A Speech on Human Rights In English

Speech on Human Rights

Hello and good morning to everyone. Thanks for attending this program where. I am delighted to have this chance to discuss the topic of Human Rights with you.

What are Human Rights?

We can say that Human Rights are a set of rights to which every human being are entitled to. Every human of each and every caste, creed, gender, and financial status can have these rights in their life. It always helps us to remember that all human beings should be treated equally. It helps safeguard the interests of the citizens of any country. Human rights give humans a good life full of happiness and peace.

Human rights ensure the basic needs of the human beings of any country, such as food, housing, and education, so they can make their life more beautiful for them.

Human rights protect the life, freedom, equality, and security of any country’s citizens. Everyone is qualified to obtain these rights to live a life full of satisfaction and happiness.

The categories of human rights:

Human rights can be divided into two main categories: civil and social rights. This division helps in clarifying the main concept of human rights. They also make humans realize their roles in different areas of life. In civil rights, we prefer the basic rights of humans. These rights can affect any person’s independence. These rights also involve the government of the country. 

Next is people’s social rights, which help improve the citizens’ lifestyles. Human rights help every country ensure every citizen’s proper piece and mental health. 

Importance of Human rights 

These are very important for the overall growth of a country and its citizen. Some of those rights can be depicted as the right to religious freedom of movement and the right to life. Each request plays a great role in the healthy lifestyle of any human being.

Right to life protects the life of any individual by giving them the surety that no one can kill them, thus protecting the citizen’s peace of mind.

Right to religion ensures that you can follow any religion as you wish. Thus helping in your free thinking.

Freedom of movement helps anyone in their free movement. No one can be prevented from traveling in any state as per their desire.

Every person also has the right to move to the court, where they can get an impartial decision. Humans are free from slavery, and they are free to express their opinion.

Long and Short Speeches On Human Rights for Kids And Students in English

“Human Rights” refers to the right to life, liberty, equality, and respect for all people. In addition, the American Constitution contains rights and Basic Rights, which outline the nation’s fundamental rights. These are the fundamental human rights of all country citizens, regardless of caste, origin, religion, color, position, or gender. In addition, some basic human rights are recognized in the US: the rights to freedom, equality, protection against exploitation, access to education, and constitutional remedies. Internationally, the government of a nation may bring criminal charges against an individual for violating international human rights conventions, humanitarian laws, or crimes against humanity, or another nation may do so under the “universal jurisdiction” principle.

human rights, freedom of speech

According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to freedom of speech is a basic human right. However, governments and individuals in positions of power worldwide find several methods to hinder it. They levy heavy levies on newsprint, making newspapers prohibitively expensive for the general public. Independent radio and television stations are shut down if they challenge government policies. Some journalists face intimidation, incarceration, and even death just for exercising their freedom to seek, receive, and transmit information and ideas through any means and across any borders. We need to work hard to alter mindsets and promote awareness. Such transparency is necessary for successful governance.


In a nutshell, we can say that human rights are very important and highly required for the happy and healthy lifestyle of any human being. We also try our best to stop violating our rights to ensure a better future. The government and responsible citizens must make full effort to protect their rights as per their capability.

In this way, we can make our world much better for the new generation in the future.

Who has a responsibility to protect human rights?

The quick answer to the question “Who safeguards our human rights?” is “All of us.” We all have a part to play in understanding, respecting, and protecting human rights, whether, on behalf of the UN, our governments, public authorities, institutions, corporations, or each of us individually.

What do human rights cover?

Human rights include the right to life, the right to a fair trial, the freedom from torture and other inhumane treatment, the freedom of expression, the freedom of religion, the right to health, education, and a living standard that is sufficient, as well as the right to be free from torture.

Where do human rights come from?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), ratified by the UN General Assembly in 1948, was the first piece of official writing to outline the fundamental human rights that should be universally safeguarded. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which turned 70 in 2018, is the cornerstone of all international human rights laws.

The development of modern human rights

“Human rights” are inalienable to all people, regardless of their citizenship, place of residence, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, race, color, religion, language, or other status. Therefore, we all have an equal entitlement to our human rights, free of discrimination.

This is the current understanding of our fundamental rights, but it was not always thus. The idea that everyone has a specific set of fundamental rights based only on their humanity is a relatively recent development resulting from expanding the idea of human dignity over several centuries. Its origins may be traced back to ancient traditions and texts from many nations.

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