A Speech on Internet

A warm welcome to each and everyone ,Thank you for being part of this speech. Today we will be discussing the most crucial element of technology without which our day to day activities will come to an end.

I guess many must have  guessed it by now, It is nothing but the Internet.with the emergence of the Internet,  there had been drastic change from ages with working styles and living. It helped us to lessen the separation breaking all human-made hindrances and brought the world readily available.The Internet is liable for carrying data to our doorstep. All we require is a laptop or a computer connected to the internet and thus we have access to a wide range of information at our fingertips.

With the increase in usage of the internet, there are different technologies introduced to make our work comfortable and faster.Looking back at the history of the Internet,It was started approximately forty to fifty years ago when the government of the United States wanted to develop a strong communication  through computer networks.

It was initially developed for the sake of communication,However in the later generations with the advancement made in the internet, its services were used by almost every part of lives, most common examples would be manually written letters have been shifted to emailing, which is not only easy but also very fast, it requires nothing but an email Id and access to internet.

The Internet has boundless preferences and has ended up being a resource for mankind’s innovative development. It helps to interface with families in any event, when living far away, and you can associate with them through visits, video conferencing, and messages rapidly. It not just helps to gather data, all things considered, yet in addition offers assistance, for example, watching motion pictures, messing around, tuning in to music. Also Internet banking, travel ticket booking, shopping are an added  services it offers.The Internet likewise helps many to earn online by methods like blogging,or uploading a video.

In addition to the tremendous advantages of the Internet, there is also a downside that comes when misused. Nowadays the Internet is being misused by many , and majorly for swindling or for illegal activities. It has also led to an increase in cybercrimes where  younger and older both are equally being targeted as they can easily be cheated. Usage of social media is pushing many to depression, where many ill mannered citizens abuse  ruthlessly.Adding to this , parents now are having great difficulty to control their kids who are addicted to online games.

In today’s generation, the Internet is a must have as it has become a paramount part of lives , without which we cannot complete our day to day activities. Therefore looking at the downside it is not possible to avoid it but it is within our means to decide how much of its services can be used for our benefit and benefit of others.

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