their experiences and various mistakes in life to help us become a better individual. They love us and support us like no other person in this world.

But in this modern lifestyle, most families are nuclear families and the children no longer have the chance to live with their grandparents in the same home. Even during the holidays and weekends, some parents remains busy with their work, and they fail to give more attention to their children, at that time love of a grandparent is very important for a child; however, spending time with grandparents is vital.

Grandparents are highly responsible for the building of character of a child, and the process of a child growing up is incomplete without their selfless love and support.

The taste of the food, cooked with immense love fills up one’s heart when their grandmother or grandfather cooks something specially for their grandchildren, cannot be put together in words as it is an out of the world experience. The stories that they tell at every night are thrilling and interesting fill the heart of a child with various dreams and sweet moments.

The positivity and the good feelings that the grandparents spread, the incredible patience that they show, the love they shower while taking care of us, handling our mischief, and scolding us whenever needed is unmatchable and of course priceless.

Therefore when we grow up, we should accept our responsibility to take care of these most beautiful and amazing people who give their time and immense love to be a sweet part of our childhood days so that we are always feel safe and secure. We always need to be emotionally and physically be present for them at the time of their need. We need to understand that technologies back then were not advanced, and we need to be patient with them when teaching them something as their old age makes them unable to do some things.

We have to remember that they were incredibly patient to all our mischief, and they taught us the many important lessons of our life.  With age, we have to remember that all they need is a little love and affection.

Therefore we should always love and take care of our loving grandparents for their great love and care for us.

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